Carnival costumes – 24 unusual ideas from the films

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We offer you 24 unusual ideas for Mardi Gras costumes with famous characters from books and films that are easy to make yourself – with a little imagination and available materials, you can become Princess Lea, Harry Potter or Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. In addition to this, we offer you some ideas with masks and wigs.

Mardi Gras Costumes – Maleficent

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Other fun ideas for Mardi Gras costumes are Pocahontas – who are always looking forward to popularity thanks to the Disney film. Cleopatra is for brave natures who have also thought of a creative make-up idea in advance. If you’re looking for an easy idea, dress up like angels – a white dress, wings cut out of cardboard, and you’re done! A good idea for a last-minute outfit is to buy a mask like from the Scary Movie and combine it with black clothes. Let yourself through our suggestions for fancy Mardi Gras costumes inspire and choose one of these fun ideas!

Mardi Gras Costumes – Frozen

carnival costume elsa frozen idea ladies braided zoo

Don’t you also find how amazing it is what can be achieved with a single wig for a great look for Mardi Gras. This is also the case with these carnival costumes from the movie Frozen. If you have a matching hairstyle, you don’t even have to use wigs. Then find the right clothing and your costume is ready.

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A Belle costume

carnival costume belle schoene beast dress yellow

Every child loves fairy tales. That’s why it’s always a great idea to use this as an inspiration for a Mardi Gras costume. In this case it is Beauty and the Beast. All you need is a yellow dress that is gathered at the bottom. If you can sew, you can even do it yourself.

Hobbit and Gandalf costume

carnival costume lord of the rings gandalf idea hobbit magician

Dress up yourself or your children in the form of heroes from The Lord of the Rings. A hobbit or Gandalf are great ideas for this. The carnival costumes can also be designed at home. For the beard, for example, you can use cotton wool or another material from the craft store. Let your imagination run wild!

Mardi Gras costumes from the movies – Star Wars inspirations

fancy costumes Mardi Gras Carnival Star Wars

This idea is a real classic for Mardi Gras costumes – the Star Wars films. Princess Lea is easy to imitate – you can choose a robe made of sheets, the matching belt and most importantly a wig – or similar hairstyle – and you’re done. Other exciting ideas are Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, which is suitable for both children and their mothers. Comedy heroes like Batman or Supermen have recently become very popular and loved especially by the adults. One of the newest trends from the USA has become the Loki costume. The bad god from the movie Thor and Avengers has to take first place for the most popular movie character with Jack Sparoy from Escape the Karbik – the popular sequel to the pirate saga.

Unusual carnival costumes – Loki

fancy costumes carnival men

Dorothy von Oz inspired costume for the Mardi Gras carnival

Oz Dorothy Wizard

Star Wars inspired costumes

Star Wars inspired costume

Batman costume for carnival

Ideas for carnival costume Batmann

Mardi Gras costumes – pirates from the Caribbean

Do it yourself carnival costumes pirate Johny Depp

Pocahontas – ideas for carnival costumes

Mardi Gras Carnival Costumes- Indian Pocahontas

Cleopatra costume – fresh idea

Cleopatra make carnival costumes yourself

Scary Movie character

fancy costume mask Scary Movie

Funny and unusual carnival costumes

funny cartoon heroes Mardi Gras costumes

Angel costume for angels

Mardi Gras costumes angel-make yourself

Sailor – disguise for carnival

Make carnival costume yourself

Harry Potter costume

unusual costume ideas-Harry Potter children

Michael Jackson

Mardi Gras Michael Jackson costume

Idea from “above”


Harry Potter


Hocus Pocus


Audrey from Twin Peaks


Bunny lady from Space Jam

carnival costumes ladies-bunny-space-jam-basketball-bunny-ears