Do handicrafts for Mardi Gras in kindergarten – craft ideas for masks, accessories and decoration

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The time of foolish hustle and bustle is already here and the festive atmosphere is everywhere. Children and adults are preparing for the upcoming carnival and are waiting impatiently for the carnival parade. This is also the perfect time to make beautiful masks, accessories and decorations with the kids. Doing handicrafts at Mardi Gras in the kindergarten is certainly a lot of fun for the little ones and the resulting handicrafts can be designed like a beautiful decoration for Mardi Gras. In the article we have collected many wonderful craft ideas that you can try out with the children in daycare.

Tinker masks for Mardi Gras in kindergarten

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The craft projects for kindergarten are not meant to be complicated and take into account the skills of the little ones. These can vary depending on the age and are usually individual for each child. That is why we have mainly collected handicraft ideas that are really simple and also work well for smaller children. To make the children’s task easier, you can cut out and prepare the small elements in advance.

Since carnival masks are among the most popular accessories for carnival, you will find a variety of beautiful DIY ideas for masks that are perfect for children aged 3 to 6 years.

Make simple carnival masks with children

instructions mask tinker kindergarten carnival

Small children can also make beautiful masks for Mardi Gras if they have a suitable template. If you would like to make masks with toddlers in kindergarten, then first print out several templates and let the children decorate them with different materials. If the children are older, they can cut out the masks themselves with children’s scissors under the supervision of the educator.

simple carnival masks tinker kindergarten paper scraps

The selection for the decoration of the carnival masks is unlimited: from colorful paper snippets, decorative stones, pearls and sequins to natural materials and foods such as small noodles. These can be glued to the mask templates using a child-friendly adhesive and then painted in any color with acrylic paints, crayons or chalk.

carnival handicrafts in kindergarten mask noodles pasta colorful

craft ideas carnival kindergarten masks decorate

Handprint ideas

colorful masks tinker handprints kindergarten carnival

The children’s handprints are also used to create wonderful carnival masks that the little ones can decorate as they wish. To do this, you should first draw the contours of the hands on colored paper and then cut them out. Alternatively, white paper masks can be decorated with colored handprints. The children can make a handle for the masks from drinking straws or pipe cleaners, for example.

diy carnival masks craft ideas kindergarten carnival

make colorful carnival masks decorate little stones stars

Tinker animal masks for Mardi Gras in kindergarten

owl masks tinker carnival kindergarten craft ideas paper

Animals are without a doubt one of the most popular ideas for carnival costumes. In addition to the costume, the children can make an animal mask for Mardi Gras in the kindergarten. Whether a cute owl, a tiger, a cat, a rabbit or another idea, the mask rounds off the costume wonderfully. If any of the steps in our crafting instructions seem too complicated for you, take them over and leave the easier tasks to the children.

carnival tinker daycare carnival mask paper colorful instructions

A cool alternative to the owl mask at Mardi Gras is a matching face painting. So you can make up the child as an owl and put on a suitable costume. There are many other make-up instructions and tips available for you on our website.

craft ideas kindergarten carnival colorful masks birds

carnival tinker kindergarten funny animal mask cardboard paper

tinker animal masks with children carnival kindergarten

Make original masks with children

tinker funny masks kindergarten carnival

However, it shouldn’t always be animals. Carnival masks in bright colors and with funny decorations are just as popular and beautiful. Simply find suitable templates, cut them out of paper or cardboard and let the children’s creativity run free.

tinker kindergarten carnival colorful masks cardboard

Make a pirate mask for carnival out of paper plates

pirate masks tinker kindergarten daycare paper plate cardboard wool

kindergarten carnival ideas masks tinker pirates

Monster eyes tinker with egg cartons

carnival masks tinker egg carton acrylic paints

carnival tinker kindergarten egg cartons masks eyes

monster eyes mask tinker monster costume carnival

Making carnival hats in kindergarten

Carnival hats are easy to make in the daycare center

And what is carnival without a colorful headdress? Different hats and headgear go perfectly with many costumes. Therefore, in addition to masks, the children can also make different hats for Mardi Gras in the kindergarten. A princess or pirate hat, a crown or the antennae of an insect, the choice is yours.

princess hat tinker kindergarten carnival party hats

kindergarten carnival tinker crown party hat

tinker mardi gras kindergarten pirate hat paper diy

funny hats insects tinker carnival kindergarten

carnival tinker kita mask extraterrestrial green eyes

Make decorations with clowns for Mardi Gras in kindergarten

handicrafts with children carnival clowns funny

The colorful, funny face of the clown is very popular with children. And since the bright colors are very popular at carnival, that’s exactly how the clown is. In the kindergarten, the little ones can try out various handicraft ideas: Whether making a clown from any material, painting with bright colors or sticking it on paper, these ideas guarantee smiling children’s faces.

clown tinker templates kindergarten tinker ideas carnival

carnival tinker daycare tinkering ideas deco clowns

clown tinker carnival kindergarten ideas funny

Mardi Gras crafts kindergarten clown template glue

fasching tinker kita funny clown templates

Pirate decorations and accessories do handicrafts in kindergarten

pirates tinker paper kindergarten ideas carnival

Pirate costume and make-up is a popular idea for both boys and girls. The most important accessories are the hat, binoculars, the eye patch and, if necessary, a parrot on the shoulder. In the following we have provided two instructions for pirate accessories that the little ones can imitate in the day care center. You can also find simple craft ideas for a pirate in the picture gallery.

carnival tinker accessories costume pirate parrot eye patch

materials parrot tinker eye patch pirate costume kindergarten

pirate eye patch tinker carnival kindergarten ideas

parrot tinker kindergarten paper feathers

craft ideas kids carnival pirate tinker paper plates

carnival tinker toddler kindergarten ideas pirates

carnival tinkering ideas for daycare pirate

Tinker musical instruments for Mardi Gras

colorful rattle tinker kindergarten carnival musical instruments

We associate carnival not only with costumes and masks, but also with a lot of dancing, singing and playing. Since music is simply part of Carnival, the children can make these simple rattles for Mardi Gras in kindergarten. For a rattle you will need two plastic spoons, a plastic egg, a few beans or a handful of rice and washi tape.

Tinker rattle with plastic egg and spoons – simple instructions

rattle tinker plastic eggs instructions fill beans

1. Fill the plastic egg with beans, rice or something similar.

2. Tape the plastic spoons together with washi tape so that the curvature of the spoon shells is facing outwards.

3. Place the filled plastic egg between the spoon shells.

4. Cover the rattle with colored washi tape. complete!

rattle tinker plastic eggs instructions fill rice

tinker rattle plastic spoon stick on washi tape

rattle tinker carnival plastic spoon plastic egg

instructions rattle tinker kindergarten plastic spoon washi tape