Fairy make-up for Mardi Gras – 20 enchanting ideas for children and adults

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Every year, many women and girls decide to slip into the role of an imaginative fairy for carnival. The fairies are mythical creatures with magical powers that can fly and appear in many children’s stories and fairy tales. Therefore, the disguise as a dreamlike fairy is one of the most popular ideas for carnival. In addition to a matching dress and fairy wings, the right make-up also plays an important role. The variants of fairy make-up are simply endless: Whether a forest fairy, a flower fairy or another idea that occurred to you, you are spoiled for choice. In the article we have collected a few wonderful ideas as inspiration that you can easily imitate for carnival or a costume party.

Fairy make-up – ideas and make-up tips for adults

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Fairy make-up is not only suitable for children. Ladies can also put on make-up as fairies and look stunning at the carnival. In the picture gallery we have collected many dreamy ideas for the perfect fairy look. You can choose one of our suggestions or experiment yourself and conjure up an imaginative make-up.

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In order to determine the right colors and decorative elements for the carnival make-up, you should first decide what kind of fairy you would like to be at the carnival. You can make up a flower fairy in several bright colors that are successfully combined with one another. To make the look even more eye-catching, complement the makeup with sequins, petals, and a wreath of flowers on top of the head. Browse the image gallery for more original ideas.

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If, on the other hand, you would like to make up a forest fairy, for example for a Tinkerbell costume, then colors from nature are recommended. With green, brown, yellow and orange you can conjure up a beautiful face painting that rounds off the costume perfectly. Let your creativity run wild!

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Face painting ideas for fairies

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Children and especially little girls often choose the costume of a beautiful fairy for Mardi Gras or Halloween. Basically any color can be used for children’s make-up as a fairy. It is best to adapt the motifs and colors to the carnival costume.

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In the following you will find simple instructions on how to put make-up on a cute princess fairy for Mardi Gras. Follow the steps and turn your little girl into a cute little fairy for the carnival parade.

Princess-fairy make-up: Instructions

children's carnival fairy make-up apply pink eyeshadow

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