Toothless costume – tips & tricks on how to make the disguise yourself

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The film “How to Train Your Dragon” is currently one of the most popular animated films. So it’s no wonder that dragons are very popular for disguises for Carnival and Halloween. Very often both children and adults want to imitate the Toothless figure and are therefore looking for the right costume. Of course you can just buy this, but wouldn’t it be even nicer if you made it yourself? If you want to make the Toothless costume yourself, you can do it with or without sewing thanks to the following tips and instructions. With a few simple things and materials, you can quickly get all the accessories you need to transform into the black dragon Toothless.

Toothless costume ideas

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You can make the Toothless costume particularly easy if you get a picture of the dragon beforehand and use it as a template. There you can take a closer look at the individual elements and make it easier to imitate them. You can use old clothes and other scraps of fabric or handicrafts and save money that way. You can simply get everything you need in the store. Either way, the self-made Toothless costume will be cheaper than a bought one. Check out some original ideas that you can use to make it happen:

Sew Toothless costume yourself from a sweatshirt


A sweatshirt or sweater in black color is the perfect basis for a simple children’s costume as a dragon. If it also has a hood, so much the better! The toothless costume is put on very quickly and is comfortable to wear the entire time. Since the trousers are also chosen separately and are not connected to the top, going to the toilet is also no problem. In principle, you will feel as if you are wearing normal everyday clothes.

Redesign the hood for the dragon’s head


Use the hood instead of a mask or cap. In a few steps it transforms into the dragon’s head. All you need is a pair of eyes. The easiest way to get these is to cut them out from felt. Toothless has green eyes, so you shouldn’t forget that when you buy the felt fabric. Eyes and pupils can then simply be glued onto the hood. That should be enough. Of course, if you prefer a firmer seam, nothing stands in the way of you.

The dragon wings

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You can also use the bat wings from our article for costume accessories as instructions for the Toothless costume. These are quickly made from scraps of fabric. Alternatively, an umbrella can also be cut in half, whereby each half can be used for a wing. Then attach the dragon wings to the back between the hood and the serrated comb.

Alternatively, a triangular fabric can simply be attached between the sleeves and the upper body. This leaves your back free for the spikes, which we will talk about in a moment. This variant is possibly even easier to make than extra wings. Just decide for yourself what you like best.

Horns and serrated crest


If you want to sew the Toothless costume, you need a few more elements that are attached to the sweatshirt. The dragon has a few horns. You can also make these out of felt and then sew them onto the hood. However, if you want them to be more voluminous, you can sew cones out of fabric and then stuff them with filling material. Don’t forget the serrated comb too. Since not all of them will fit on the jacket, you can simply attach about 3 pieces to imitate the comb. They are located below the wings and can again be cut out of felt or made of stuffed fabric pyramids.

Design the pants


Now you still need a pair of pants. Of course, this should also be black. Wide trousers, possibly with flared pants, are preferable. Ultimately, however, anything that is black is suitable. Even tights or leggings can be used. But it is not enough to just wear a pair of trousers. Like the sweatshirt or the pullover, this is also equipped with other elements, provided you have not already attached the tail to the pullover, because it can also be located there.

A dragon tail for the Toothless costume


For the tail, sew a tube that becomes narrower on one side and that you close there. Use the larger opening to fill the tail with filler material. Now you can attach it to the trousers and decorate it with further points with which you can continue this on the back. Note that the prongs should get smaller towards the tip of the tail. The tip of the kite’s tail also has a fin part. You can find helpful instructions for the tail in our article on sewing a Pascal costume yourself.

Toothless mask and other accessories

Toothless costume mask-teeth-kite-disguise

If the jacket does not have a hood, you can also simply make a mask that you can use for a toothless costume for adults or children. Alternatively, a hat is also suitable, which can either be knitted or bought and then provided with eyes. There are also variants for the hood in which some white teeth made of triangular pieces of felt are attached to the edge. It’s all a matter of taste and what you have available for the sewing instructions for the Toothless costume.


You can also simply equip the hood with spikes and then, as already mentioned, use a mask or make up the face to match the costume as toothless. However, since a lot of black has to be used here, many prefer the mask. This can be made quickly and easily, especially from felt.

Toothless costume diy-dragon-scales-eyes-felt

You can put the finishing touches on the finished costume with the help of large sequins or similar decorative elements and create scales. Of course, you don’t apply these to the entire Toothless costume, but only here and there on some surfaces on the head (i.e. the hood or cap) and on the arms and back. Especially since the sequins sparkle in the lights, an interesting effect is created. Scale-like spots can also be created with black silicone.