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Carpet design by Christopher Fareed emphasizes the individual style

Design carpet Babel-Blue

When it comes to furnishing, choosing the right flooring is crucial. It is also important that joie de vivre and cosiness are brought into the room. You can do this very well with a unique rug or mat. The carpet is an important detail that completes the furnishings and creates a cozy living atmosphere. We present you the exclusive masterpieces of the talented designer Christopher Fareed, who created a new concept for Carpet design offered.

Ideas for attractive carpet design

Furnishing trends sofa set-beige blue carpet living room

Each Carpet design is unique and unconventional. There is sure to be something for everyone among Fareed’s collections. He experiments with structures, shapes, textures, colors and motifs and creates really amazing carpets. The range of designs is actually huge – wool carpets, shabby chic carpets, carpets with oriental patterns, etc. The fluffy wool carpets give every room a special, individual touch and feel-good atmosphere.

The right carpet design for your taste

Fluffy carpet modern-Fareed Design-beige

That Carpet design von Fareed has a cosmopolitan feel to it. His carpets represent a colorful mix of styles and cultures. The pop art and grunge culture, as well as the urban chic style, which had an influence on the designer, are reflected in his works.

Colorful carpets in a variety of shapes 

Carpet red geometric pattern circles

The amorphous shapes with abstract or nature-inspired patterns give the room personality and quickly become an eye-catcher. The carpets are made only from high quality biodegradable natural materials and are hand tufted. Fareed makes everyone Carpet design unique.

Modern carpets – great design and high quality

Living trends-carpets sofa bed design

Unique, colorful, elegant, dramatic – that Carpet design from Christopher Fareed can hardly be described in words. He daringly mixes styles and colors and strives for a certain effect, according to the wishes and favorite topics of the customers.

Modern wool carpets floor covering

Fluffy rug-gray blue-Fareed Design USA

Shaggy Carpet Red-Fareed Design

Women Faces Carpet Red Design

Christopher Fareed carpets wool-modern design

Modern carpets-fluffy design ideas Fareed

Furnishing trends-modern carpets patterns

Carpet design apple motifs Christopher Fareed

Woolen carpet green-floral motifs-leaf

Modern Carpet Design Beginning Fareed

Women figure-motif carpets

Carpets, hand-tufted wool, blue-black

Carpet wool hand-tufted-Fareed design

Carpet turquoise blue patterned Fareed design

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