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Cowhide rug as a decoration in the facility for any interior style


If you want to create a special eye-catcher in your living space, you can do this with a carpet, among other things. The hides are particularly popular at the moment, and above all, in addition to sheepskin, also cowhides. The cow carpet can be used wonderfully as an accent in seating or dining areas, in the bedroom and in the kitchen and not only has a decorative effect, but also keeps your feet warm. If you are interested in this modern home accessory, take a look at our furnishing ideas Cowhide rug and then you can also implement them in your home.

Living room cowhide rug

cowhide carpet nice-living room-inspiration-round-coffee-tables-corner-sofa-dark gray

With the home accessory you can of course choose between a real and an imitation cowhide rug. With a real one you will have to reckon with a higher price and maintenance is not as easy here as with a fake one. Real skins are available, for example, from Trendcarpet. With a cowhide imitation rug you can not only save money. Those who want to stand up for the protection of animals do without any animal products in the facility, be it for clothing or decorative accessories.

Cowhide rug – real or fake?

cowhide carpet decorating-tips-interior-armchair-white-leather-metal

A fake cowhide rug is nowadays almost indistinguishable from the real one, so you won’t lose anything in terms of appearance. Patterns and colors are skilfully imitated. The organic cowhide rug can also adorn your favorite area in the room wonderfully in this variant and exude the cozy flair that you want.

Fur of different colors

cowhide carpet stains-pattern-armchair-brown-leather-side table-metal

Whether real or fake, a wide variety of colors are available. Regardless of whether you want a cowhide rug in gray, white, beige, black or a mix of several colors, you will quickly find the right model for your interior. While models in earth tones radiate warmth and cosiness, completely white, black or black and white variants are wonderfully suitable for a more elegant look. An Argentine cowhide rug is also very popular.

How to care for a cowhide rug?

cowhide carpet decorate-apartment-brown-colors-scandinavian-pouf-chair

In order for the carpet to stay beautiful for a long time, care, which is also associated with correct cleaning, is very important. But what’s the best way to clean a cowhide rug? While the artificial fur, as already indicated, is not as sensitive, there are a few things to watch out for with real fur. On the one hand, the vacuum cleaner should be avoided as much as possible, because it wears out the fur faster.

Cowhide carpet as a decoration idea

cowhide carpet design-idea-oval-coffee table-art-deco-leopard-cushions

Instead, the cowhide rug is better shaken out outdoors to remove any accumulated dirt. The carpet can also be knocked out, but only very carefully. Otherwise a more thorough cleaning should be done as rarely as possible in order to protect the fur. Chemical agents should not be used at all. Not even a carpet cleaner is suitable for this.

Tips for caring for cowhide carpets

cowhide carpet ceiling-wood-lamp-bed-rustic-art-deco-style

Now it can happen, however, that the cowhide carpet is soiled more heavily and that stains are created that, of course, cannot be removed by simply shaking it out. In this case, use a solution of neutral soap and warm water. Do not soak the carpet in water, use as little as possible. Otherwise, you risk mold growth.

Cowhide rug in white and beige

cowhide carpet dining area-corner seating-canape-chairs-dark-wood-beige

Then apply this solution to the stained area using a soft cloth. Now you must not rub back and forth as it suits you and as you are used to from a normal carpet. Instead, keep wiping the cloth with the solution in one direction until the stain is gone. If the cowhide rug does get too wet, you should definitely hang it up outside to dry.

Cowhide rug in brown and white

cowhide carpet care-decoration-accessory-white-coffee table-modern-pouf

This model of a cowhide rug is particularly interestingly spotted and consists of the colors brown and white. This brown color matches the original side tables next to the sofa, which are small tree trunks. The gray sofa is a color contrast that comes into its own in the midst of the white-brown design.

Cowhide for the Scandinavian style


A cowhide rug in beige looks subtle and noble and is suitable for various furnishing styles. Incidentally, this applies to every cowhide rug that is light. Skins in general are great for a Scandinavian style interior, as seen in this example. Fur also adorns the sofa and the sofa cushions, all of which were chosen in earth tones.

Furniture made of wood with cowhide

cowhide carpet wood-bedroom-rustic-black-white-cowhide

Wood and a cowhide rug are a particularly charming combination. The warm atmosphere created by a wooden furniture is underlined by the fur. Proof of this is this rustic bedroom, in which not only the furniture, but also the floor and walls are made of wood.

Design seating areas

cowhide carpet light-armchair-white-stool-parquet-laminate

Seating areas are very popular to decorate with a cowhide rug. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the area with the couch. Even smaller areas like this reading corner look much cozier with a carpet and are optically separated from the rest of the room. The white and beige carpet above looks particularly chic on the dark parquet, you don’t think so?

A mix of furniture

cowhide carpet living room-furnishing-fireplace-seating area-armchair-leather

There is no particular style of furniture that you would have to choose for a cowhide rug. It goes with every style. In the example above, different seating furniture was combined with one another in a patchwork style. If one coat is not enough in a large seating area, several can be combined with one another without any problems. These are also best to overlap for a more casual look.

