Cowboy make-up – instructions and ideas for carnival, Halloween & Co

Cowboy make-up little-boy-face-mustache-cowboy-hat-leather-hat-leather-leather-checked-shirt

Halloween is just around the corner and you can’t imagine this day without festive costumes, creepy faces and lots of make-up. Little boys and girls feel right at home in a cowboy or cowgirl costume at Halloween or Carnival. In order to imitate the natural tanned skin of a cowboy from the wild west, you need the right tips above all. Today you will find out everything about the topic Cowboy applying makeup with instructions, numerous pictures and ideas so that you can prepare yourself as best as possible.

Cowboy make-up: Carnival ideas for boys

Cowboy put on face-mustache-little-boy-cowboy-hat-straw-scarf-carnival

Mustaches or three-day beards are typical for cowboys, because they spend a lot of time on the go and don’t have time for a beard hairstyle. Checked shirt, scarf, leather vest, cowboy boots and a matching hat are among the best-known features of a cowboy when it comes to disguise. In addition, a face tanned by the wind and sun is worth no less than the appropriate costume.

Cowboy make-up: step-by-step instructions

Cowboy make-up-face-boys-contour-brown-make-wrinkles-eyebrows-tight-three-day-beard

To make up the cowboy face, you must first apply brown powder or preferably bronzer. In no case should you forget your neck. Then the eyebrows are painted bushy with the help of a brush and black eyeshadow. To make the little cowboy look bold, you need to distribute gray or brown eyeshadow on the eyelids. Make it old with a few small wrinkles on the corner of the eye and forehead.

Cowboy make-up – beard with stubble sponge 

Cowboy make-up boy-man-beard-stubble-sponge-neckerchief-leather-hat-cowboy-hat

First of all, you need to paint on a mustache and goatee. You can also use black watercolor and a brush instead of a kajal. A stubble sponge is also used so that the fake beard looks real. This sponge can be bought online or in the carnival shops. Then press the stubble sponge into the black paint and dab it on.

Applying make-up to little boys as cowboys for Halloween

Cowboy make-up boy-halloween-face-bandana-neckerchief-patterned-red-cowboy hat-straw hat

Alternatively, in addition to the presented cowboy look, there is another option for making up for Halloween. For example, it looks particularly unique and cool if you paint a pumpkin on the child’s face as above. In addition, the outfit is complemented by matching cowboy clothing.

Applying a bandana shawl instead of wearing it around the neck


Cowboys usually wear a bandana scarf. Instead of wearing this accessory all night, you can showcase it in an interesting way by putting on a patterned bandana house scarf starting from the neck towards your face. This may not be so easy without the help of a third party, but with a small, precise brush and some patience, you will be able to do it.

Make-up tips for a great cowgirl look


How to put on make-up as a cowgirl for carnival is often a question that many girls and women ask themselves. Your basic equipment as a cowgirl includes eyeshadows with natural and mostly brown colors and a bronze palette. The palettes must have a high coverage so that the complexion is beautifully tanned in all places.

Use suitable cowgirl make-up


It’s best to mix in some light and dark nuances for a better color gradient so that the end result looks nice and not so artificial. The face can first be contoured and highlighted, with this make-up technique mainly using darker tones for contouring and shimmering colors for lightening. Ultimately, blend in and you have the perfect cowgirl face!

Cowgirl gunshot wounds make up

cowboy-make-up-cowgirl-face-freckles-paint-gunshot wounds-imitate-halloween

Your cowgirl look becomes even more realistic if you take your time and make up gunshot wounds. You will need a skin adhesive, towels, makeup foundation, film blood, and scissors. Spread a little glue on the cheeks and stick on a small first layer of towels. The towel should be torn on the sides before the next second layer is glued. Apply foundation and use scissors to make a hole in the center. In the next step, the hole is filled with brown eyeshadow and the eyeshadows are further veneered to create a sore effect. Add film blood in the middle and the look is done.

Freckles go perfectly with the cowgirl outfit

cowboy-make-up-cowgirl-freckles-leather hat-braided hairstyle-bandana-neckerchief-checked shirt-cowboy boots

Freckles give the cowgirl face a special beauty. If you don’t have them on your face, you could quickly make them up. You need a creamy eyebrow color and this is how your freckles will look natural.

Preparation for the carnival: cowgirl make-up


The cowgirl makeup also requires a dirty face as cowboys and cowgirls are constantly outdoors. You can easily achieve the desired effect with black eyeshadow. The outfit also includes a matching hat with a chin strap.

Put a cowboy hat on yourself


Putting makeup on your face with a cowboy hat undoubtedly looks wild and attractive for carnival. Blush cheeks and lipstick in soft pink are also recommended, as this light color contrasts nicely with the tanned skin of a cowgirl.

Make up girls for Carnival – the cowboy hat 


Little girls can also choose different color combinations and motifs such as cowboy hat and rope for their outfit, if they want to make a deep impression on the carnival.

Pink lips and cheeks for a natural look on Halloween

cowboy-make-up-cowgirl-girl-lipstick-gentle-natural-pink-blush-cheek-lips-red-metallic-eye contour pencil

You have to hide winter pallor with make-up if you want to appear as a real cowgirl. Emphasize the eyebrows and lower eyelid with a kohl. Metallic contour pencils are perfect for this. Light shades of pink can be applied to the upper eyelid.

Little girls as cowgirls: make-up ideas

cowboy-make-up-cowgirl-face-arm-girl-straw hat-chinstrap-carnival-carnival

Not only the face can be made up for Mardi Gras or Halloween, but also the arms. The choice is up to you, whether you paint a cowboy hat or various motifs that match the theme. Ultimately, only one thing is important and that you and your children have a lot of fun preparing!