Make your own wig out of wool for carnival – 3 simple instructions

In addition to the actual costume, wigs are a popular accessory for dressing up for carnival. Since many carnival wigs are quite expensive, you can also consider trying it yourself. You can easily make a wig out of wool yourself. For this you can choose wool in any color to make the right model for the costume you want. In this article, we’ve put together some guides to help you make a Make your own wig can. There are also hairstyle ideas for different costumes from which you can be inspired. Make your own wig for Carnival and save money at the same time!

Make your own wig ideas-instructions-diy-costumes

Make your own wig – ideas for beginners

make your own wig hat-tights-sew-cut

You can make a wig yourself with the help of a ready-made hat or you can quickly make a cap yourself by using old children’s tights. Put the tights on as shown and tie the legs in the desired location. Below the knot, use the sewing machine to add a seam, after which you simply cut off the pantyhose legs. The hat is ready! You can use this trick, regardless of whether you are making the wig for children yourself or for adults.

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Make your own wig – instructions for carnival wigs

Make your own wig red wool pippi long stocking braids

First of all, we would like to show you how you can make a wig yourself and then design braids. This type of wig will remind you of Pippi Longstocking, which is why the accessory is perfect for a Pippi costume. A simple wig can make an impressive change, which is why it is such a great accessory for carnival costumes.

Sewing scheme for the wig

Make your own wig pony-braids-red-hat-scheme

Above you can see the scheme according to which you make the wig yourself. The lines show you where on the cap you will add the seam, i.e. where the wool threads will be attached. In the end, these seams form the crown of the head of hair, so to speak. By the way, use a color for the cap or hat that is similar to that of wool. Another color would shimmer through at the end.

This is how the wig is made

Make your own wig instructions-costume-accessory-red-wool

First you need to do the bangs for the wig yourself. To do this, wrap wool around a box of the desired size. The center of this loop is then sewn onto the hat along the line shown in the diagram. Then, as shown above, lay out long tufts of wool with which to style the remaining hair. Place them on the hat and sew them along the parting.

Design braids

make wig yourself idea-diy-wool-easy-tinker

Next, you can cut the wool to the desired length and then braid your hair. Or you can braid the braids first and then cut off the excess. However, whether or not you further process the wig in this way depends on the costume you want to create. You are also welcome to make a wig yourself and wear it openly.

Make Pippi Longstocking wig yourself

make wig yourself pippi-longstocking-dressing-up-simple-idea-tinkering

If you make a Pippi wig yourself, you can also add wire to the braids at the end so that the braids stick out to the side. Then add a few more freckles and design the appropriate clothing with stockings or buy a ready-made costume. The wig can be reused at any time and can also be used for other costumes such as a Pumuckl or clown costume.

Pumuckl costume

Inspiration for a Pumuckl costume clothes and wig

make pumuckl wig yourself

Merida costume idea


If you make a red wig yourself, you can also use it for a Merida costume. However, orange is even more suitable. The parting runs diagonally over the hat and there is no pony. Use a lot of wool to create a lush head of hair. Combine with a bow and suitable clothing.

Make your own Cleopatra wig


You can make the Cleopatra wig yourself in a similar way. And although it looks like the Pippi wig at first glance, a different technique is used to get the straight cut we know from Cleopatra and Pharaohs. Combine the wig with a gold headband.

Black wig for different costumes


Here you can see the scheme with which you can make this interesting wig yourself. Several rows of wool are needed, which are also best placed in a specific order. When viewed from above, this results in several rings which you then cut to size at the end. Draw the scheme on the hat to make it easier for you.

Sew the wig yourself


Start again with the bangs if you are making this wig yourself. Once you have sewn it in place, put the hat on so that you can better assess where you are going to cut the bangs. After that, continue with the rest of the wig. Work your way up from the bottom. The many rows create a thick “head of hair”.

Make a carnival wig yourself – heavy metal fan


Now you can finish with the wig if you are after long hair. This variant is suitable, for example, for a heavy metal costume. In this way you can also make a Jack Sparrow wig yourself. For this, leave out the pony or hide it under the pirate hat. You are also welcome to choose thicker wool to better imitate Jack Sparrow’s dreadlocks.

Idea for Jasmin from Aladdin


A wig in black and with long wool is also suitable for the jasmine costume. Since the hair in the forehead area is carried backwards here, you should apply the wool inside the hat so that the hat itself is automatically covered and cannot be seen. Divide the wool hair into three parts after you make the wig yourself and add a headband as a hair ornament.

