Prince costume for adults – choose the right carnival costume for carnival or Halloween

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Those who dream of a magical world can escape everyday life with a self-made or purchased prince costume for Halloween or Carnival. After all, these are the only events where you can really transform yourself into your favorite character. From noble princes like the Prince Charming of “Cinderella” to Prince Eugene from the story about Rapunzel or Aladdin from the popular Disney cartoon of the same name. Here are some ideas for prince costumes that you can create as your own DIY project or buy ready-made carnival items.

Find the best prince costume for men

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Always wanted to be known as a charming person? Do your friends call you “friendly”, “intelligent” and even sometimes “charismatic”? But do you aspire to be known as Mister Charming in your inner circle of friends? We think we might be able to help you with that. You can either learn all of the adorable and admirable qualities of a real charmer, or you can wear an adult prince costume. Learning all of these manners seems like a lot of work. Plus, you might be a fan of the Once Upon a Time show, so you’ll know what it feels like the moment you put on this regal ensemble. You probably also know that one thing is for sure – this costume means you will always find Snow White. This is Prince Charming’s superpower.

prince costume prince prince dream prince castle rose blue blazer charming epaulettes sword

Let’s start first with a character that is popular for many women, also from the Disney films – The Prince of Dreams. This looks so noble that you will surely cause euphoria with it. So what you need for this are tunic, trousers with side stripes, sash, belt, medal, cuffs, mandarin collar and epaulets. All that remains is the right music and good company to enjoy the evening like a real prince. Ride your own white horse and save yourself from the boredom.

prince costume prince prince dream prince castle rose blue blazer charming shoulder flaps gloves sleeping beauty girl

Just iron out this iconic prince costume and splash some cold water on your face. The party will be full of fabulous new friends just waiting to hang on to your every word and admire the fine fabrics and dazzling design of your ensemble. Also, remember that you can design your Prince Charming costume yourself in a unique way.

Prince Eric Arielle costume from “The Little Mermaid”

prince eric arielle costume fairytale white blazer blue pants leather boots gold buttons

Prince Eric was a real messenger. Let’s just enumerate the reasons our man Eric is a stallion here. Number one, the guy’s a noble prince too. This can be a no-brainer, but inheriting an entire kingdom is quite a big deal. Number two, he has his own ship out at sea in search of adventure. So he’s kind of like a pirate, except for the moral ambiguity. Number three, Eric has a look that will faint any princess.

prince eric arielle costume fairytale white shirt blue trousers red sash favorite figure

Furthermore, the prince not only has the perfectly manicured hairstyle of a male model, but also knows how to dress for success. He doesn’t hide his good looks behind a crown or a pile of heavy, formal clothes, but rather wears a simple outfit that will make him even the most shy

Makes mermaids accessible. So if you are trying to attract the attention of a dream woman or just put on the prettiest prince costume, then this variant is right for you.

prince eric arielle costume fairytale white shirt blue pants favorite figure

The carnival costume can consist of a simple white shirt with Velcro in the middle, as well as a wide collar and rolled up sleeves. Trousers with an elastic waistband, a sash for the waist and a pair of old or new boots made of fabric or leather can round off Prince Eric’s whole outfit. The shirt, pants, sash and boot tops give you a sturdy sailor style that is perfect for winning a mermaid’s heart. Just slip in and you can even use it to try to court the beautiful princess Ariel.

Aladdin costume for a man

aladdin costume imitating arab prince ali

Even if you’re scared of flying, you must have been jealous of Arab Prince Ali when he flew to Princess Jasmine’s balcony and reached out his hand to accompany him on his magic carpet. The song is sure to come to mind. Experience the exciting Prince Aladdin costume by simply using a jumpsuit or jumpsuit as a base. For example, add metallic gold-colored cufflinks, a matching collar and a purple lined cape sewn onto the back.

aladdin costume arab prince imitate turban feather classy dresses

The matching pants can be elastic for the perfect harem look, and the turban can be just as exorbitant as you want it to be. Additional accents and a light feather are also possible, for example to bring out a fake, purple gemstone even better. If you can also find a magic lamp, nothing stands in the way of your perfect carnival costume.

Beauty and the Beast costume

make the beauty and the beast halloween costume yourself jacket pants hat leather shoes yellow skirt

As a young prince, Adam was cursed and turned into a beast. As such, he managed to win the heart of Belle Belle and break the spell. In this beast costume, you can dress up as Prince Adam in order to possibly conquer the heart of your Belle. If you want to dress up as the famous furry guy who still looks very chic, Halloween is the best way to do it. Perhaps this is the perfect prince costume that each of your friends will put in their place when you stroll into the party with raw, manly beauty and classic charm.

the beauty and the beast costume halloween make gaston jackets water feature

You can wear an elegant, gold-colored vest under a coat or jacket. The whole thing is then rounded off with a plastron made of satin (ascot tie). As additional accents, you can put on gold-colored borders, white cuffs and a brown hood made of fur with soft horns and ears. So shock your friends with your new preppy clothes as you roll them around on the dance floor.

The prince from Zamunda costume

the prince of zamunda costume leopard skin cap gray suit gold chain red tie striped shirt

However, a prince costume doesn’t have to be fairytale-like. When it comes to the movie, you might think a prince who gives up his luxury life is a little bit crazy. So, you can do the next best thing by dressing up as the Prince of Zamunda Akeem. You may find afterwards that royal life feels better than normal.

the prince of zamunda leopard fur hat black satin bow tie jay z beyonce

So having a party like Eddie Murphy’s classic character in a matching prince costume would be another great idea for the carnival. You can meticulously design the regal outfit to live out the fictional, traditional atmosphere, from the style of the suit to the medallions, the crown and the leopard scarf.

the prince of zamunda costume leopard skin resemble black rack gold chain foam crown gemstones microphone

With a cutaway tailcoat that has a fake breast pocket, narrow collar and lapel, you can start right away. The scarf can imitate a leopard skin with a stuffed head and can be closed with Velcro. You can make the necklace from different materials and shapes that are strung together. A head of foam with false gemstones, a white satin bow tie and a mustache can thematically complete such a prince costume. Chances are you won’t want to go back to your usual outfits by the time the party is over.

Prince costume

prince costume pop star mustache wig purple lilac jacket shirt glitter halloween curls

When it comes to legends that have something to do with princes, we definitely have to mention a great artist who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. So if you feel like becoming a legend yourself, you can combine and wear your Prince costume in an extravagant way. With an exclusive, crimson look, you can dress up like a real prince on stage.

prince costume pop star shirt shoes pants guitar accessories

You may not be able to play the guitar. Plus, you might not have the pride of a timeless pop star. However, none of this matters if you put on a detailed jacket, pants and shirt that will make you feel like a star.