Make-up on dragons – ideas for imaginative and mystical carnival make-up

dragons make up red gold forehead cheeks eyes neck

As every passionate carnival fan knows, the climax of the carnival season is soon to come. If you haven’t decided on a specific costume yet, a dragon costume might be an excellent idea for this season. The ancient, mystical creature that breathes fire still raises questions about whether such creatures really existed. Regardless of what the answer is here, it is certain that a human edition of it will attract rave looks at the upcoming Mardi Gras party. The dragon clothing becomes even more exciting if you put on make-up to match. In the following article we have put together great pictures for you on the subject of dragon make-up and we are firmly convinced that you can already see yourself behind one or the other face painting.

Ideas for dragon face painting for adults

red dragon make-up face painting complete

If you want to make up a dragon, there are many possibilities, because the mythical creature is known to represent a multi-faceted character. A small dragon will undoubtedly have a huge success with the children. The little boys in particular would like to slip into this role and raise fear with a dragon face for Halloween or a themed party. Applying make-up to the children like a fire-breathing little dragon is an excellent idea, even if you are looking for ideas for carnival make-up for a girl. Applying make-up to dragons does not necessarily mean conjuring up scary face paint. The imaginative creature can look particularly cute and grace your child’s pretty little face.

halloween make up dragon eyes lips decoltee black gold

If you want to make up a dragon, you can use make-up colors such as green, blue, orange, yellow, red, black and white. A red dragon is just as fascinating as a green or blue one. You can also create the multi-faceted shape with a lot of gold and glitter powder on the face, especially when it comes to dragon make-up for an adult. If you want to make a glamorous appearance at the upcoming carnival party, a black-green-gold color combination for your dragon make-up would be a perfect choice. Applying make-up to a Chinese dragon on your cheeks or forehead is another solution for those of you who want a quick and inconspicuous Mardi Gras make-up.

dragon make up woman halloween

Carnival make-up make ideas adult ladies

woman put make up dragon eyes make up green

adult dragon make-up ideas forehead area

flames green dragon make up adult ideas

mythical creatures adults as dragons make-up

adult carnival makeup ideas chinese dragon

green glitter gezentes make up dragon make up

Ideas for face painting as dragons

chinese dragon make up black color

green dragon make up child face forehead

dragon eyes make up carnival children

carnival dragon make up fire yellow red green

face paint dragon green carnival make up

Mardi Gras halloween child face make up dragon

boy face painting dragon green eyes forehead

little dragon make up for carnival

blue dragon make-up tips carnival make-up ideas

face painting dragon blue cheek forehead

dragons simply make up carnival blue

carnival make-up children dragons make up eyes

face painting for carnival dragon flowers pink girl

child as a dragon make-up pink cute

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30 Mardi Gras costumes for children, make-up & craft ideas

carnival costumes for children fairy purple green small blaetter wing

the Mardi Gras costumes for children are perhaps the most colorful and beautiful part of the carnival. Every child wants a colorful costume that will slip into the role of their favorite character. Of course, in order for the costume to be completed, you need some make-up tips and ideas. Every little girl wants to paint her face like her mother, so the little ones show great enthusiasm.

Ideas for Mardi Gras costumes for children

carnival costumes for kids clown idea hat blue gloves

the Mardi Gras costumes for children are easy to make yourself, because you only need the most important characteristics of the characters e.g. a magic wand, butterfly wings, long hair like Rapunzel’s and so on. For the Rapunzel wig you only need balls of yellow, then braid the faux hair and add beautiful flowers and bows. You can make the clown costume above even better with a matching make-up. Rhinestones on the face make make-up something special.

Carnival costumes for children and accessories

Mardi Gras costumes for kids pantomime makeup hat stripes

The mime costume can be done quickly with a few make-up tricks. The face is painted white and has black eyebrows and black lips. The clothing is also chosen in black and white. Stripes for the top and dungarees, respectively, suspenders are perfect for such carnival costumes for children and can often be made yourself with existing clothing and make-up.

Cat costume with matching make-up

carnival costumes for kids cat makeup ears hair band

As Little Red Riding Hood for Mardi Gras

carnival costumes for children little red hooded hood felt idea dress checkered

Cool idea for carnival costumes – balloon pilot


Quickly make children’s costumes – sailor


Elegant couple – gentelman and his little lady


Rainbow tutu for the little girl

carnival-costumes-kids-make-up-tinkering-ideas-toddler-girl-tutu-rainbow colors

DIY costumes for baby – mermaid


Child costume from Alice in Wonderland

Mardi Gras costumes for children - Alice in Wonderland

Circus girl idea

Carnival costumes for children circus player

Butterfly wings as a costume

Mardi Gras costumes for children butterfly

little painter 

carnival costumes children painters

Costume of flower

carnival costumes children girl flower

Cassandra – Disney Princess

carnival costumes kids cassandra disney

Bee babycarnival costumes children and babies

Children’s make-up with flowers

carnival costumes face painting

Blue fairy

carnival costumes kids blue fairy

Mermaid makeup

carnival costumes children blue mask

Paint daisies

carnival costumes children daisies

Butterfly mask with makeup

carnival costumes children mask makeup

Rapunzel hair

carnival costumes children hair rapunzel

carnival costumes children hair yarn

carnival costumes kids hair wig tinker

Make up princess

carnival costumes children make-up princess

The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland


Simple pineapple costume

carnival costumes for children pineapple-idea-cape-rain-shape-yellow

Queen of Hearts and Edward Scissorhands

carnival costumes for children edward-scissorhands-queen of hearts-alice-wonderland

Unicorn with a rainbow tail


Mardi Gras costume idea for toddlers


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Creative outfits & costumes for carnival: Find the right carnival costume


It’s still a little while until Mardi Gras, but die-hard teases are already pondering which costume to wear for the next Carnival. Understandable, because the selection is really huge. And as a pirate, nurse or pilot, you can no longer attract the eyes of others. And especially for themed parties you should appear in a corresponding carnival costume.

