Craft ideas for carnival with pompons for young and old

Craft ideas for Mardi Gras carnival pompoms decoration instructions children adults

Mardi Gras and Carnival are a colorful time that almost everyone is looking forward to and especially children expect impatiently. You can transform yourself into your favorite hero for a moment. Indians, cowboys, clowns, superheroes and other characters emerge. Streets, party rooms, halls and homes are decorated with garlands, streamers, balloons and all kinds of carnival items. It is great that children can also make their own costumes and decorations. So that no craft ideas are missing for Mardi Gras and Carnival, we have collected a lot of suggestions for creative handicrafts with pompoms.

Colorful craft ideas for Mardi Gras and Carnival with pompoms

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The pom-poms are probably well known to anyone who cheerleaders at soccer games. However, they are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. The fluffy bundles of tissue paper, tinsel or the honeycomb balls are especially suitable for hanging. They decorate the ceilings and walls of halls, party rooms and rooms. The slightly smaller versions, which are mostly made from yarn, can be made into playful garlands. They are also particularly effective on costumes, shoes and accessories for carnival or Mardi Gras. Pom-poms are often round, but other shapes are also possible: hearts, diamonds or drops. With a little patience and a little skill, you can make pom-poms in all imaginable colors yourself.

Craft ideas for carnival: make pom-poms yourself

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You can make pompoms from a wide variety of materials. Whether from wool, yarn, tulle, fabric or tissue paper, you can easily make funny bobbles yourself. They are wonderfully suitable for all decorations and as a little splash of color. Above all, the material is chosen appropriately. Tissue paper bobbles look particularly beautiful as a draped garland on the ceiling or above the mirror. Small pompoms look extremely pretty as gift tags, brooches on clothes, hats or shoes. Tulle pompoms can be used instead of flowers for a special table decoration. Small and densely tinkered, they look like the flowers of Craspedia Drumstick (the yellow ball flower).

DIY pompoms: how to make pompoms myself?

Craft ideas for the Mardi Gras carnival pompon make yourself instructions

Small and large bobbles should not be missing on any costume or carnival outfit. They are a perfect complement to this and are also very easy to make. You don’t need a lot for that: Remnants of wool or thread in any color, a piece of cardboard, pointed scissors and a pair of compasses. You have to choose the compass depending on the desired bobble size. Now draw two circles of the same size with the compass and cut out the shape so that two identical rings are created. To make it easier to wrap the pompom, you can cut out a small piece of the ring. Then you put the two cardboard rings on top of each other and gradually wrap them evenly with yarn. If there is a very small opening in the middle, cut out the wool on the long side between the two rings. Before removing the pieces of cardboard, pull a long thread through and tie it tight. Finally, the cardboard rings are removed and the bobble is nicely “coiffed”.

DIY little pompoms

Craft ideas for the Mardi Gras carnival pompons small fork make yourself

For very small pompoms, we recommend using fine thread, preferably embroidery or silk thread. What is still needed is a four-pronged fork. Now you knot the yarn in the middle and wrap it around the entire fork to form a fat bundle. Then you knot it with a thread in the middle and remove it from the fork. At the end you cut the loops and this makes the mini bobble nice and fluffy. You can cut it a little neatly with the scissors so that it becomes spherical.

DIY tulle pompoms

craft ideas carnival pompons tulle make yourself instructions

Large pompoms made of tulle or paper are great decorations for many occasions. Especially at weddings and in party rooms, they convince with their filigree appearance. In contrast to paper, tulle does not have the disadvantage of tearing up too quickly and it always looks so beautiful. Of course, it is a little more expensive than paper, but more durable and you can also wash it. Tulle on rolls comes in different colors and sizes. It is also available by the meter for sewing in fabric shops. Depending on the size, you need different amounts of tulle for the pompoms. These can be tinkered with the help of two paper rings or with a fork. Instead of a fork, use a rectangular piece of cardboard, depending on the size of the pompom, and simply wrap the tulle around the cardboard box. Then tie in the middle with a thread and cut through completely on both sides. Finally, you have to alternately fold the individual layers to the left and right, pull them out a little and shape them nicely.

Colorful craft ideas for Mardi Gras and Carnival with pompoms

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Pom-poms of different shapes, sizes and colors can be combined with one another and thus spice up any boring carnival outfit or carnival costume. The rule is: the more, the better. You can do as much as you want. These should only be coordinated in terms of color. Clear, bright colors go very well together and also with the theme of carnival. In the following we present some great ideas for carnival accessories.

