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20 fluffy shaggy rugs for every modern interior

modern living room laminate flooring shaggy carpet brown leather sofa

Fluffy shaggy rugs do memories from the 1970s of wood paneling, lava lamps and bright orange walls evoke? You are not alone. Yes, it’s time to get rid of these associations, because the Shaggy rugs are back! With a modern interpretation. You would be surprised how well it fits into any interior style. Regardless of whether the overall impression is contemporary, eclectic or traditional, the Shaggy rug will blend in perfectly.

Soft shaggy carpets in the living room

living room furnishing sofa shaggy carpet glass sliding door garden

A deep pile carpet in a color like moss green could look like a piece of grass in the living room and have a pleasant nature-like effect. This could be a great choice for rooms where you can’t or don’t want houseplants. The same carpet in ocean blue or pink will bring a whole different vibe to your home.

Shaggy carpets – colorful or subtle?

fluffy shaggy carpets white dining area wallpaper bird pattern dresser

If you want to create a light, airy, elegant atmosphere that is completely timeless, a Shaggy rug in white or cream is perfect for you. White carpets are also very versatile and can be combined with all other colors, especially if you often change accessories like pillows, curtains and lamps. In the living room and bedroom, the carpet should be slightly larger than the furniture so that it can optically define the area. Smaller shaggy rugs can add texture to a hallway, bathroom, or kitchen.

Scandinavian carpet: modern for every area of ​​the home

Turkish carpets – ancient and modern kilims with a variety of patterns

Kilim rug presented in a modern way – ideas and care

stylish living room with large windows

fluffy shaggy rugs beige wooden floor living room gray black

large carpet in dark brown

shaggy carpet furnishing living room brown fireplace curtains

gray carpet over the laminate floor

bedroom purple window bench shaggy carpet gray stool

Wall cladding and furniture made of light wood

bedroom furnishings wood paneling gray shaggy carpet laminate flooring

elegant furnishings

fluffy shaggy rugs living room purple sofa floor lamp

modern eat-in kitchen and seating area

living room eat-in kitchen wood coffee table buddha paintings

Carpets define areas

shaggy carpets living room fireplace white concrete look flooring

pure white in the bedroom

shaggy carpet white bedroom vintage bed frame

black carpet and white furniture

shaggy carpet black and white furniture living room furnishings

cream carpet and brown furniture

shaggy carpet cream corner sofa leather laminate flooring living room

fluffy shaggy rugs modern living room white open design spaces

fluffy shaggy carpets furnishing bedrooms laminate floors

fluffy shaggy carpets furnishing retro flair modern colorful furniture

fluffy shaggy carpets furnishing modern glass coffee table white furniture

fluffy shaggy carpets furnishing modern living room green round

fluffy shaggy carpets furnishing wood paneling candles lanterns

fluffy shaggy carpet living room white floorboard fireplace