47 funny self-made carnival costumes – ideas for young and old

funny self-made carnival costumes adult-couples-baby-deer-carriage-rapunzel-tower

Laughter is the best medicine and definitely the best you can bring to a machine party. Choosing a fun costume is easy with our large selection Ideas for self-made carnival costumes. Whether you are looking for a carnival costume for couples, groups, babies, children or animals, you would definitely find something suitable here.

Homemade carnival costumes for a fun party


Funny DIY costumes are a great way to start a conversation at any party. Often people are nervous or shy when nobody knows them. Making someone laugh is the perfect icebreaker for these types of situations. Children dressed in funny costumes would also feel comfortable as part of the festive fun. A fun carnival costume is always a party hit.

Homemade carnival costumes for children – clown


Get inspiration from films, books, famous people or humorous characters. Power Puff Girls, The Care Bears, Turtles Ninja, Barbie and Ken, the Minions are popular characters that can be easily imitated. Everyday things like iPhone, Google Maps, Firefox, Salt and Pepper Set have also been creatively transformed into costumes. Movies like Up, The Hangover and Hunger Games are even more topical this year.

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Sushi toddler


If you are looking for a creative idea for your child’s carnival costume, then you have found it here. Small children would look really cute in a disguise as sushi and you can make a carnival costume yourself. Your creativity knows no limits!



Minions as a disguise are currently very popular and can also be made very easily by yourself. All you need is leggings, knee socks or tights in black, jeans dungarees and a yellow sweater. You can, for example, make the glasses out of aluminum foil. Then get black gloves and your carnival disguise is ready.

Retro costume

homemade carnival costumes retro look great shirt red jacket

It’s just as easy to create a retro look. You can use existing clothes from the wardrobe for this. A denim shirt, for example, is great. But you can also use other shirts. You can also tie a knot in the abdominal area. Platform shoes, a midi skirt and cardigans are other suitable items of clothing. Do not forget the great or at least a bandana.

Doll costume for little girl

self-made-carnival-costumes-clown girl idea stripe tights wig

This carnival costume is suitable for young and old and also consists of everyday clothing. You can easily make wigs in different variations from wool yourself. We even have some great guides on how to do this. Otherwise you have a free choice of clothing. A dress is just as suitable as a skirt and blouse. Knee socks or tights with a striped pattern look very funny and can be combined with sneakers or similar shoes and arm warmers. Don’t forget your makeup either. Red cheeks and some freckles are done quickly but add the finishing touches to the disguise.

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Cowboy and cowgirl

self-made carnival costumes cowboy cowgirl tutu boots shirts


homemade carnival costumes poseidon idea crown trident


self-made carnival costumes sheep wool cotton ears hat

Salt and pepper set

funny costumes baby carnival salt pepper hat

Stu from The Hangover 2

funny idea costume carnival man stu hangover 2

Up movie

homemade carnival costumes up movie ideas couples

Powerpuff Girls

homemade-carnival-costumes-idea-girls Powerpuff Girls

great idea for families

self-made-carnival-costumes-family bandits bank-idea

The Care Bears

self-made-carnival-costumes-baby happiness bears cuddly animals

funny trolls

self-made-carnival-costumes-idea trolls figures hair

funny-carnival-costumes-kids troll colorful hair


handmade funny costumes minions hat pipe cleaner

Prince baby

baby prince-homemade-carnival-costume-funny

8-bit head

homemade carnival costumes 8-bit head pixels dan luzzi

Cupcake baby

handmade costume baby cupcake sack hat


funny homemade-carnival-costumes-idea-firefox

Turtle ninja

homemade-carnival-costume-child-idea turtle ninja jacket belt

Homemade Mardi Gras costumes – 50 Shades of Gray

fancy dress-funny-idea whip ties 50 Shades of Gray book

Barbie and Ken

homemade-carnival-costumes-funny barbie ken-idea couples

Barbie in a box

homemade-carnival-costumes-funny barbie box pink dress

Google Maps

self-made-carnival-costumes-google cards

funny-costumes-cat poncho mexican hat

funny-costumes-carnival-idea child up movie

costume spitz dog rabbit ears funny-idea-carnival

costume groups ideas toy soldiers green

carnival costume homemade funny idea pippi longstocking

handmade costume child idea cardboard iphone

handmade-carnival-costumes-baby spaghetti meatballs

handmade costume idea wrapping balloons jellybean

handmade costume idea funny crazy scientist

handmade costumes funny hulk hogan wolverine

handmade costume ideas groups tetris game

carnival costumes-hunger games inspired-idea funny

homemade-carnival-costumes-sushi baby costume serving tray

carnival-idea-queen of hearts makeup red wig

homemade-carnival-costumes-animals dog winnie the pooh honey

carnival halloween hairstyle idea funny hair bottle

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