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Exotic furnishings – carpet designs from Nodusrug

Nodusrug Art Rugs Exotic Furnishings

We will provide you with some ideas for exotic decor by Italian designers. Six carpets inspired by the cultures of six different countries are all you need if you want to add something new, exotic and stylish to your home. Enthusiastic about the cultures and handicrafts of China, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Tibet, the so-called Geo-Art carpets from Nodusrug have their own international flair.

Exotic furnishings in an unusual form

Nodusrug exotic furnishing ideas carpets

The shapes of the untraditional carpets fit together in any combination like a puzzle. the exotic decor provides a particularly pleasant atmosphere, no matter where – in a cozy cave or in a large, simple modern living room. These little rugs are great and stylish.

Italian flair for modern and exotic furnishings

Carpet design Italy interior ideas wall design

The carpets from Luca Nichetto from Nodusrug embody certain elements of any culture the designer has dealt with. the exotic decor of a modern house clearly shows that the owner is interested in unknown and foreign countries and their culture and is open to new things.

Original carpet designs

original carpet designs oriental ornaments

Orient carpet 

Nodusrug design-exotic furnishing-carpets colorful

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Carpet designs with colorful patterns

carpet models from alpha colorful mix

the Carpet designs from alpha use the ideas of their customers to create unusual carpet models. In fact, they are able to make custom handwoven reversible carpets in as little as 10 to 12 weeks. The company’s facilities are located in Peru, where the fine fiber alpaca is produced to a large extent. Hence, they are Alpha Carpet designs produced from this fibrous substance, as well as from a mixture of llama and sheep fur. Original, adorable and artistic, these colorful mats are undisputedly unique and can greatly influence your interior design. The unique Carpet designs Alpha can be briefly described in three terms – quality, craftsmanship and creativity – that is sure to make them special.

Unusual forms of carpet designs

carpet models from alpha circles gray

An example of interesting Carpet designs is the gray carpet from Alpha. For this model, small round mats made of different materials are knotted together.

Colored carpet designs from Alpha

carpet models from alpha purple motif

Another model for colorful Carpet designs is the mat in a white-purple palette. The rectangular shaped carpet is divided into two differently colored fields in purple and white by a black line.

Carpet design with round shapes in gray

carpet designs by alpha round model

Wool rug from Alpha in white and purple

carpet designs from alpha colored element

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Luxurious carpet designs with calligraphic patterns

Abracadabra Carpet Design Luxurious

Luxurious carpet designs give the room a cozy, stylish and up-to-date expression. The magical collection of original rug designs fits perfectly into any home and can make a powerful impression. This full of surprises collection offers different calligraphic patterns, inspired by the energy of the 4 elements of the earth.

Luxurious carpet designs as decoration of an apartment

Luxurious carpet design white black

Abracadabra, for example, offers a solid background with calligraphic strokes reminiscent of an abstract monogram. The magic rug has calligraphic waves around it creating a sense of movement. Luxurious carpet designs enrich every room in a modern apartment.

Original and luxurious carpet designs

Mat carpet design original furnishing ideas

The Hypnotist Carpet features a series of wavy lines that emphasize the effects of the figures created as an optical illusion. More great luxurious carpet designs include shell game rug that has a solid background with calligraphic swirls, the origami rug, and others.

Luxurious carpet designs – variations for color combinations

Carpet Design Current Carpets Black and White Pattern

All luxurious carpet designs by the Danish textile designer Hansine Pedersen Goran from Current Carpets are different and particularly striking – there are 84 color combinations, 252 different colors. Their size and shape can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Original living room furnishings – carpet with a wave pattern

calligraphic textile pattern carpet design

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Unusual carpet design with stamp motif

carpet stamp shape from stamp rug purple

Bring a little British royal charm into your home with the unusual Carpet design from Stamp rugs. The collection of mats in the shape of a stamp also has a model with Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. The unusual carpets are made from 100% New Zealand wool and were hand-woven in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.