Idea for a large bedroom

cowhide-carpet-bedroom-design-seating area-chest of drawers-deco

In this room, too, a beautiful seating area was created using a rug made of cowhide. The bedroom is large enough to have a small reading area with chairs and a chest of drawers. The cowhide rug, which was chosen in brown and white, ensures more cosiness.

Patchwork furniture

cowhide carpet colorful-furnishing-armchair-red-blue-sofa-fireplace

Here, too, furniture made of different materials and in different colors was put together to create an original seating area. It is noble-looking seating furniture that still fits perfectly with the rather rustic cowhide carpet. Another proof that the furnishing style does not matter for this type of carpet.

Brown cowhide rug


You have already seen some variants for brown carpets made of cowhide and you will have noticed that there are different nuances. The shade of brown can be very dark and almost black and, in contrast, it can also be very light. The model above is more of a middle thing and also contains the color white, with the brown component predominating.

Cowhide rug in black and white


Here you can see another variant with the classic, black and white pattern for cowhide. The noble looking cowhide carpet is combined with an equally noble wallpaper and looks great on the light floor. The chairs and the kitchen island, which were chosen in a light pastel yellow and perfectly match the rest of the room design, provide color.

Discreetly put the cowhide rug in the limelight

cowhide-carpet-sofa-salmon-color-wood-coffee table

But maybe you don’t want the cowhide rug to catch the eye. Then you can simply choose a model, the color of which adapts to the interior and the furniture. In this living room, the seating area was set up in this way. All the colors of the furniture and decorations are discreetly chosen and a light, beige carpet was used as a living accessory to match.

Cowhide on another carpet


On a smooth floor covering such as laminate, parquet or tiles, the cowhide carpet can quickly become a slip trap. If you want to prevent this, you can simply put furniture such as the coffee table on it. However, if the carpet is not in a seating area with a coffee table or if you do not want anything to stand on the carpet, you can simply use a neutral, large carpet as an underlay.

Furnishing ideas with cowhide

cowhide-carpet-fake-material-living room-sideboard-showcase-floor lamp

That was also done in this living room. A neutral, beige carpet forms the seating area together with the seating furniture, with a cowhide rug placed on top of it. In addition, the cowhide is not in the middle of the carpet, but is laid casually and diagonally on it. A wonderful interplay of home accessories!

Coordinate furniture and carpet in terms of color


In this example, the cowhide carpet was chosen to match the colors of the seating furniture. While the brown color adapts to the leather sofas, the white color is repeated in the armchair and chair. This way, too, you avoid the cowhide becoming the main accent in the room. The result is a harmonious interior and design.

Cowhide in white-gray

cowhide-carpet-children's-room-design-idea-loft bed-sideboard-reading corner

Cowhide does not only look good in adult rooms. Such a carpet can also be used to decorate the children’s room. In this children’s room, a cowhide rug in silver or gray adorns the floor. The rug keeps you warm while playing and can also be used to create a cuddle or reading corner, where the child may sit on the floor.

Leather and cowhide


You have already noticed that leather and a cowhide rug go wonderfully together. If you would like such a combination, it is advisable to choose the carpet in a color shade similar to that of the furniture. For example, if you have a black leather sofa, use a black or black and white rug. Above, a brown bed was combined with a brown and white fur.

Original pattern


Faux fur is also available with particularly original patterns. This cowhide rug, for example, looks like it’s been splattered with paint. The white fur is pepped up with a light shade of brown and black. These colors are then repeated in other decorations and in pieces of furniture, so that a color interplay is created.

Extravagant cowhide


If you want something extra extravagant in your home, you can choose something more unusual instead of a natural color for the fur. A great idea is, for example, a red cowhide rug like the one used in this living room. The fur is specially colored and can be used to spice up simple, minimalist rooms.

Cowhide rug in patchwork design


If you want a larger rug made of cowhide, the patchwork design is just right for you. Here, many squares made of cowhide are processed together. The result is a mix of different furs and patterns that make the living accessory look particularly stylish. Set a modern and at the same time cozy accent in the room with a patchwork rug made of cowhide.

Monochrome colors


This bedroom has been decorated in a monochrome and modern style. The white color is combined with black and gray tones, which can also be found in the impressive patchwork cowhide carpet. This creates an almost artistic decoration for the bedroom, which ensures style and elegance.

Patchwork in warm colors

cowhide-carpet-patchwork-living room-furniture-cream-window fronts

If you prefer a warm color, choose a patchwork rug with brown nuances instead. This variant is also suitable for modern and minimalist furnishings, as this living room with large window fronts proves. It is a very large cowhide rug that wonderfully frames the equally large seating area together with the corner sofa.

Patchwork carpet in any size


With the cowhide rug with patchwork design, in contrast to the simple cowhide, you have the choice between different sizes. This allows you to design different sized areas in any way you want. Add a little accent, like you did in the bedroom above, and place a small rug next to the bed or make the whole bed stand out by placing it on a large rug.

Cowhide for a stylish interior 

cowhide-carpet-black-leather-couch-glass table-coffee table

Finally, we have a living room for you in which black leather sofas are combined with a brown and white cowhide patchwork. The glass table in turn allows a view of the carpet, even if you are sitting on the sofa. As you can see, the color variants, sizes and designs for the cowhide rug are very diverse, so that everyone can easily find the best model for themselves and their interior.