Eskimo costume for carnival – ideas for clothes, make-up and Co.

Eskimo costume baby-do-it-yourself-hood-fur

Are you looking for creative ideas for the carnival costumes that are unique and eye-catching, then you are right with an Eskimo disguise. A Eskimo costume is suitable for both children and adults and is a good idea for carnival. Since Mardi Gras falls every year at the end of winter, you and your family can go through the carnival warm and cozy in Eskimo costumes and not worry about the cold. In this article we have put together many ideas for Eskimo costumes, make-up, accessories and jewelry that you can use as inspiration for this year’s costume for Mardi Gras.

Typical Eskimo costume – important features

Eskimo costume child girl fur white brown

Eskimos are the people who live in the northern polar region. This area includes northeast Siberia, the arctic regions of Alaska and Canada, and Greenland. Eskimos are divided into two main groups based on where they live – Inuit and Yupik. Both groups wear typical clothing that corresponds to the low temperatures in the polar region. The most important feature of clothing is the coat or the so-called parka, which is made of fur and offers the best protection against the cold.

Eskimo costume ideas for babies

Eskimo costume original baby parka hood

Eskimo clothing as a carnival costume is a cute idea for babies. Your little one will look really cute in the big hooded jacket and he will certainly not get cold. The traditional clothing of the Eskimos is difficult to find in Germany or at a very high price. Instead, you can buy ready-made Eskimo costumes for the carnival or imitate them with simple clothing. With different fabrics and a sewing machine you can also sew an Eskimo costume for baby or child yourself.

Eskimo and polar bear partner costumes

Eskimo costume kids-eskimo-jacket-shoes-polar bear-costume

Specific animals for the northern polar regions are the polar bears. If you are looking for a creative idea for partner costumes for children from this area, you can combine the Eskimo costume with a polar bear costume. This partner look is perfect for siblings or brothers. You can make the Eskimo carnival costume yourself with a coat with a fur hood and cozy boots. Whole costumes or just masks can be used to disguise as polar bears.

Sew Eskimo carnival costume for baby yourself

Eskimo costume baby-idea-make-up-pompom-cat-costume

If you can use the sewing machine well, you can also sew the Eskimo costume for the child yourself. You should choose a fabric that you can work best with and that is suitable for clothing. Then you can sew a hooded anorak and spice it up with artificial fur. In addition to the Eskimo costume, you need trousers and, if desired, red make-up for the cheeks.

Eskimo accessories to match the costume


In polar regions, until the invention of the snowmobile, the Eskimos only used dog sleds as a means of transport. These sleds are usually pulled by several dogs, usually huskies. With a sleigh as an accessory, you can complete the Eskimo costume and make it even more authentic, especially if there is snow at Mardi Gras. The typical Eskimo snowshoes with wooden frames in the shape of a bear’s paw are also suitable. If you are interested in a DIY project, you can try making the snowshoes yourself as an accessory.

DIY fish and spear for an Eskimo costume


The Inuit from the polar regions are known for ice fishing. For this reason, you can complement the Eskimo costume with caught fish or a fishing rod as accessories. You can use plush toys for the fish or you can simply make them yourself out of felt and cotton wool. Instead of the fishing rod, you can make a spear from a stick, some cloth and cotton wool. How to get an Eskimo hunting costume.

Eskimo costumes for children of kindergarten age


Dressing up as an Eskimo is not only cute but also interesting for children. The Eskimo costume is particularly suitable for children of kindergarten age, because they can get to know a new culture. For this purpose, you can tell them a short story about the Inuit culture and way of life.

Alternatives to the typical Inuit parka


For the Eskimo costume for women or men, the jacket plays the most important role. The typical Inuit parka made of real fur is too thick and warm, and also very expensive, to be used as a carnival costume. Rather, for the carnival, you can wear a different jacket or coat that looks similar to the parka.

Use your own winter jacket for the disguise


If you want to do without summer disguises this year and go warm through the carnival, then the Inuk costume is the best decision for you. If you have a warm winter jacket with a fur hood, you can use it as part of the Eskimo costume. Just put on the fluffy hood and you will look like an Eskimo.

Make Eskimo costume yourself


In order to make creative Eskimo costumes for the carnival yourself, you should pay attention to the most important characteristics of the clothing. In terms of colors, dark tones with white and gray elements are recommended. A brown jacket with a fur hood is perfect for this. Alternatively, you can use a simple anorak and sew some plush on the hood and zipper. The typical Eskimo boots with fur are recommended as shoes, which you can also make yourself.

Eskimo disguise for girls


You can complement the Eskimo costume for women and girls with matching accessories and make-up. You can make the cozy look with faux fur for the jacket and hood even more elegant with jewelry. If you don’t wear gloves, you can use large rings to decorate your hands. You don’t need earrings and necklaces because they go unnoticed under the jacket. A beautiful make-up, on the other hand, is a good addition to the costume.

