Mardi Gras sayings: 40+ quotes, poems and begging sayings for children

Whether on Rose Monday or just like that, it is always good to have a few funny sayings in store for Mardi Gras and Carnival. The fool season starts on February 8th, 2018 and everyone who misbehaves will be targeted. Therefore, you should always have the right slogan and the right words on your lips for every occasion. Here we have collected the best 40+ quotes, poems, funny rhymes and begging sayings for kids. You can not only learn the sayings by heart on Rose Monday, Ash Wednesday or during Mardi Gras or write them down for yourself, but also print them out and send them as nice cards and give them away as gifts. In addition, the pictures we designed with quotations can be sent online with just one click.

Funny sayings for Mardi Gras and Carnival

Mardi Gras sayings carnival quotes kids poems

Mardi Gras and Carnival is a celebration of society and has a social function. Originally, various customs were devised to pass the time in winter. This is how many funny carnival customs arose, which meanwhile play an important role in local patriotism, especially in the cities of Cologne, Mainz and Düsseldorf. In the fool’s time, citizens can rebel against the prevailing order and norm. This year Mardi Gras starts on February 8th and the highlight is celebrated on Shrove Monday, February 12th. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and order is restored.

Sending sayings for Mardi Gras

sayings carnival ideas quotes poems funny

People laugh at carnival, joke at carnival. So humor is a must. That’s why sayings about carnival are a great way to make friends and family laugh at regular intervals throughout the carnival season. Be it in the middle of a normal conversation or specially sent via Whatsapp or other apps – Mardi Gras sayings will always be well received!

30 sayings for Mardi Gras and Carnival

Sayings for Mardi Gras carnival joke shepherd

Carnival is the fifth season of happiness and exuberance. This includes laughter and humor, which you can quickly conjure up on people’s faces with the help of a few nice words and sayings. In search of suitable short verses and one-liners, we have collected the best 30 quotes and carnival poems here. There are also funny begging sayings for the children, because in some German provinces the children go through the streets and beg at the front doors for sweets, similar to Halloween. (here you can find sayings for Halloween)

Quotes, songs and poems for Mardi Gras

sayings mardi gras carnival poems quotes

Not only sayings about Mardi Gras are well received. Get really creative and come up with a few rhymes. A funny poem is of course best suited to the topic. You don’t like writing? Then use a ready-made one, like the carnival poem in the picture above. It is guaranteed to make you happy and is a wonderful idea for greetings for Mardi Gras.

Shrove Monday sayings

Sayings for Mardi Gras carnival rose monday ash wednesday

Shrove Monday sayings in a funny way doesn’t have to be difficult. Try to find your own words. After all, you know best the person you want to say hello. Fans of this big festival will be happy about any greetings for Mardi Gras. Not only on Rose Monday they are great. You can also make them smile on every other day of the carnival week.

Anti carnival sayings

sayings mardi gras carnival quotes mask yourself

Those who love the carnival above all and can hardly wait for the beginning of every year full of anticipation, there are actually people who don’t think much of this festival and find it just too silly. Do you know such a person too? You can still send proverbs for carnival, only in this case you simply choose anti-carnival proverbs. In the end, such carnival greetings have the same effect as all the other carnival sayings: They lift the mood and sweeten the day.

Carnival means fun everywhere

Mardi Gras sayings funny quotes

Carnival motto ideas for a successful party with friends and family

Do handicrafts for Mardi Gras with children in elementary school – ideas for colorful decorations and party accessories

Make-up in red and white for carnival – tips & Ideas for original stylings

Funny carnival poems

sayings mardi gras carnival quotes noise alleys

Carnival is coming soon!

sayings mardi gras carnival funny quotes ideas

Lots of fools for Mardi Gras

sayings mardi gras carnival funny fools warm cold

Dance, dance and dance again for Mardi Gras!

sayings carnival funny dance more

Drop the masks

sayings carnival funny mask

Funny carnival saying about man and woman

sayings carnival funny man woman ridiculous

Funny costume idea for men

sayings carnival funny costume men

Anti carnival saying to send

sayings carnival funny humorlessness

Quote from Schiller about the carnival

sayings carnival quotes schiller

You can recognize us by our mask

sayings carnival quotes poems mask

Poem by Theodor Stor for the carnival

sayings carnival quotes poems custom

Sayings for Mardi Gras – Carnival is an annual stress relief

sayings carnival quotes let off steam

Mardi Gras: The most important event in February!

sayings carnival quotes rhymes goethe

Lots of fun

sayings carnival quotes foolish rhymes

A festival of the people – quote from Goethe

sayings carnival goethe quotes

Ash Wednesday poem

sayings mardi gras carnival quotes poems ash wednesday

Song text about the carnival

sayings mardi gras carnival poems songs fools

Carnival is … – Funny rhymes as a carnival greeting

Mardi Gras greetings and rhymes to friends and family

At Mardi Gras, the fool is a king

Short poem for Mardi Gras - The fool is a king

It’s funny at the carnival

Rainbow Kofetti picture with a saying about the carnival time in Cologne

Ash Wednesday and Shrove Monday sayings

Rose Monday saying - Rose Monday children have to be foolish

Poem for Rose Monday

sayings mardi gras carnival quotes poems rhymes

Warm greetings!

Greetings on foolish Monday

Greetings for Ash Wednesday

Greetings for Ash Wednesday - after carnival is before carnival

Greetings for Mardi Gras

Carnival is the fifth season of the year

Kölle Alaaf!

Kölle Alaaf and have fun at the carnival

Greetings to Düsseldorf residents

Rose Monday is the only Monday that Düsseldorfers look forward to

Have a fun Mardi Gras

Wish all fools a merry carnival

Atmospheric Whatsapp greetings for the carnival season

Carnival greeting idea - Helau, Alaaf, Ahoi and Narri Narro

Anti carnival sayings

Carnival is like communism - everyone drinks and nobody works

The only good thing about Carnival in Cologne

Say about Carnival in Cologne - The only good thing is that I'm not there

Greetings to everyone who doesn’t like Carnival

Sayings for anti-carnivalists - Nasa has discovered planets and carnival is stupid everywhere

I only like “Helau” from Nirvana

Anti Carnival Sayings - I only like Helau from Nirvana

Carnival greeting for North Germans who do not like carnival

Mardi Gras greeting for North Germans - I don't like Mardi Gras with a streamer as a picture

Carnival is almost over!

Greetings for all opponents of the carnival - Carnival is almost over

Northern Germany closes the borders – funny anti-carnival slogan

Northern Germany closes the borders, the west celebrates carnival

Mardi Gras begging for children

sayings mardi gras carnival children beg

I am a little dwarf

sayings mardi gras carnival children beg dwarf

I am a little lion

sayings mardi gras carnival children beg lion

Begging phrase for a small donation

sayings mardi gras carnival children beg donation

I am a poor king

sayings mardi gras carnival children poor king

I tell you “meow”

sayings mardi gras carnival children beg cat

I am a little button

sayings carnival children begging sayings ideas