Elsa make-up – Great ideas and simple instructions for applying make-up to children like ice queen

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What little girl wouldn’t even want to slip into the role of Ice Princess Elsa? If your daughter finds Disney’s film “Frozen” also fascinating and wants to appear at the carnival party dressed in a beautiful Elsa costume in a few days, then all that remains is the right make-up. So that your little queen is guaranteed to stand out at the party, we have put together great ideas in pictures for you in the following article on how to make up the beautiful Elsa. With just a few simple steps you can give your little one magical powers for the carnival.

Child as Elsa the ice queen make up

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For face painting like Frozen Elsa, you have to plan around 20 minutes so that the fine details look perfect and your daughter is overjoyed with the end result. When doing ice princess make-up, you have to choose colors from the blue color palette. A light blue, dark blue, white, silver, purple and glitter powder are sufficient if you want to make up Elsa. A make-up sponge and a round brush, as well as napkins and damp cloths are helpful utensils for the carnival make-up.

 Simple instructions for applying make-up to Elsa

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If you would like to imitate this charming Frozen Elsa Make Up, you are welcome to follow the steps below:

1. First, paint the outline of the princess crown on the forehead with light blue.

2. Use the sponge to apply the same light blue face paint to the top of the crown. Use dark blue for the lower forehead, just above the eyebrows. You can use this technique to create a beautiful gradient.

elsa snowflake make up carnival girl

3. Draw five petals on each of the temples in the lower part of the ice princess crown. You can then decorate each individual petal with small, white dots.

4. Also paint three blue petals between the eyebrows.

5. Then take a thin brush and white face paint and paint five lines equally spaced on the forehead. Connect the lines together by drawing a small triangle on each one. Make a white point at the top of each triangle. To conjure up a snowflake, add small, white stripes to the white lines on both sides.

face painting ice queen elsa carnival snow flakes

6. At the end of each line, draw a small rhombus and fill it in with dark blue paint. The result is small, beautiful gemstones. For more shine, add some glitter powder.

7. In the upper part of the crown of the Ice Princess Elsa, between the white lines, make small purple circles with your finger.

face complete elsa make up karneva

8. Now prettify your cheeks by drawing a small star with white dots around each.

9. If you want, you can add a sparkling rhinestone between your eyebrows. You are now done with the ice queen make-up!

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