Sailor costume for carnival – easy DIY ideas for women and children

Sailor costume women-make-yourself-ideas-easy

Dressing up as a sailor for Mardi Gras is a popular costume idea that consists of just a few pieces of clothing and accessories. However, maritime costumes are very popular not only with men, but also with women. The sailor and sailor costumes are also often used for a great partner look. If you would like to put together a sailor costume yourself, you will find many beautiful ideas and helpful tips on this with us.

Put together a sailor costume yourself

Sailor costume, dress, bow, hat

There is not just one way to make a sailor costume yourself. A distinction is made between sailors, officers, lieutenants and pin-up girls. The sailor clothes of the girls from the popular cartoon series Sailor Moon are also perfect for the carnival. If you are looking for a simple carnival costume that can be put together quickly, then you are definitely right with a seafarer. You can even imitate the costume with a few basics from your own wardrobe and thus save time and money. The look can be rounded off nicely with a few other accessories from the party shop. Follow tips and ideas.

Ideas with basic clothing

Sailor costume simply put together your own ideas

To conjure up a simple sailor look, you need a top in white and navy blue stripes and a matching navy blue skirt. The skirt shouldn’t be too short, but neither should it be too long. A length of up to a palm above the knees would be optimal. Alternatively, you can opt for a matching marine dress with blue and white stripes. Such clothing is called basic and is also offered at affordable prices by almost every clothing brand. Surely many of you already have similar items of clothing in your own wardrobe and can use them as part of the sailor costume when disguising for Mardi Gras. So you don’t have to spend money on ready-made costumes that ultimately only need to be put on once.

Sailor costume with pants


A sailor costume for women looks just as beautiful with pants instead of a dress or skirt. The trousers should either be white or navy blue so that they match the sailor look. As a top you need a matching blouse for this costume, preferably a long-sleeved shirt. Both a white shirt with a blue collar and blue cuffs and a blouse with Breton stripes go well with this. Just add the right accessories and the look is ready.


If the weather forecast for Carnival promises high temperatures, you can imitate the sailor costume with shorts and tights underneath. For this purpose, the colors should also match the classic sailor suit in order to create an authentic look. The sailor costumes for women with a red scarf look very nice.

Pin-up sailor look to the carnival


The pin-up look is particularly popular with women and is perfect for a flashy carnival costume. A tight top with a marine pattern and a tight skirt in navy blue are required for this. Some red accents, such as the shoes or a belt and a nice hairstyle and make-up make the whole costume more seductive. With such a disguise you are sure to attract everyone’s attention at the party.

Accessories for the sailor costume


A mere sailor dress or T-shirt is not enough for a complete sailor look. What makes the simple maritime outfit a real sailor costume are the right accessories. The most important of these is the sailor’s hat, which should not be missing under any circumstances. You can find a suitable hat cheaply in a party shop or online, or you can make it yourself. For a simple DIY sailor hat, you need to make a ship out of newspaper, which you first paint white and then decorate with a blue anchor.

sailor costume accessories hat vintage camera

Although the sailor costume for women is finished with the sailor hat itself, you can use other accessories for an eye-catching look. A necklace and earrings with anchors, for example, are a nice addition and are also perfect for everyday outfits with a maritime flair after the carnival. If you have decided on a vintage sailor costume, then retro accessories go with it, such as this old-fashioned camera or binoculars.

Hair, make-up and nail design in sailor look


And how are you supposed to put on make-up for the sailor costume? In fact, no specific makeup is required for this look. So you can put on make-up for a party as usual and maybe even paint an anchor on your cheek. A red lipstick is best for the lips, as it goes well with the maritime outfit. You can also style your hair however you want. You decide for yourself whether open hair, a chignon or a vintage rockabilly hairstyle.


You can also give your fingernails a little nautical flair by opting for a nautical nail design. A striped pattern in the right colors is perfect for this, and with a small anchor you can design an accent nail on each hand.

Maritime costumes for couples


If you are going to a party with your boyfriend then you can opt for matching costumes. The sailor and sailor couple costumes offer a great variant that can be put together quickly and ensures a great appearance at the costume party. For the sailor costume for men, you can use your own clothing and simply add a sailor hat.

Zombie sailor costume for Halloween

zombie sailor costume halloween fake blood

A sailor costume is not only suitable for carnival, but also fits perfectly with Halloween with the right design. With a little white body paint and fake blood, the beautiful sailor can be transformed into a zombie. The sailor zombie costume looks really scary with a matching make-up and would scare everyone at the Halloween party.

Make sailor costume for children yourself


Children would also like to dress up as sailors for the carnival. Sailor clothes for girls are very popular and your little princess would look really cute with a maritime outfit. For the disguise for Carnival, you can also make a costume yourself by spicing up a simple white T-shirt and making a sailor’s hat.


To make the sailor costume for children yourself, you need a white T-shirt, masking tape, red and blue textile paint and a brush. First, create a triangle on the neckline of the T-shirt and paint small horizontal stripes in it with the red paint. After the paint dries out, peel off the painter’s tape and create a second, wider triangle. Now fill in the area between the masking tape and the striped section with blue paint, let it dry and peel off the tape. The sailor t-shirt is ready. All you need is matching white or navy blue trousers and a sailor’s hat for children and the self-made carnival costume is ready.