Carnival costumes for women and make-up – 10 ideas with instructions

Mardi Gras costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-medusa-plastic snake-hairstyle-green-orange

Creative and imaginative ideas for Mardi Gras costumes and there are many make-up for women, but there is often a lack of femininity and the delicate touch that should actually be in the foreground for a lady. We present 10 great ideas for outfits and make-up that will make you shine feminine and unmistakable – the Queen of Hearts, a simple representation of Bat Woman, the emblematic Pop Art girl, Medusa from Greek mythology and others. Continue reading!

Mardi Gras costumes for women and make-up instructions – Queen of Hearts

Mardi Gras costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-queen-of-hearts-woman-beautiful-heart-outfit

The Queen of Hearts is a key figure in Alice in Wonderland. It has been interpreted several times in films or as an artful illustration in the novel of the same name. She is characterized by a typical female figure, dressed in red with different accents in the shape of a heart and with the colors of the playing cards.

Mardi Gras costumes for women and make-up ideas

Mardi Gras costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-queen of hearts-collar-playing cards

The make-up is characterized by a slightly pale complexion and doll-like accentuation of the cheeks. The red lipstick should not be missing under any circumstances. It is important to bring the shape of the lips into a heart shape. Use lipstick in the appropriate shade. You can emphasize the eyes very romantically with classic eyeliner.

Tinker the collar of the Queen of Hearts yourself

Carnival costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-collars-playing-cards-cardboard-tinker

The emblematic collar made of several playing cards can be made quickly yourself in simple steps. Get enough playing cards – use an old set that is incomplete or get some from the 1 euro shop at a low price – the more cards, the more splendid the collar would look in the end.

Queen of Hearts – cool idea for Mardi Gras costumes

Mardi Gras costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-queen of hearts-playing card-outfit

Fix the playing cards at a relatively equal distance from each other on a piece of sturdy cardboard that you have cut out nicely in the appropriate shape. A tip: it is best to look for playing cards with a red back, as this remains visible and goes well with the red outfit.

Do Mardi Gras costumes for women the same – Bat Woman


Bat Woman is the eternal classic for women outfit that always appears up-to-date and uncomplicated. For this purpose, black clothing is needed, as well as wings or cloak and cat ears. You can make these yourself quickly and flawlessly.

DIY Mardi Gras costumes for women – Bat Woman cape


Wings, like those of a bat or the emblematic Batman cape, can be quickly tinkered with leftover black fabric. Fold the piece of fabric at right angles to make two symmetrical pieces. Cut out one side in waves, just like in the photo above.

Black cloak made of fabric with loops to attach to the fingers 


Make a loop at the two corners of the cape so that you can attach it to your fingers. It is best to use a rubber band or sturdy string.

Attach black leather cat ears to the headband


Cat ears made of real or artificial leather look really authentic, so it is recommended to use this material. Sew two in a triangular shape or glue four triangles together in pairs. Fix them on a headband of dark color.

Carnival costumes for women – Bat Woman or Bat


Choose an all-black outfit from your wardrobe and combine it with the self-made wings and headband.

Carnival costumes for women – Bat Woman with wings


We would recommend a simple black dress without choosing decorations or prints or tight black jeans with a simple T-shirt or top. Optionally, you can get parts with a black leather look that have been particularly fashionable in recent years.

Carnival costumes for women and make-up in Pop Art style – instructions


Pop Art culture and art inspires numerous experiments in the fashion or interior design industry. Emblematic images, like this one by Roy Lichtenstein, are also staged in carnival costumes.

Carnival costumes for women and make-up in Pop Art style – useful materials


For our Pop Art costume you would need a blonde wig, cardboard box, make-up, suitable clothing and maybe an old telephone receiver. For an effective result, all parts are coordinated by color.

Don’t forget the typical speech bubble


Don’t forget the emblematic speech bubble. You can easily make one out of cardboard or paper using a black marker.

Carnival costumes for women, make-up and hairstyling in Pop Art style – with a wig


In order to bring the blonde-yellow wig into a Pop Art look, color which streaks in black. These play the role of the thick black contours that are characteristic of this art era.

Pop Art images with the unmistakable dot matrix


The dot grid also stands for Pop Art and you can also suggest this. Use color that won’t harm your skin. Paint the black contours on the face, similar to the one on the model.

Make-up outfit unanimously – paint your face, body and clothing with dots


The dots not only cover the face, but also the whole body and clothing. Choose a suitable outfit with dots.

Carnival costumes inspired by the Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art picture


Try to stay as close as possible to the Pop Art illustration and always think about the detail.

Mardi Gras costumes for women – stage a Pop Art picture


Carnival costumes for women and make-up – Medusa from Greek mythology 


Medusa from Greek mythology is a typical female figure with a demonic look. The snakes in your hair are typical of you. You can easily stage these.

Use plastic snakes for Medusa outfit

carnival-costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-medusa-headband-plastic snakes-tinker

For this purpose, use which plastic snakes that you could insert in the hair and hairstyle in different ways. A variant would be to fix this on a headband and put it on the head. If desired, you can color the snakes in metallic nuances, such as silver, gold or copper.

Put plastic snakes in your hair or use them to decorate a headband

carnival-costumes-ladies-make-up-instructions-medusa-outfit-green-plastic snakes

For those of you who have a long mane, you can braid them nicely and simply fix the curved snakes in a few places. Watch the video tutorial, where you can also find great ideas for themed make-up for the Medusa look!

Mardi Gras costumes for women and make-up – vampires 






Make Cookie Monster yourself

carnival costumes cookie monster-blue-tutu-cookies-diy

Dress up as a chewing gum machine for carnival

carnival-costumes-pompons-chewing gum-machine-dress-red

Make carnival costumes yourself – comic lady


Make up as a cupcake


Frog lady in green

carnival costumes frog-lady-green-make-up-wig

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