Tinker Pippi Longstocking costume for carnival

Pippi Longstocking costume ideas cute little girls

Hardly any carnival costume is easier for handicrafts and at the same time more popular with toddlers than that Pippi Longstocking costume. We’ll show you 22 cool ideas how you can make the carnival costume for your girl yourself with little effort and only with household items!

Pippi Longstocking costume – a cool craft idea for carnival

Pippi Longstocking costume make carnival red protruding braids

Pippi Longstocking is perhaps the most popular character from the novels of the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The nine-year-old girl is immediately recognizable – her hair is braided in two protruding pigtails and her clothing consists of a brightly colored apron with patches, a blouse in a bright red color and two brightly colored socks of different lengths. Instead of normal shoes, she wears black overshoes.

Actually, a Pippi Longstocking costume can be tinkered very easily and quickly – maybe precisely because the girl has such a special look, but at the same time it can be easily imitated from old clothes.

For the wig – buy a new swap mop, if possible in red. A wire, so that the braids can be attached.

For the outfit – children’s tights, preferably in a plain color / for example red /, two socks with stripes / one knee-length, the other – a bit shorter /, a denim dress / or just an apron /, a red blouse. You can decorate the apron / dress with patches made of fabric or paper. The shoes – black ankle boots / sneakers or overshoes. complete!

A Pippi Longstocking costume can have many variations – but the heroine of the novel of the same name can almost always be recognized by her red, protruding braids and her freckles.

Pippi Longstocking costume – a charming idea from the USA

Pippi Longstocking tinker carnival ideas cool children

Charmingly and quickly put together – the Pippi costume is ready in no time

Pippi Longstocking costume tinker carnival toddler simple ideas

The toddlers should feel comfortable – and the Pippi costume is therefore perfect

Pippi long tights make ideas instructions yourself

Pippi costume – plait braids, decorate old clothes with patches – done!

Pippi costume tinker carnival cool idea sew it yourself

Something like the description in the book – Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking himself make ideas books

This is what Pippi looked like in the film of the same name

Pippi Longstocking costume pirate hat shirt blue

And this little girl looks the same!

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Fasten two braids in Pippi costume

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