Funny ideas for a do-it-yourself couple costume

In this article we have a few ideas for partner costumes that you can wear for Halloween as well as for Mardi Gras. The great thing about them is that you can design them yourself and there is sure to be something for everyone.

Costume for couples carnival-denaeris-targarien-khal-drogo

Funny partner costumes ideas


Now look at the list. The interesting and funny examples of couple costumes will hopefully inspire you and stimulate your creativity to design your own costumes this year and next.

Famous couples costumes – Sarah Palin and John McCain

Partner costumes ideas palin-slash-twins-costumes-carnival-yourself

Such costumes that imitate politicians are always a hit, especially when elections are coming up and have been a topic recently.

Axl and Slash – this is the perfect one Costume for couples and all lovers of the rock band Guns N ’Roses. The cigarette is of course a chewing gum cigarette.

More ideas for famous couples costumes:

Al & Peggy Bundy, barbie & Ken, Aladdin & Jasmine, Bonnie & Clyde, Caesar & Cleopatra, Carrie & Big, Daisy & Donald Duck, Esmeralda & Quasimodo, Han Solo & Princess Leia, John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

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Partner costumes ideas for carnival – Funny KFC costume


If you want to dress up funny for Mardi Gras this year and make your friends laugh, then this costume is perfect for you. You and your partner can dress up as the man from KFC and a chicken. Such a couple costume protects many smiling faces.

make kfc costume yourself funny idea for man for carnival

Carnival costume for couples funny KFC costume idea

Ice Queen and Jack Frost

costume-couples-carnival-ice queen-elsa-jack-frost

Ariel, the Mermaid and King Triton


Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

costume-couples-make-it-yourself-funny-little red riding hood wolf

Couple costumes inspired by Avatar


Couple costume for Halloween – Harley Quinn and the Jocker


Partner costume idea from the movie “Twins”

Costume for couples twins-film-men-women

Is there a big difference in size between you and your partner? Then just dress up as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito from the famous, classic movie Twins Twins.

Costume for couples anege twins hollywood film


American Gothic


You should at this Costume for couples Note that by and large you will not have a free hand for the whole evening. But the idea is still very good.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss


Dr. Seuss would be proud of these amusing, do-it-yourself costumes from Thing 1 and Thing 2.


Super Mario Brothers


This DIY Costume for couples is just wonderful and so easy to imitate. If there are three of you on the way, just make a princess costume.


A sailor and his girl


This idea is very easy to do yourself at home with improvised costumes.

Guess Who couple


The game comes to life through the question mark costumes.

Mary Poppins and Bert

Partner costumes ideas poppins-merry-costume-couples-street-umbrella

The great thing about these creative costumes is not only that they are original, but also that you can use clothes that you already have in your closet.

Breasts – a little extravagant, but also ingenious and funny at the same time. This Costume for couples is very easy to imitate. Just take beach balls and t-shirts.

A tooth and the tooth fairy – The costumes are designed by Julie Ann Art and approved by both the dentist and the orthodontist.

Sandy and Danny from Grease


Caution! You must also learn the Grease Lightning dance to wear these costumes.

Princess Kate and Prince William – There may well be a lot of couples dressed up as Kate and William. Keep that in mind!

Peanut butter and jam – Who doesn’t like peanut butter and jam sandwiches?

Ancient heroes


What a perfect combination!

Ken and Barbie


Because every girl has wanted to be a barbie and find her Ken.