The carpet design in the form of a postage stamp

carpet design stamp shape from stamp rugs rosa

If you look at the details, you can see that the edges of the rug have been designed to be identical to the edges of a real postage stamp with a serrated shape to make it look more authentic. The stamp mats are available in different colors and sizes and are even made to customer specifications. Thus, they are also suitable for any room size. Whether on the floor or on the wall as decoration, this unusual carpet model is a refreshment for your home.

The carpet design – the collection

carpet design stamp shape from stamp rugs green

As already mentioned, you can not only use the stamp carpet as a mat for the floor. Also in the form of a mural, it enhances your interior and decorates bare walls in a stylish way. Choose the mats in a shade that is similar to that of the wall or create a contrasting decoration from two very different colors.

Pink stamp-shaped carpet model

carpet-stamp-shape-of-stamp-rugs-queen elisabeth

You can choose between nine different colors. Enhance any room with the beautiful accessories. Just as it looks perfect in the living room, it can just as easily be used in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room or even in the hallway. And if you cannot decide between the many colors, simply equip yourself with several and combine them in your living space as they are often combined on the envelope. So don’t wait any longer, grab your hands straight away!

The Stamp Rugs collection in nine different colors

carpet-stamp-shape-from-stamp-rugs collection

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Stylish carpets – innovative wooden carpet design from Böwer

Wooden elements mat design carpet strips

If you stylish carpets Loved it and if you’d like to avoid the typical hardwood floors, Böwer’s innovative wood carpets are something that you absolutely must see. These modern rugs present the natural look of wood in an unconventional, unexpected way.

Stylish carpets – the carpet as a creative toy

modular carpet wood textile fashionable design

Stylish carpets made of wood, designed by Elisa Strozyk, who was recognized with the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany, are available in four different types of wood – wentwood, mortimer, sherwood, ashdown, all half wood, half textile. The wooden plate consists of modularly shaped wooden elements that can be designed in three dimensions. So the wooden carpet can be reshaped and look completely new.

Stylish carpets in fashionable combinations

Wooden rug Elisa Strozyk Design

Stylish carpets are a great addition to your living room, bedroom or home library. They are unusual, sophisticated, and yet aesthetic and beautiful. The boundary between the classic carpet and a unique art object disappears with the original carpets from Böwer.

Wooden carpet design

Wooden carpet modular three-dimensional Elisa Strozyk

Innovative materials – find new applications

Innovations materials bedspread made of wood

Flexible wood particles

Stylish carpets Else Strozyk

A wooden carpet that can be transformed

Design inspirations carpet wood

Carpet design innovations 

Stylish carpet design Böwer wood carpet

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Modern Animal Skin Rugs – Kyle Bunting Design

modern animal skin rugs Kyle Bunting

Modern animal skin carpets, that are used both as flooring and wall coverings don’t necessarily have to be stuffy or old-fashioned. The colorful selection by Kyle Bunting Design shows a new unusual fashion. His amazing carpet designs in contemporary colors and configurations offer a new definition of the use of animal skin in interior design.

Modern animal skin carpets – contemporary lifestyle

Kyle Bunting rugs floral patterns

The designer’s studio is located in Texas Hill Country, near Austin. So you can be sure that the products are American in style and quality. Modern animal skin carpets from Kyle Bunting typically have oval or linear patterns. These decorative rugs express style and luxury. Modern-looking works of art made of animal skin serve as the perfect wall decoration.

Modern animal skin rugs from the USA

Blue gray carpet design

Original carpet with geometric patterns

Kyle Bunting Carpet Design-Oval Pattern Cross Pattern

Black and white animal skin carpet with ornaments

Black and white carpet design Kyle Bunting

Beautiful gold and yellow carpet

modern animal skin rug gold-yellow

Modern carpets with patterns – furnishing ideas

Carpet design with geometric patterns

Interesting round pattern

Kyle Bunting Carpet Designs Round Pattern

Modern carpet design

Modern Animal Skin Rugs Designs USA

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5 modern carpet designs for a feel-good atmosphere

modern carpet designs toulemonde bochart

Modern carpet designs can turn into an amazing eye-catcher in every living room. That is why you choose a rug that both suits your preferences and adds a bit of originality to your living room. Here we have compiled 5 amazing designs from the huge selection that could give you some ideas.

