Make popcorn costume yourself for adults, children and babies with instructions

Popcorn costume make ideas for women yourself

As long as the disguise at Mardi Gras is original or funny, there are no rules. And from funny characters from films to animals and food to a wide variety of everyday objects, real fans of the festival can come up with the most unusual variants. We have selected one of them today and would like to introduce it to you. This is the popcorn costume. Of course, like so many other costumes, you can buy it ready-made. But why spend money unnecessarily when you can make it yourself? It’s easier than you think, and it’s definitely worth a try. With just a few materials and things that you can put together quickly and for little money, you can conjure up original variants for young and old. In the following article we have put together a few ideas with instructions for this purpose, so that you can easily make the popcorn costume yourself. And believe us when we tell you that everyone will be amazed!

Ideas for crafting costumes with simple DIY instructions

Before we get to the instructions, however, we would like to point out that this DIY costume is suitable for women as well as for men and also for children and even babies. This makes it easy to put together partner or group costumes for the carnival. So if you are looking for ideas for family costumes, you can use our suggestions and instructions today and make a popcorn costume yourself for everyone. You will also find some suggestions below.

Make popcorn costume yourself – instructions with paper

Make popcorn costume yourself dress up for carnival yellow red white

You will be amazed how few materials you need if you want to make this popcorn costume yourself. The instructions are also very simple, so that even beginners can try it out and are guaranteed to successfully put together their original carnival costume. Thanks to its simplicity, this variant can also be used wonderfully for last minute costumes. Look what materials you need:

Popcorn costume make yourself materials dress hot glue paint

  • a t-shirt or other type of top in white color
  • a red and white striped dress, skirt or trousers
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • yellow spray paint
  • several sheets of white paper

If you have got these few things, you can get started right away and make the funny popcorn costume yourself. You can put the dress aside. It is ready as it is and is only needed when trying it on. Start with the paper. Every single leaf is crumpled up into balls. Do not apply too much pressure. The individual balls should be loose to resemble popcorn as closely as possible. Then glue the finished balls to the white shirt with the help of the hot glue gun. Try to leave as little space as possible between the individual balls.

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Make popcorn costume yourself Instructions for coloring paper yellow

It is up to you whether you only stick the shirt on the front or cover the back when you make the popcorn costume yourself. If you are satisfied with the result, the spray paint comes into play. Perform this step outdoors or in a well-ventilated room if you are making this popcorn costume yourself. With a sufficiently large distance, spray the paper popcorn with the yellow paint here and there. This is supposed to represent the butter. Let the paint dry well and you can try on your new costume. To do this, first put on the dress or skirt and then the popcorn shirt. The striped dress represents the box. Red and white is the classic color combination, but you can also choose blue and white. We also recommend matching shoes. Your outfit gets a touch of elegance if you choose high heel shoes, preferably in yellow or red. If you even find red and white striped shoes, all the better!


Would you like to use this idea and put together funny group costumes? Then one of the women can wear a red and white striped dress and another, for example, choose blue and white. Men, on the other hand, use any pair of pants and a shirt or shirt. The pants can be both long and short. But floodpants or dungarees or even a combination of both would look particularly funny. As you can see, the popcorn costume for women can also be converted into a model for men. All you have to do is choose a different type of clothing if you make the popcorn costume yourself.

If after a long search you have not found a ready-made striped dress or matching pants, you can also improvise and make these yourself for the popcorn costume. In this case you need a model completely in white or red. Then add the strips with the help of felt. Other fabrics are also suitable, but felt is the easiest to work with. Cut out strips of the same width and glue them to the trousers, dress or skirt with the hot glue gun.

Costume with popcorn

Ladies' costume with popcorn pants and striped tunic

You can also get fun costumes using real popcorn for crafting. On the one hand, this can adorn a cap. But a chain, a bracelet or the like can also be used if you make the popcorn costume yourself. You will need a white cap, as well as homemade or pre-purchased popcorn and a hot glue gun. The tasty snack is then glued to the hat. Do not be too sparing with the glue, so that everything stays in place when you stretch the hat.

The popcorn box is then represented by the top as well as by a pair of pants or a skirt or dress. Another variant for the design of the stripes is to use color. Take white clothes and paint the stripes on them in red textile paint. Don’t worry if the stripes don’t get even and perfect when you make the popcorn costume yourself. The crazier the outfit gets, the better it goes with Mardi Gras.

Make simple carnival costumes – balloons instead of popcorn

Costume idea with yellow balloons red stripes women's dress

Or how about using balloons instead of paper or real popcorn when you make the popcorn costume yourself? A really fun idea, isn’t it? Use yellow balloons as small as possible. If you find them in different shades, it creates an even more interesting effect. A few white ones can also be added. You can also inflate the balloons in different sizes. After all, real popcorn always varies in size.