Complete Cleopatra


However, once you have decided on Cleopatra, there is one last step you need to take and that is cutting the hairstyle to the right length. Up to the shoulder or a little longer is sufficient. If you make a wig yourself, try it out again and again after the individual steps in order to be able to repair any flaws in time.

Original accessories for costumes


Of course, it is not enough that you make a wig yourself. The costume only becomes perfect with the other accessories and the right make-up. Cleopatra absolutely needs the eyeliner typical of pharaohs. You can also make a colorful necklace out of sequins or with rhinestones. You can use a collar for this.

Make carnival costumes and accessories yourself


If you are already making a wig yourself, you can also sew the right costume for it. A simple white fabric, for which you can also use an old sheet, is great for the Cleopatra. Combine with a sheer fabric for sleeves and a gold belt. Design the headband with an elastic band so that it fits snugly.

Make your own blonde wig


The blonde wig is another variation that you can use for many different costume ideas. A wig with an updo is suitable for a Cinderella or other princess costume. If you want to make the wig yourself, prepare the cap again first. It is best to choose a yellow color.

Do-it-yourself scheme


Since you tie the wool up for an updo, all you have to do is sew the wool to the bottom of the hat when you make this wig yourself. Then design the same bangs on the front as for the Pippi wig. Again prepare several pieces of wool. About seven pieces should be enough for a child’s wig.

Sew a wig


This time, the wool is sewn to the inside of the hat, as we also mentioned for the jasmine wig if you make this wig yourself. In this way, the edge of the hat is hidden when the wool is pinned up. Make sure that the wool threads are evenly distributed and that there are no gaps. If you would like to wear the blonde wig open, simply choose the scheme for the black wig.

Ideas for Mardi Gras


Do not attach the pieces of wool to the entire edge of the hat, but leave an area free that will be used for the bangs. However, this does not come to the inner edge of the hat, but is sewn on the outside as with the other two wigs. For this reason, the pony is also specially designed. However, before you do the bangs of the wig yourself, we have another costume idea that you can skip the next few steps for.

Dress up as a Smurfette


If you use a white hat, this wig is also wonderfully suitable for a Smurfette costume. All you need is blue paint for the skin and a white dress. With very long wool you can also make a Rapunzel wig yourself. For this purpose, the wool is processed into a French braid and can be decorated with colorful flowers at the end.

rapunzel wig make your own braid with flowers

Bangs and updo


You design the updo after you have sewn the bangs on. Ask someone to put on the hat or use a ball to make it easier for you to create your hairstyle. Tie the wool in a high ponytail. While you are making the wig yourself, you can shorten the wool threads a little if necessary.

Design a bun


Then tie the ponytail into a bun when you make this wig yourself. You can use some of the woolen threads for this. Create an even and luscious bun by carefully pulling the strings and plucking them into place. With that, the updo is already done. Incidentally, you can undo this bun at any time and use a simple ponytail.

Idea for Cinderella


You can now find a matching princess dress for the costume. Once you have the wig on, you can decorate it with a headband. A crown can also be attached to the wig or you can use a diadem. As you can see, the projects are not difficult at all. Therefore, even beginners can easily make a wig themselves.

Diverse wig ideas


Of course, you can use wool of any color to make a wig, or you can combine several colors. You can make a Medusa wig yourself, for example, with different shades of green and by using thicker wool. For an ice queen wig you have the choice between Anna and Elsa. At the bottom left in the picture you can see an example for Anna. Cosplay wigs are best made of light pastel shades. So a cosplay wig in purple or light blue is suitable. You can also make a cyber wig yourself in these colors or in neon. The idea at the top left is particularly easy to do. The wig has a side parting and is perfect for dressing up as a doll.

Fun at Mardi Gras with funny wigs


You can make an Elsa wig yourself with white, or even better, cream-colored wool. The hairstyle is designed as for Rapunzel, only that the braid should lie over the shoulder on the side. With lots of colorful wool threads you can also make a funny clown wig yourself. Use the variant for the Cleopatra wig and cut the wool fairly short so that it protrudes from the head. You make the grandma costume with wool in gray color. Create a center parting and pin the back wool threads down to create a typical granny updo.

Make your own clown wig with lots of colorful wool threads