60 unusual ideas for carnival costumes and fun party accessories


Carnivals are always a challenge for us. None yet Ideas for carnival costumes? The spring carnival can be colorful, funny and original! Here we show you which carnival costumes guarantee you an attractive presence and fun in the street carnival and at the carnival party! These outfits and many more give inner desires and dreams an attractive expression. They guarantee you an excursion into the moments of our childhood and can be worn again on Halloween or for New Year’s Eve!

Ideas for carnival costumes for the whole family


Both male and female carnival costumes that make dreams come true for a day are popular. Certain Ideas for carnival costumes have prevailed every year. But don’t limit yourself to classics like pirates, vampires, magical creatures, zombies, celebrities like Elvis and Merylin Monroe and others. Much more topical this year are comic heroes, original animal costumes and homemade disguises!

Magical ideas for carnival costumes even for the youngest


Mardi Gras is the favorite time of the year for many people, especially children. Original costumes are bought, sewn or handicrafted. With a little creativity and skill you can conjure up very original and unique costumes and accessories for the carnival. Sexy, creepy, funny and bizarre – you can see everything at carnival. Celebrities and superstars are always welcome at Mardi Gras.

Ideas for carnival costumes with unusual accessories – insect costume for women

Ideas-carnival costumes-dog-accessories-accessories-women-blue-insect

An Insketen costume can be chic – with the right accessories it can. Dress up elegantly from top to bottom in blue-violet and make-up your face in the same tones. What is still missing for the perfect appearance at a carnival party are the accessories that make a successful look. Blue wig and a homemade little hat with antennas will complement and enhance the look.

Ideas for carnival costumes with unusual accessories – Exotic Geischa headdress

Ideas-carnival costumes-dog-accessories-accessories-exotic-geisha-headdress

Ideas for carnival costumes with unusual accessories – extravagant headdress

Ideas-carnival costumes-dog-accessories-accessories-crown-rabbit ears

Ideas for carnival costumes with unusual accessories – unicorn costume for dogs

Ideas-carnival costumes-dog-accessories-accessories-unicorn-white

Ideas for carnival costumes for people and animals


Very trendy ideas for carnival costumes – The Minionsideas-carnival-costumes-minions-costumes-boy-cute-funny-black-pants

A great idea from the past – Rubik’s cube




ideas-carnival-costumes-animals-funny-cat-pirate-eye patch



Dress up as an elven couple 

Costumes couples-original ideas-elves-fairy tale magical creatures hat-ears artificial

Ideas for carnival costumes for the whole family

Ideas-carnival family magician-von Oos-princess-lion robot costume tinker

Find a suitable theme for your family’s carnival costumes

couples with children Costumes Toy-Story Disney-Heroes Movies-Ideas Costumes-carnival party

Unusual costume ideas for the carnival circus

Arena circus costumes ideas carnival elephant clown lion tamer

Costume party ideas – hippies

Hippie friends-costumes ideas-for friends-carnival article wigs

Angry Birds costumes for the family

carnival-disguise Angry-Birds Costumes-funny carnival-halloween items

Sesame Street is always up to date

Sesame Street Costumes Carnival Heroes Mardi Gras Costumes Ideas family-friends

Carnival costumes of animals and monsters are popular

Costumes Monster Green Plush Family Carnival ideas

Unique costumes for couples

Carnival party disguise-modern ideas-couples cake-candle flame

Toy story heroes

Disney Toy Storey Heroes Costumes Couples Carnival Disguises

Ham&Eggs costume

Ham and egg breakfast-costume ideas-unusual carnival

Carnival party with the theme of Little Red Riding Hood costumes for parents and children

Rottkäppchen wolf costumes-father daughter disguise original carnival

Horror costumes

Do it yourself carnival costumes, creepy skeleton couples

Lego robots

Lego figures Carnival costume original ideas family friends disguise

Table cutlery

street carnival costumes original couples-table cutlery-spoon fork-carnival

Use the popular clown costume

Clown costume-ladies hatter funny disguise-festival-carnival

Super Mario disguise for man and dog

Man and Dachshund Carnival Costumes Couples Ideas Super Mario

Carnival costumes for men

Party Costume Ideas Men's Costume-Banana Bob-Marley Wig

Roman emperor looks masculine

Street carnival costume Roman emperor ideas-gentlemen disguise-original carnival

Ninja turtle

Ninja Turtles Ideas-Mardi Gras 2014-Party-Men costumes

Cleaning lady costume for men

Cleaning lady men's costumes ideas-funny disguise-carnival 2014

Unique women’s costumes

Tweety New Years Eve Grandma Costumes Disney Heroes Carnival Party

The peacock woman

Ladies peacock feather carnival costumes tinker elegant ideas

Statue of Liberty ladies costume

Statue of Liberty Ladies Costume Ideas Mardi Gras-Halloween Carnival

Moulin Rouge 

Variete theater costume idea ladies accessories black feather boa

Alice in Wonderland

Alice teenager ladies costume ideas modern-Mardi Gras-2014 celebrate

Magnificent medieval costumes

Mardi Gras 2014 Dress Medieval Girls Ladies White Wig

Carnival costumes for children and toddlers

Funny children's costumes mushroom hat chick accessories carnival

little ladies costumes girl dress Eiffel Tower wall tattoo

Costumes-Accessories carnival-2014 celebration Children's disguise modern Egypt

Carnival costumes Halloween children-dog puppy-animal costume ideas-fasching-2014

Mardi Gras Mardi Gras costumes kids disguise black spider costume

Girls carnival costumes wig dress blue cream white

Jesus-Christ costume-children toddlers-carnival-idea original disguise

Mermaid child costume ideas-sponge bob comic heroes

Girl costume accessories ideas-Gypsy Gypsy Child Party-Carnival

Original disguise for babies

Baby cheap costume-shark disguise accessories-carnival party

Costume ideas frog green-orange ideas-carnival-disguise funny

Baby bat carnival ideas carnival costume sweet purple

elvis costume accessories carnival party halloween

Monster disguise kids baby toddler ideas shark costume

Disguise original ideas baby-toddler snail-self-made

Party disguise and costume ideas for pets

Creative carnival costumes accessories ideas-dog cat-pet costume

Animal disguise-ideas original-cat carnival costume cheap-piggy

Costumes-carnival pet black-spider tarantula-make your own ideas

Cat carnival costume ideas Frankenstein cardboard tinker template

Mardi Gras party ideas - Pet dress up - Batman face mask - Bunny

Carnival ideas-original dog disguise pirate box treasure costume

Batman dog costumes carnival party modern Halloween carnival ideas

Pug dog carnival costumes ideas-pet superman-carnival