Carnival costumes for children – great DIY felt hair accessories

carnival costumes for children pineapple baby romper felt

The time for the fun carnival is getting closer – but you are still looking in vain for ideas for Carnival costumes for children? Instead of dressing up the child in an uncomfortable costume, you can simply make original headdresses out of felt and headbands. We have prepared 9 simple but super cute ideas for you!

Carnival costumes for children – Olaf from “Frozen”

carnival costumes for children olaf hat felt face plush wire

Olaf as a costume is a real hit among children. We would like to introduce you to a simple variant that you can use for the carnival costumes for children. You need a white hat, felt in white, black, orange and light blue, plush wire and material to fill the carrot nose (e.g. cotton wool).

Carnival costumes for children – cut out and glue individual parts

Mardi Gras costumes for children ice queen idea decorate baseball hat

Cut out the individual parts for the face and glue them to the hats as shown in the photos. For the nose, sew some kind of funnel, but the tip is sewn in the same way, and fill it with any material so that it can stand straight ahead.

Idea for children – hat with a face

carnival costumes for children idea hat olaf felt

Finally, stick three more pieces of plush wire into the hole in the top of the hat. It is best to connect the wire inside the hat and glue any piece of fabric over it to be on the safe side. The original yet simple carnival costume for children is ready.

Sheep mask for the children’s costume

carnival costumes for children mask sheep felt gray

This mask is just as easy to make for a sheep. All you have to do is cut out the necessary individual parts and glue or, as in the example, sew them together. A piece of rubber ensures that the mask also holds well. Try it now!

Make carnival costumes for children yourself – French Mcarons

carnival-costumes-children-felt-tinker-french-macaron-materials-wadding-felt fabric

Dress up your child as a sweet French macaron. You can find simple instructions in the picture gallery. You would need cardboard, cotton wool, fabric, hot glue, thread and scissors as materials. You can find full instructions on Studio DIY.




Great DIY felt hair accessories for carnival costumes

Carnival make yourself witch hat cat ears dragon

The following two ideas for Carnival costumes for children are pretty easy and great for sewing yourself.

Carnival costumes for children – dragons and sweet sunshine

Toddler babies sunshine rays headdress

The next two ideas for Carnival costumes for children are super cute, but also more complicated. Our tip – try sewing the sunshine costume first. Once you’ve mastered the costume, you can try the kite. And even if you don’t succeed the first time, you can always tinker Minnie Mouse ears in the last second – simply cut two medium-sized circles out of black felt and stick them to the headband. Decorate the design with a small red bow in the middle. A mini mouse t-shirt and tutu skirt will complement the look.

yellow handicraft instructions children carnival costumes

Headband Children make quick instructions themselves

Carnival headdress Children make felt themselves

Dragons sew themselves chokers felt

sew your own kite instructions for details

Sew kites yourself felt orange green beige

Costume kids Mardi Gras celebrate funny idea

Girls costumes sewing cat ears felt

 For the cat ears you need 4 details in total – cut out two black and two beige. Glue these / or sew them together / and attach the ears to a headband.

Felt craft ideas cute cut out instructions

Children's carnival costumes last minute

sew headbands glue kids costumes carnival

Cool carnival costumes for children and babies – make Indian headdresses

Make Indian headdress costumes yourself

Choose a soft headband in shades of gold. Collect bird feathers and glue them to a paper template. Then glue the template to the tape. Decorate the headdress with several small pompoms and other decorative ribbons to taste. Dress the baby in beige or brown clothes – and you’ve made the right costume yourself!

Tinker handicrafts Indians headdress feather

prepare wreath glue together nice idea

Tinker headdress baby toddler cool idea

Cute carnival costumes for children – cute witch and cat costumes for girls

Mardi Gras costumes original idea hat sew yourself

Make a cute witch costume – all you need for this purpose is a black blouse, black tights and of course the matching hat. Cut the hat out of felt and sew the pieces together. complete!

cute idea Mardi Gras costumes toddlers

make yourself hat black color felt sew

cute Mardi Gras costumes kids Minnie Mouse ears