Carnival make-up with glitter – Imaginative make-up with glitter and rhinestones to imitate

carnival make-up with glitter powder asterisks sequins woman

In addition to the attractive costume, the basic equipment for the upcoming carnival undoubtedly also includes the right make-up. If you want to show off your carnival costume better, you should dig deep into the make-up case and use strong colors, rhinestones and glitter. Subtle make-up definitely has no place in the fifth season. In today’s post you will find loads of inspiring ideas for an enchanting and imaginative carnival make-up with glitter. Browse through our festively sparkling picture gallery right now!

Ideas for carnival make-up with glitter, rhinestones and strong colors

carnival make-up glitter eyes lips glitter powder unicorn costume make up

Simple instructions for enchanting carnival make-up with glitter

Glitter should not be missing, especially in women’s disguise for carnival. Whether you want to slip into a unicorn, butterfly, mermaid or fairy costume, glitter is a necessary and effective accessory and an important part of your transformation. Reach for the glitter gel in different colors, for the glitter lipstick as well as for beautiful sparkling eye shadows in gold, silver and why not in a conspicuous color nuance. Glitter powder also provides a good touch of glamor. Glitter confetti, stars, geometric figures or hearts can easily be applied with your fingers or a brush and conjure up a great festive make-up on your face. Self-adhesive rhinestones in various shapes round off your unique make-up.

asterisks glitter purple blue yellow ladies temple area

When it comes to carnival make-up with glitter, creativity and a willingness to experiment are required. It is really easy to conjure up a colorful, rainbow-colored carnival make-up with glitter on your face. Do you like the wonderful makeup from the picture above, do you like us? Then you can do it at home in no time. For this you need glitter in different colors, gold foil confetti, glitter hearts, stars, diamonds etc. as well as Vaseline or cream.

carnival make up glitter mix yourself powder hearts stars

Mix the glitter powder with the confetti in a bowl. Apply some petroleum jelly or rich cream to the area of ​​the face that you want to glitter. Glitter around the eyes, on the temples, cheeks and even in the hairline looks just great! Dip your fingers in the glitter and dab it where you put the cream on. Apply the mixture generously. There can never be too much glitter for a carnival celebration, right? Let yourself be inspired by our picture examples and reach deeper into the shimmering paint pot.

carnival make-up glitter face neck décolleté hair

abstract carnival make-up glitter woman green face eyes forehead area lips

ideas for carnival make-up glitter eye mask glitter powder

carnival make-up glitter blue woman face mask make up

make up ideas ladies carnival make up glitter royal blue nude eyeshadow lips

silver gold carnival make-up glitter eyes elegant

mermaid make up carnival make up turquoise eyes make up gold foil

ideas for carnival make-up glitter mermaid purple red nuances face

carnival makeup glitter eyes blue eyeshadow gold

carnival make-up glitter rainbow shimmering

subtle carnival make-up eyes lips pink foil

simple carnival make up glitter gold sun rainbow

subtle make-up carnival make-up glitter summer spikes shimmering

elegant make-up carnival make-up glitter golden rhinestones

carnival make-up glitter eyes temples décolleté rhinestones

carnival make-up glitter ladies elegant feminine eye make-up purple nuances rhinestones

carnival make-up glitter ladies gold silver black false eyelashes sequins

carnival make-up glitter ladies eyes make-up black silver rhinestones elegant

make up ideas carnival make up glitter eyeshadow purple gold lady

carnival makeup with glitter lipstick eye shadow purple gold

subtle make-up gold carnival make-up glitter upper eyelid

make up face ideas carnival make up glitter costume gold silver stars crown eyeshadow

gold carnival makeup glitter eyeshadow star sticker

gold foil woman temples hair carnival make-up glitter easy to implement

ideas carnival make-up glitter gold eye mask woman

golden eyelashes carnival make-up glitter woman

carnival make-up glitter gold silver elegant upper eyelid eyebrows woman

Carnival make-up glitter eyeshadow pink ideas for women

carnival make-up glitter eyes make up gold asterisks

carnival make-up glitter lipstick silver holographic

carnival make-up glitter man face complete decollete

rainbow colors carnival make-up glitter rhinestones sequins woman

carnival make-up glitter ladies rainbow colors complete face

woman fairy carnival make-up glitter cheeks rhinestone

carnival make-up glitter ladies peacock rhinestones sequins eyes eyebrows forehead

artistic carnival make up rhinestones woman glitter eyes forehead

galactic make-up zipper ladies carnival make-up glitter

carnival makeup glitter pink zipper

fortune teller costume carnival make up glitter rhinestones pink purple eyes cheeks

carnival make-up glitter face colorful sequins

rhinestones forehead eyes carnival make-up glitter

ideas carnival make-up glitter eyes purple pink woman earrings motley

carnival make-up glitter eyebrows silver red