Mardi Gras costumes for women – ideas inspired by the Disney films

Mardi Gras costumes for women Ideas-Jasmine-Princess-Aladdin-Movie

Are you already prepared for the upcoming carnival? If you are still looking for the right costume, we will be happy to help you. We have ideas for you Mardi Gras costumes for women collected that are inspired by the Disney films. Surprise your friends and transform yourself into a princess, pirate or the girl from Brave.

Carnival costumes for women – fairy tale heroes

Mardi Gras Costumes-Women-Princess-Belle-Beast-Disney-Film

Beautiful Bell, the mysterious Cinderella or Snow White – Disney has given all of these popular fairy tale heroes an individuality. Who doesn’t recognize the costumes from the films? Take advantage of this and dress up as a princess. For some outfits / such as Princess Jasmine von Aladin or Rapunzel / you may also have to get a wig – or just imitate the hairstyle of the popular figure. But not only fairy tales, but also many legends got popular through the films. Be inspired by the story of Pocahontas or Princess Jasmine – numerous Mardi Gras costumes for women are available for selection!

Carnival costumes for women – creative ideas from the films

Mardi Gras Costume Women Cinderella Disney Princess Dress

Dress up as Minnie Mouse, the mermaid Ariel or Alice in Wonderland. If you love the evil movie characters, you can dress up for the queen of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale or as the Cruella De Ville of 101 Dalmatians. No matter which variant of the Mardi Gras costumes for women decide, the most important thing is that you have fun choosing and that you like the outfit!

Carnival costumes for women – The fairy godmother of Cinderella


Besides dressing her up like one of the beautiful princesses from Disney, a very good idea is to recreate a supporting character. The good fairy of Cinderella is a positive character who can be implemented very creatively. In addition, the costume is well suited for women who are Cinderella’s aunties.

Mardi Gras costumes for women – Princess Tiana


Carnival costumes for women – Rapunzel in small and large versions


Mardi Gras costumes for women – Princess Mulan


The charming Elsa from the Disney film Frozen

Mardi Gras Costumes-Women-Elsa-Princess-Frozen-Dress-Disney

Mardi Gras costumes for women – the dark fairy


Mardi Gras costumes for women – Princess Anastasia


 Esmeralda from “The Göckner von Notre Dame”


Carnival costumes for women – Cinderella on the ball 


Carnival costumes for women – Ariel, the mermaid 


Tinkerbell carnival costume for women

Fairy women wings green dress ideas

Minnie Mouse costume for women

Mardi Gras Minnie Mouse Ears Dress Woman

Ariel – Mermaid costume for girls and women

Ideas Ariel Mermaid Disney Movie Character

Rapunzel – Mardi Gras costume and wig with flowers

Women rapunzel purple dress wig flowers hair

Cruella De Ville costume from the movie 101 Dalmatians

Women funny original 101 Dalmatians Cruella De Ville costume

Beauty and the Beast – Belle

Women costumes carnival ideas dress

Costume inspired by the movie Brave

Disney inspired women medieval dress bow

The evil queen of Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty movie character women costume

And Sleeping Beauty herself – princess costume

Mardi Gras costumes ideas women cool idea

Princess Jasmina from the movie Aladin

Ideas Mardi Gras Carnival Costume Woman Wig

Pocahontas – costume for carnival

Mardi Gras carnival woman girl disguise

Pirates of the Caribbean – Mardi Gras costume for women and girls

Pirate Caribbean costume women disguised

Women’s costume inspired by the Toy Story movie

Movies inspire women. Funny ideas for carnival

The Lion King – costume and mask

King Lion Simba Mardi Gras Carnival IdeasSnow White – Mardi Gras costume

Ideas for carnival costumes original creative Snow White

Cinderella costume from the Disney movie is easily recognizable

Disney figure carnival disguise ideas