Carnival costumes 2015 – what’s hot this year?

Carnival costumes 2015 - ideas-flirty-sailor-dress

Mardi Gras is almost around the corner and you are certainly already looking for a suitable costume. And the sooner the better, because many of us have already had the problem behind us when the best costumes sell out because we waited too long. Today you will learn what types of Carnival costumes 2015 are in, so that you can make a decision in good time this time. You will also be trendy with this year’s costume.

Carnival costumes 2015 for groups

Carnival costumes 2015 -ideas-group-pirates

Carnival costumes for whole groups are particularly popular this year. This is also a great idea if you are going to Mardi Gras with several friends or the whole family. By doing this, you are also showing everyone how much you value your friendship. Different figures are suitable for a group costume, including pirates or robbers. In addition, these do not have to be identical. Each of you can individually choose or design your own costume.


Different films can also inspire you for a group costume. The minions, for example, are very popular. Again, each of you can choose your own figure. Sit down with your friends and come up with something original that will not only impress everyone else but also make them laugh.

Carnival costumes 2015 group-scooby-doo-family

Carnival costumes 2015 for individuals

Carnival costumes 2015 ideas-rotkaeppchen-basket-forest

Incidentally, it turned out that the pirate costume is the most popular this year and was chosen by the majority of those surveyed. You can also choose it as a single costume. It’s also great that it is suitable for both men and women. There are various options available to you to design the costume, such as sabers, hooks, clothing made of leather, headscarves and eye patches. Of course, you can’t miss a lot of gold jewelry. Pirate hats are also very suitable.


Fairytale costumes are also very popular in this category. You just can’t go wrong with them. Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are widespread. With these figures you only need to pay attention to a few striking details:


With Snow White this is the dress in blue and yellow, as well as the black hair, which you can get very well with a wig. The best way to decorate this is with a black headband with a red bow. You can add additional accents with white stockings with red bows, a red cape, black or red shoes and a cup.

Carnival costumes 2015 snow white-red-tulle-skirt-blue-corset


Little Red Riding Hood, on the other hand, needs a dress in red and white. The most important thing is of course the skullcap, after which the figure was named, for which you only need a red cape with a hood. In this example, too, you can also add a cup.


Cinderella is made very easy. All you need is a light blue, wide ball gown, long, white gloves and an updo, which you decorate with a blue headband or ribbon.


The same rules apply to Sleeping Beauty as to Cinderella. The colors blue and pink are suitable here, with the latter being preferred. Combine the long dress with long gloves or choose a long-sleeved dress. It is best to wear your hair open or half-open, it is best to use a blonde wig. Put an accent with a crown and rose. You can also choose Sleeping Beauty in the variant in a peasant dress.

carnival-costumes-2015-ideas-peasant-dress-little girl

Of course, you can combine several costumes from this category with your friends again and thus get a group costume that represents popular fairy tale characters.



Carnival costumes 2015 – partner costumes

Carnival costumes 2015 -ideen-partner-dornroeschen-prinz

You can perfectly choose the costumes already mentioned as partner costumes. Here are a few great ideas:

– Sleeping Beauty with a prince or one of the good fairies

– Cinderella with her prince

– Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf


– Snow White and the Evil Queen or one of the dwarfs



Other costumes are also very suitable as partner costumes. This year sailors are very popular. Another big hit are cowboys and Indians and, in keeping with the cold season, plush animal costumes.


Didn’t your job become what you dreamed of as a child? No problem, because Mardi Gras is the best time to dress up in something or someone we might want to be. Work clothing is just as trendy in 2015.