Make up for a butterfly – simple instructions, pictures and templates

carnival face make-up butterfly simple

We’ll show you how you can put a colorful butterfly on yourself or your child! The butterfly is a particularly popular motif for children’s make-up at Mardi Gras. The butterfly wings emphasize the symmetry of the face and make the facial features appear more harmonious. This butterfly make-up is also ideal for theme parties and is a wonderful addition to the costume!

instructions butterfly make-up mask face

Pink and purple are many girls’ favorite colors. So this make-up idea should please most of the people. But feel free to experiment with the colors. A blue butterfly also looks very special. With these instructions you will conjure up a butterfly face in less than 10 minutes!

Required materials:

– Make-up colors in black, pink, purple and white

– Round brush No. 2 and No. 4, flat brush No. 4

– Make-up sponge

– Glitter powder in lilac color

– water in a mug

– Several napkins, paper towels or wet wipes

Mardi Gras make-up instructions butterfly step by step

1. Make up the basic shape of the butterfly. Paint the butterfly wings with a sponge and pink paint. Make sure to keep an approximate symmetry. Carefully avoid the eyes.

Butterfly make-up draw contours step by step

2. Main characteristics of the butterfly. Use the thick round brush and black paint to paint the body on the nasal bone and the head on the forehead, between the eyebrows. Blur the lines at the wing root with stroking movements outwards. Finally, draw the feelers with the thin brush.

butterfly make-up face instructions pink black

3. Contour the butterfly. Use the thick round brush to draw the outlines of the wings in black. Make the lines thicker from the outer edge above and below and make small curves into the inside of the wing. This creates the typical butterfly wing contour.

butterfly on face make-up instructions

4th. Draw the impressive, ornamental pattern on the butterfly wings. Draw fine lines from the outside in with the thin brush.

By the way, you can get inspiration from these templates:

Butterfly drawing pattern butterfly wings

5. Give the finishing touches. Set individual accents in purple on the inside of the wing. Apply the paint again with stroking movements from the outside inwards. Dab white dots on the outer edge of the wing with the brush. A little glitter really makes the wings shine!

Have fun copying!

butterfly mask make-up carnival instructions


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