6 ideas for imaginative accessories for carnival tinkering with children

carnival tinker kids-girl-boy-pirate-binoculars-toilet-paper-roll-pirate-cloth-pirate-hat

Mardi Gras is undoubtedly the most beautiful party time for children. The selection of costumes is enormous and the children can sometimes just find it difficult to decide. We present you with some creative and unique ideas about what to do with your children Tinker carnival can. Let yourself be inspired and do not forget that there are definitely no limits to your imagination at Mardi Gras.

Pirate binoculars for carnival tinkering with children

carnival tinker binoculars-children-craft-paper-striped-patterned-table-chairs-sticking-rope-threading

At carnival time and at Mardi Gras, the pirate theme is a real classic that children really like. It is no coincidence that this carnival and party motto is very popular and offers plenty of room for creativity. Due to the large selection of different pirate utensils and accessories, you and your children will not find it difficult to transform into a pirate and have a lot of fun doing handicrafts.

Tinker pirate binoculars for carnival with little effort and materials

Carnival handicrafts-pirate-binoculars-cord-toilet paper-rolls-empty-adhesive tape-patterned

Pirate binoculars should of course not be missing in the pirate equipment. With little handicraft material and in a few minutes, your loved ones can easily make binoculars out of empty toilet paper rolls, a piece of string and colored craft paper or patterned adhesive tape, with which they can see into the predatory future. Children can make their very own binoculars by choosing patterned craft paper.

Make unique binoculars for Carnival with colorful patterns

carnival tinker child-toilet paper roll-empty-white-adhesive tape-striped-dotted-red-black-white-cord

Use colored adhesive tape in the colors red, black and white, which will create a typical pirate look, and let your customers wrap the paper roll with the adhesive tape. For a nice pattern look, take the colors alternately one after the other. As soon as the individual rolls are completely decorated, you can attach both paper rolls to each other with glue or with a stapler. Then punch holes in the rolls, thread the cord and knot it.

Extendable telescope for little treasure hunters

carnival tinker child-boat-card-pirate-hat-saber-boy-telescope-cardboard-roll-empty-pirate-shirt-eye-patch-mustache

A pirate telescope is also quickly made from empty kitchen roll or wrapping paper. Tape the cardboard tube with black bast paper or paint it accordingly. With such a telescope the pirate will surely catch his prey quickly. If you choose an extendable telescope, the first thing you need to do is cut a strip out of the empty toilet roll. The wider the strip, the thinner the roll will be. Then tie the rolls together with a piece of string, slide them into each other and the pirate telescope is ready.

Pirate outfit made easy


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a typical pirate costume to spread respect and a little fear during the upcoming carnival parade. A two-tone striped T-shirt or an old shirt that you cut up will do just fine. Golden pirate earrings and a pirate headscarf tied around the head should of course not be missing.

Make a pirate eye patch


With the little pirates together, you can cut a black eye patch made of foam rubber or black cardboard in no time at all. Cut out the foam rubber in a slightly oval shape, attach an elastic band on both sides of the eye patch and pull the band over your head. Many a pirate also wears a belly sash, pirate hat or saber, which make your child look a little more pirate.

Children turn into little ones Astronauts


Are you looking for a creative, unusual and original craft idea that the children will really love? With this great rocket backpack, the children quickly turn into little astronauts. For this impressive project you need two empty plastic bottles, adhesive tape, felt strips, color spray in silver, hot glue gun, two party hats each and colored tissue paper. The shape of the Coca-Cola bottles is ideal for rockets.

Tinker rocket backpack for carnival – instructions


Spray the plastic bottles with silver spray and allow them to dry out completely. Secure the two bottles together with the tape. For more comfortable and stable shoulder straps, you can stick two longer strips of felt with the adhesive tape and attach them to the bottles. Next, attach the colored party hats to the bottom of the bottle with the glue.

Original and simple carnival project


Have your children cut out thin strips of tissue paper and shape them into tassels. Then place them in the bottle opening and glue them. The little astronauts are now ready to take off and will certainly attract everyone’s attention.

Make a glittering crown for carnival


What kid doesn’t even want to dress up and feel like a queen or king? Carnival is a perfect occasion to present yourself as a royal highness. Of course, this will not work without a magnificent crown. The children are welcome to take part in the crown handicrafts and make their own creations by cutting out or decorating.

Colorful accessory without effort


For the paper crown you need white or colored construction paper, some felt-tip pens or watercolors, brushes and lots of glitter or colored rhinestones of various sizes and shapes. Measure your child’s head circumference so that the crown fits properly and does not fall on their shoulders. Then draw the shapes and points you want directly on the paper and cut them out.

Decorate the crown as you please


Now it’s the turn of the children, the crowns have to be decorated and colored. The carnival crowns are colored pink for the girls and gold or blue for the boys. After the paint has dried, it is now time to apply the decorations. The glittering rhinestones or various stickers are stuck on. And finally, the finished, unique piece is glued or stapled together with an overlap.

Funny fool’s hat for carnival tinker with children


Tinkering for carnival with children can be very uncomplicated. How about a colorful fool’s cap? The fool’s hat is often worn at carnival time and spreads a lot of festive mood. It is an inseparable part of the carnival costumes and is often worn by young and old.

Decorate the fool’s hat with your favorite motifs


First cut a strip of colored craft cardboard around the circumference of the head and a few triangles at the desired height, preferably in different colors. The children can, for example, decorate the strip with asterisk stickers and attach the colorful crown points to the inside of the ring. Then glue the ends of the strip to form a ring.

Shape the crown prongs as you like


You are welcome to attach a small bell or other small figurines to the crown prongs with a thread or stick on small paper circles. Making a fool’s cap made of felt or fabric for carnival or opting for rounded crown points is a great craft idea.

Decorate carnival eye mask


Colorful, creative and even unusual carnival masks have a long tradition and are simply part of the costume. It doesn’t matter whether your child wants to go to carnival as a superhero, princess or mythical creature, the face make-up is the crowning glory of the carnival costume.

Decorate the face mask according to your own ideas


If you have to go fast, it is best to get colorful and simple eye masks made of plastic and let your loved ones spice them up thematically. You can decorate the edge of the mask or around the eye slits with sequins or small beads.

Turn the carnival mask into a real eye-catcher with a lot of glitter


You are also welcome to use optical highlights with a few rhinestones or paint in wonderful curlicues with a glitter pen. Small, colorful feathers that are stuck between the holes for the eyes and protrude over the mask are also a nice decoration for the eye mask.