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Custom-made rug designs made from cowhide

carpet designs by kyle bunting cowhide

Kyle Bunting makes exclusive bespoke items Carpet designs made of cowhide. The passion in his work is clearly shown in his creative designs and skillful craftsmanship. We are special from them Carpet designs entranced with the bull and the butterfly illustrations. The collections of Kyle Bunting are full of imagination, colorful and expressive.

The extraordinary carpet designs by Kyle Bunting

cowhide rug designs by kyle bunting tree

If you don’t have a suitable decorating idea for your home interior, you will be skimmed through his Carpet designs definitely inspire. A bespoke cowhide mat is the surest way to freshen up the interior of your home. Kyle Bunting is also known for his beautiful wall decorations, furnishing elements and furniture upholstery.

Interesting and exclusive ideas for carpet designs made from cowhide

cowhide rug by kyle bunting bull

Carpet design with bull figure made from cowhide

carpet by kyle bunting red color

Cowhide mat with butterfly illustration

custom made cowhide rug by kyle bunting

Colorful details and spectacular design by Kyle Bunting

carpet by kyle bunting elements

Carpet with original decoration made of cowhide

cowhide rug by kyle bunting butterflies