Ultra modern carpet designs with original ideas

modern carpet paris 1919 bright colors

Modern carpet designs are also made by the French company Toulemonde Bochart offered. The distinctive design of this rug, called Paris 1919, was created by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Its bold graphics and even bolder colors present a playful pattern that implements an element of fun in any room in your home. The elementary, almost childlike motifs offer lively colors. This rug can also be hung on the wall.

Modern carpet designs made of leather – Zanzibar carpet from Limited Edition

modern design zanzibar carpet made of leather

Brown leather rug

Carpet design zanzibar dirt-repellent

with a metallic sheen

modern carpet zanzibar silver metallic sheen

We love this fabulous leather rug from ” limited edition“From Belgium. The Zanzibar rug brings an exotic touch to every room in your home. Made using traditional methods, the 100% smooth leather strips overlap in an artful way to achieve a wonderful look. The stain resistant rug is available in a rich brown color or with a modern metallic finish, which adds a touch of glamor.

Modern carpet designs with floral patterns from Casalis Belguim

modern carpet black flower pattern

Just because winter is just around the corner doesn’t mean we can’t have flowers in the house anymore. Check out this beautiful rug from Casalis Belguim, that can bloom in style in your home all year long. Modern carpet designs like this one would bring your living space back to life.

Beige carpet with a floral pattern

casalis beiras modern designs beige floral pattern

This nature-inspired rug is created by designer Matali Crasset for Nodus and has a gorgeous green color palette, with raised brown “roots” making their way from the center out. They ends of the roots stretch over the edge of the carpet creating an illusion of movement. This unusual example of modern carpet designs belongs to a limited collection of only 20 carpets that were handmade in Nepal.

Modern carpet designs inspired by nature

modern carpet inspired by nature with roots

“Roots” by Nodus

modern design nature inspired nodus

These vibrant carpets from the German company Floor to Heaven  would definitely improve our mood. With bright colors and eye-catching patterns, the new carpet collection offers customers oriental, handcrafted details that transform every carpet into a work of art. These vibrant rugs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Colorful carpets from Floor to Heaven

modern designs floortoheaven colorful

modern round mats

modern matt colors

Carpets with colored patterns

modern carpet designs colorful vibrant textures

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Luxury carpets – classic from Asia

New Moon Design Carpet

Luxury carpets are now, just as in the past, a hallmark of wealth and style. Tastefully combined with the interior design, they will become an indispensable part of your home. Modern luxury floor coverings are already very popular with several people, but only a really good connoisseur can appreciate the classic beauty of Asian carpets.

Luxury carpets – ideas for decoration

New Moon carpet design

Just because you’re walking on the floor doesn’t mean the floor has no other function. It can also be decorated just like the walls and ceiling and look as good as possible. For sophisticated and elegant apartments you need without a doubt Luxury carpets to make a really good impression.

Luxury carpets – tradition in the Asian style

New Moon Design Carpet Asia Chinese Silk

The combination of the impressive Chinese silk and Tibetan wool is quite a feat. For Asians, carpets are works of art that you can step on! the Luxury carpets from New moon,  Owned by the artist and renowned carpet historian John Kurtz, they follow the time-honored tradition of weaving, only today they tell a new modern story. The New Moon collection of beautiful luxury carpets offers bold colors and modern motifs. Lively patterns complement the hot hues.

Luxury carpets as works of art

Classic rugs Asian style tradition

Chinese silk – a tradition in weaving

Colorful carpet design

Original carpet pattern with ornaments

New Moon round carpet

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