Make your own headband with pomnpons

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The colorful bobbles can be made quickly using the methods shown or, alternatively, bought ready-made and can be attached to the desired places even more quickly. So you can decorate almost all parts of the carnival costume atmospheric. Depending on how lush you imagine the outfit, several small or just a few larger bobbles can be added. Here we present two variants for a bobble with a headband.

craft ideas carnival pompoms headband instructions

A simple, plain headband can be spiced up beautifully with a few colorful pompoms. If you wish, you can only attach a slightly larger bobble to it. The best way to attach the pom poms is to use a hot glue gun. If there are unclear glue residues on the lower side, you can cover them nicely with a piece of felt.

Craft ideas for Mardi Gras and Carnival: Make garland with pompons yourself

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Colorful pompoms and tassels of different sizes in different colors can be wonderfully processed as garlands for carnival, carnival or simply for colorful decoration in the children’s room. All you need is a solid thread and a needle. For a change, a few round and square wooden beads or other decorative elements can be inserted between the pompoms.

Decorate party hats with pom-poms

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Party hats belong to every party. In addition, you can wonderfully complement the clown costume for Mardi Gras or Carnival with a beautiful cardboard hat. For this you need a piece of cardboard, some elastic thread, colored pencils and a couple of colorful bobbles. With a little help, every child can make a party hat like this one.

craft ideas mardi gras carnival pompoms decorate party hats

After you have formed the cardboard into a cone of any size, you have to attach the elastic thread from the inside. Then you can deal with the decoration of the party hat. It is very easy to create a variety of dots on the hat with a sponge and some paint. Finally, decorate the lower edge of the hat with small colored pompons, which are attached to each other with the help of a hot glue gun.

Make carnival shoes yourself

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What do the perfect carnival shoes look like? You should definitely be comfortable and pretty at the same time. Sneakers or sneakers are definitely comfortable for your feet, but they’re not really nice, are they? A simple model of shoes immediately gets a new carnival-like face with a pompom in bright color.

Decorate with pompoms made of tulle for carnival and carnival

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The so-called pompom flowers are just perfect as a great decoration for Carnival and also simply as a splash of color in the apartment. Depending on the desired size, they can be tinkered with any material such as thread or tulle using one of the methods that we have shown above. The homemade pompoms are carefully inserted into long, thin branches or sticks with the help of wire. And the wonderful spherical flowers are ready!

 The cheerleader costume includes pom-poms

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We know pom-poms mainly from football, basketball or lacrosse games, where cheerleaders in short dresses and bright pompons are an absolute must. And there is no better opportunity to slip into another role than on the carnival days. In addition to cartoon characters, sheriffs and cowboys, exclusive cheerleader costumes are a popular theme. With a little effort, you can design your own outfit or complement it perfectly with home-made accessories.

Cheeleader making pom poms yourself: instructions

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The cheerleader costume includes: a short pleated skirt and figure-hugging T-shirt or a short dress, flat sneakers, a headband for the ponytail and two large pompoms. In addition, it is advisable to wear skin-colored underwear and stockings, because the cheerleaders usually perform a lot of acrobatic dance routines. The perfect look is perfectly rounded off by two pompoms in the same colors as the costume. You can make these yourself without much effort.

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Various materials such as any fabric, tinsel, tissue paper, nylon or similar are suitable for cheerleading pompoms. For a not very large pompom, use a 12 “x 16” piece of fabric or some other material. The more magnificent the pompom should be, the more material should be used for it. The rectangle has to be cut into strips at a distance of 1.5 – 2 cm on both sides, but not to the end. In the middle, the stripes should stay whole and thus hold the fringes together.

craft ideas carnival pompoms diy cheerleaders

You can process as much material as you want in this way. Finally, all pieces are tied together in the middle and either clamped to a plastic rod or alternatively each fastened with a cable tie.

Make your own headdress for Mardi Gras or Carnival

tinkering ideas carnival pompons headdress harreif feather rhinestones

Small pompoms can be wonderfully used to decorate headdresses for Mardi Gras or Carnival. Here we present simple instructions on how to turn a plastic princess crown into a beautiful festive headband with feathers and glitter.

tinkering ideas carnival pompoms headdress feather headband