The balloons are then sewn to the selected outfit. Use the balloon knot for this. Don’t be frightened. Even if you have no sewing experience, you can do it without any problems. Because if the balloons are tightly attached to each other, the seam cannot be seen anyway. In addition to this, you can also make a headdress for the popcorn costume yourself. Take a headband, headband, hair clip or similar accessory to which you attach the balloons. This gives the carnival costume the finishing touch. You can make this popcorn costume yourself that quickly!

Make popcorn costume for children yourself

Popcorn costume make yourself children sewing idea for beginners

Funny carnival costumes are of course also popular with the children. So you can make a popcorn costume yourself for your little ones too. You can choose one of the models shown above and implement it in small format, as well as the following, which is a little more complex, but just as feasible. Start by obtaining the following materials:

  • red felt (approx. 1 m²)
  • white felt (approx. 1 m²)
  • a little black felt (for the letters; any leftovers can be recycled)
  • Ribbon for the straps (approx. 2.5 cm wide)
  • hot glue
  • Insulating foam
  • Plastic film as a base
  • Heating pipe with the smallest possible diameter (the one used for underfloor heating)
  • Studs with the same diameter as the heating pipe
  • Velcro fastener, 2.5 cm wide
  • Velcro fastener, 1.2 cm wide

Make popcorn costume yourself construction foam tinkering instructions

For the first step you need the pad and the insulating foam. Use the foam to make the popcorn. First make a cross and then add another blob on the intersection to create a popcorn shape. This might seem a little complicated at first as the foam rises a little in the air, but you will surely get the hang of it quickly. You need a lot of these shapes. Different sizes are desired.

Then let them dry and harden for a while. In the meantime, you can continue with the next steps and make the popcorn costume yourself. You only need the insulating foam elements at the end.

Mardi Gras costume sew yourself felt terry red white cylinder

Now you need the red felt. Think about the circumference and length of the popcorn box. Then cut the felt fabric according to these measurements. Sew the two ends together on the left to form a tube. You will then need a hem at the top and bottom. Leave a small hole open in each case, through which you insert the heating pipes. The length of the heating pipes should in turn correspond to the size of the popcorn box. Once you have pushed the tubes through the seam, connect the two ends with a stud screw each. Then take the finished tube and place it on top of the white felt. Measure out a round piece that is a few inches larger than the circumference of the hose. In the middle, cut a hole big enough to fit around your child’s neck. Also cut out a triangular piece to shorten the resulting ring. If you attach these two ends together later, a funnel shape is created automatically and the popcorn comes into its own.

sew yourself rubber straps carnival costume for children

The white ring is now equipped with a Velcro fastener. Use the wider one here. Then the tape is attached to the red hose. Two pieces serve as carriers and are sewn onto the tube from the inside. Now you can have it put on for a trial. Now at the latest you can mark and measure the holes for the arms and then cut them out. If everything is as it should be after the rehearsal, you can continue and make the final elements for the popcorn costume yourself.

Idea from felt letters cut simple costume

Distribute a few pieces of the narrower Velcro along the top ring, roughly evenly spaced. The counterparts for this come in turn on the white felt ring, whereby the same distances should be chosen so that they fit together later. Now cut out a few more strips of white felt and glue them lengthways onto the red felt. So they should be the same length. Glue the insulating foam shapes onto the white ring. Finally, all you need is the word “popcorn”, which you cut out of the black felt. Glue them to an oval base made of white felt and this in turn to the front of the popcorn box. You’re done! As soon as your child has put on the box, you can attach the popcorn ring and they can be on their way to the carnival party. If you feel like it, you can also make a headdress from insulating foam popcorn and a piece of rubber for the popcorn costume yourself. Simply poke holes through the “popcorn” and thread the rubber through or attach it to the rubber with hot glue. Another variant is. To put the rubber on the mat and to form the popcorn from insulating foam directly on it. Then the rubber is automatically included in the foam.

funny idea for children's costume box made of cardboard popcorn chain

You can also see a similar carnival costume above. You don’t even have to sew for this variant. Instead of the felt tube, simply use a cardboard box. The upper edge can be wavy like here, but it doesn’t have to be. The popcorn was made from styrofoam, which is used as a filling material for cardboard boxes. If you are looking for simple costumes for children, this model is just as suitable. 

Make baby costume yourself

Baby dress up for Mardi Gras stripes mother shirt and bow tie

Funny carnival costumes of this kind can even be made for babies and do not take much time and effort. If you have a baby carrier, you can easily rearrange it with the help of white and red felt. In addition, you need a baby hat that you decorate with real popcorn and put on the baby for Mardi Gras. So it doesn’t have to be complicated for the baby. Simple costume ideas are also great, so you are guaranteed to hit the bull’s eye if you make such a popcorn costume yourself. As a mother or father, you can dress up as a ticket seller.