Make animal masks – make carnival masks yourself out of paper and felt

Tinker animal masks with felt-paper-plates-paper-carnival-masks-sewing-fox-bear-owl-wolf-raccoon-pig-lion

Making carnival masks yourself is definitely a lot more fun than buying them. You can easily and quickly make this out of a bit of paper or felt  Make animal masks. Choose one or more mask models or be inspired by the ideas proposed to create your unique animal mask.

Make colorful funny animal masks

Make animal masks felt-carnival-masks-brown-fox-pink-yellow-blue-owl

You can make great animal masks out of felt. All you need is felt in the colors you want, cardboard, scissors, glue, threads for sewing, and ribbons. First, draw the shape of the mask on a cardboard and cut it out. Use the cut out paper shape so that you can more easily cut the same out of the felt this time. Use colored pieces of felt for the little things so that you can better and more realistically represent the appearance of the animal.

Making animal masks – interesting ideas out of felt and paper

Make animal masks felt-carnival masks-forest animals-wolf-owl-fox-bear-skunk-fox

To assemble the mask, you can either sew the pieces together or use glue to attach them. Also glue or sew a tape so that the mask can stand on the head and that’s it, it’s that easy.

Put together forest animal masks made of felt

Tinker animal masks forest-animals-felt-carnival-masks-sewing-beaver-elk-raccoon-owl-fox-wolf-rabbit-skunk

Cute rabbits, owls, raccoons, deer and all forest animals can be quickly tinkered with the soft felt material.

Insects and fish can also be made out of felt

Make animal masks felt-carnival-masks-sew-yellow-fish-bee-red-ladybug

You can also make animals that are “out of the ordinary”, such as these ladybug, bee and fish masks.

Different variants of fox masks

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival-masks-sew-fox-brown-beige-red-tail-gray-crown

An animal can be represented as an animal mask in many ways. You decide how much detail the mask will look like. Make a tail out of felt and you have a whole carnival costume.

Make animal masks out of paper yourself 

animal masks-tinkering-carnival-masks-paper-plates-pink-rabbit-purple-whiskers-child-masks

Paper is also a material that can be used to make beautiful, colorful animal masks. You can use construction paper, pieces of cardboard, old magazines, and even paper plates. The more colorful the better.

Owl with real feathers and raccoon animal masks-tinker-paper-carnival-masks-raccoon-owl-feathers-branch

You can paint and cut out these beautiful owl and raccoon animal masks yourself. You can also glue on real feathers for the owl. Secure a branch in the corner of the mask with tape.

Animal masks from old magazines

animal masks-tinker-paper-cardboard-carnival-masks-fox-bear-owl-wolf-map

Recycle your old magazines, newspapers and posters with these animal masks. They look very attractive and are also suitable for adults.

Cardboard fox and rabbit

animal masks-tinker-paper-cardboard-carnival-masks-rabbit-fox-deer-children

These rabbit and fox masks are easy to make. Cut a piece out of the cardboard, fold and secure with tape or stapler so that you get the shape as in the picture. Let your children paint the mask.

Paper rabbit and pig eye mask

animal masks-tinker-paper-cardboard-carnival-masks-white-rabbit-pink-pig-child-masks

Cut the rabbit and pig ears and eyes out of construction paper. Make the muzzle out of cardboard in pink and attach it to the mask with glue.

Panda animal mask made from paper plate

animal masks-tinker-paper-plate-carnival-masks-panda-baer-black-ears-stick-child-mask

This carnival mask is easy to make out of paper plates. Cut out holes for the eyes, glue black ears and a stick so you can hold the mask in front of your face. Use black to paint a nose and around the eye holes.

Make a rabbit mask yourself

animal masks-tinkering-carnival-masks-white-paper-plates-tinkering-rabbit-ears-black-whiskers

For this animal mask you will need a white paper plate, white paper, black construction paper, wooden stick and glue. Cut out the center of the plate. Paint the ears on the paper, cut them out as well and glue them on the paper plate. Cut tight strips out of the black construction paper – these are the whiskers. Attach the whiskers and the wooden stick with glue as shown in the picture.

Striking 3D animal masks

animal mask-tinker-paper-carnival-mask-3d-elephant-deer-adhesive-scissors

If you are experienced with the scissors, then you can be inspired by these extraordinary models.

Substantial 3-D lion mask

animal masks-tinker-paper-carnival-mask-3d-orange-yellow-green-brown-red-lion

This mask is not that easy to make, but it is worth spending more time and paper on it. This mask is sure to attract attention.

Also take a look at our gallery below for several interesting and colorful craft ideas made of felt, paper, cardboard and paper plates and make beautiful animal masks for carnival together with your child.

Paper plate bunny with a pom pom nose and soft whiskers

animal masks-tinker-paper-plate-carnival-mask-white-rabbit-paper-ears-black-whiskers

The paper plate turns into a pig or giraffe mask with a little paint

animal masks-tinker-paper-plates-carnival-masks-pink-pig-yellow-giraffe-paper-ears

You can use felt to represent different species of birds

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival-masks-sew-bird-owl-chicken-gull-sparrow

Black bull mask and cute deer masks

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival-masks-sew-animals-hoerner-black-white-bull-brown-deer

Paper masks – wolves, goats, owls and deer

animal masks-tinker-paper-carnival-masks-wolf-goat-bear-deer-owl-bird

Rabbit, owl and cat masks made of soft felt

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival-masks-forest-animals-sew-beige-rabbit-brown-owl-dukelbroun-cat

Detailed animal masks can be sewn from felt in different colors

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival-masks-sew-penguins-owl-baer-beaver

Lion, elephant, monkey, bamboo bear and beaver masks made of felt 

animal masks-tinker-felt-carnival-masks-jungel-animals-sewing-lion-elephant-monkey-panda-bear-beaver

Make animal masks without sewing

animal masks-tinker-without-sewing-fox-felt-glue-brown-red

Owl as an animal mask

animal mask-tinker-paper-owl-cutting-costume-accessory

3D animal mask


Make animal masks – cute forest animals

make animal masks felt-deer-fox-owl-stimulation-easy

Oversized animal mask

make animal masks cat-mask-oversized-yarn-whiskers