Eskimo make-up – simple ideas


If you would like to apply make-up to match your carnival costume, we present some helpful Eskimo make-up tips. The first thing you can do is use some blush on your cheeks. The blush can be applied either with a powder brush or with your fingers. Once you have the perfect complexion, you can now start with your eye make-up. A great idea is to use dark lines under the eyes, which you can make up with a black kohl pencil or eyeliner. Now accentuate the eyes with mascara and you are done. Finally, make up the lips with dark pink lipstick and make them shine with a matching lip gloss.

Eskimo make-up tips for face make-up

eskimo-costume-ladies-make-up-make-up tips-carnival

An elegant face paint with tribal motifs combines beautifully with the Eskimo costume. First, surround the eyes with black kohl, making the lines a little longer. Then make up the eyelids and under the eyes with eye shadow in two shades of orange. Now you can paint on some tribal motifs with the kohl pencil and emphasize them again with orange. With a little blush and a matching lipstick, the Eskimo make-up is ready.

Eskimo costume for women with fur vest


The fur vest is a popular winter fashion accessory that protects against the cold and looks stylish. If you have a fur vest in your own wardrobe, you can use it as part of the Eskimo costume. For vests or anoraks without a hood, it can be replaced by a cozy fur hat. You can also make these yourself from a simple hat and some plush.

Eskimo dress with hood and bobble

eskimo-costume-ladies-dress-brown-spice up-carnival

If you would like to dress up as an Eskimo for the carnival, but not wear a coat, then you can alternatively use an Eskimo dress as a costume. The perfect Eskimo dress should be brown, with ornamental decorations on the sleeves and the hem. In addition, it should have a hood that is adorned with fluffy faux fur applications on the hem. A nice addition to this are decorative bobbles, which make the Eskimo costume very special. The dress is perfect as a warm carnival costume for women or girls.

Make Eskimo dress yourself


If you can use the sewing machine well, you can sew the dress for the Eskimo costume yourself. Instead of starting from scratch, you can again use a basic dress and spice it up with matching elements. You can decorate the sleeves and hood with plush fabric or faux fur. Combine the Eskimo dress with matching Eskimo boots and the look is ready.

Possible colors for the Eskimo costume with dress


If you don’t like brown as a color, there are also some other colors that are suitable for the Eskimo costume. From the brown color palette, you can consider light shades such as beige. With a disguise in white you not only look like an Eskimo, but also like a snow princess. Other options for the color of the Eskimo dress are light blue or khaki green.

Find suitable shoes for the Eskimo costume


The population of the arctic regions wears the typical Eskimo or Inuit boots, which are made of fur, as footwear. The skins warm the feet very well and offer optimal protection from the cold in the northern polar region. Since every Eskimo wears such fluffy boots, they are an important part of the Eskimo costume. In Germany, such boots are also very popular for winter and are offered with both real and artificial fur. If you already have a pair at home, you can also use them for the carnival.

Make Eskimo boots yourself with faux fur


The leg warmers with fur represent an alternative to Eskimo boots. You can also make Eskimo gauntlets yourself from faux fur. Buy faux fur in a color that matches the costume, measure the circumference of the legs, and sew simple leg warmers. When they are put on over the boots, the gauntlets look like real Eskimo boots.

Matching accessories for the Eskimo costume


If you have decided on the Eskimo costume for Mardi Gras, then you can still consider some suitable accessories. Gloves, for example, are an important item of clothing for the polar regions. Cozy gloves with fur are best for this. You can also add a bag and snow goggles to the costume. The Inuit snow goggles offer optimal protection for the eyes, because they have narrow slits that let less light and snow through. You can even make simple Eskimo snow goggles with the child out of cardboard.

Do-it-yourself carnival costumes


Would you like to dress up with someone from the family or with a friend in funny partner costumes for Mardi Gras, then you can consider a fishing Eskimo and polar bear as costumes. For the Eskimo costume you need suitable clothing as well as a fishing rod and catch as accessories. You can recreate the polar bear costume with a bear hat or mask and white clothing.

White Eskimo costume for women


You don’t need long, heavy coats in brown to look like an Eskimo. This idea for an extraordinary Eskimo costume consists of a white skirt with faux fur, a white top with a fur hood, and white leg warmers and gloves. The costume is suitable for women who want to dress up attractively for the carnival. The American model Kylie Jenner also chose this look for a costume party in 2015.

Blue dress for Eskimo or snow princess costume


Snow princess costumes with dress in white or light blue can also be used as Eskimo costumes for women or girls. If the costume has a hood and plush on the hems, then it is suitable as an Eskimo disguise. Combine the dress with warm boots and you can not worry about the cold.