If you want to get excited about carnival, you should put on a disguise that corresponds to the spirit of the time. Zombie and horror costumes à la Walking Dead are particularly popular at the moment. For this you need torn everyday clothes and lots of fake blood and make-up. With this, injuries and strange growths have to be painted on so that the zombie look fits. If that is too much effort, you can also fall back on practical masks. Alternatively, carnival costumes can of course also be ordered online. Anyone can do it as they want.

Tips from professionals for the right carnival costume


We once asked the scene whether the professionals might have helpful tips for us normal people. We were able to find out that a good costume is above all clearly recognizable. If it is not immediately clear to outsiders what should be represented with a disguise, they quickly lose interest. Of course, you can still wear fancy costumes for Mardi Gras, but care should be taken to ensure that the characteristic and distinctive features of the outfit come into their own. In order for this to work, you have to look closely at the model of the costumes and reduce them to the most important points.

Practical example of a great carnival costume

carnival costume mardi gras pirate hat vest gun

Let’s take the famous pirate costume, for example. What do you think of first? Eye patch, saber, pistol, as well as the film series Pirates of the Caribbean and the book “Treasure Island”. So it’s about adventure, but also about danger and distant islands. You should try to bring it all over in your costume for Mardi Gras. Then that also works with the individual look at the motto party.

What is better? Homemade – or off the shelf?


Homemade costumes usually look great. Dozens of hours of craftsmanship often go into an outfit and hardworking family members sew and tinker together for the perfect costume. Of course, this is not feasible for professionals with little time. Such people should therefore fall back on the classic carnival costumes off the rack. These can be ordered cheaply online and do not require much more than a few clicks on the Internet. If you still want individuality, the carnival costume ordered on the Internet can be personalized afterwards.

Accessories such as jewelry, hats or chains are particularly recommended for this. Whoever goes in the Lord of the Rings outfit should, for example, wear a special magic wand and a long beard. In this way, the supposedly impersonal costumes from online shops can suddenly take center stage at parties.



carnival costume carnival-parade-bells-group

Image sources: CCO

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As a ladybug make-up for Mardi Gras – a guide and many ideas

ladybug face makeup pictures

A ladybug costume for Mardi Gras is always a popular choice among children and adults of all ages. It is so flexible that you only have to combine black clothes with red accessories. Now only one thing is missing: matching face painting makes the ladybug outfit perfect. Today we will show you how you can make up a ladybug in just a few steps, be it for carnival, children’s party or just for fun. Follow the instructions and be inspired by our ideas in the picture gallery!

perfect make-up ladybug face instructions

Required materials for ladybug make-up:

water-soluble make-up paint in red, black and white

A make-up sponge and a flat make-up brush

a thin brush for fine lines

a stippling brush

optional: glitter powder in silver and red

Water in a mug

Paper towels

1. primer. Using a thick brush and red paint, paint two ovals over the area of ​​the eyes. Paint over the entire eyebrows with the paint. These are the ladybug’s wings.

Make-up tips ladybug make-up instructions

2. Main characteristics of the ladybug. Use the flat brush and black paint to paint the teardrop-shaped body of the ladybug between the eyes. First draw the contour of the teardrop shape, then paint it in. Use the fineliner brush to make the six legs.

Make-up as a ladybug instruction adult children

3. Minor features. Next, use the thin brush to paint a black circle as the head on the bridge of the nose. Then pull the symmetrical antennae of the ladybug. These extend from the root of the nose to the nostrils and end with a curved line.

how to apply make-up as a ladybug Instructions

4th. Thick lines. Now trace the upper contours of the red wings with black paint. Make sure that these should be a little thicker than the lines below.

How can I apply make-up as a ladybug Instructions

5. Fine strokes. Now paint the lower contours of the wings with a thinner brush and the black paint. Then draw an eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids. Do not paint the line under the eyes to the inner corner of the eye, but to about the middle.

Ladybug make-up for adults and children

6th. Fine tuning. Now comes the most important thing: the ladybug’s points! It is best to use a small dull brush or round brush and keep the look subtle. Paint four dots above and four below the eyebrows. If desired, add a few light reflections with white paint. And done!

ladybug make up toddler eyes forehead lips flower

Idea from the children’s film “Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir”

ladybug make up adult images

Carnival as a ladybug Chat Noir TV series costumes

make-up as ladybug adult mask body paint

Carnival make-up templates ladybug mask

Ideas how to make up children as ladybugs

ladybug make up carnival kids eyebrows eyes

Carnival make-up children ladybug costume

child as a ladybug put on carnival

Kinderfasching ladybug make-up face mask

Face make-up like ladybug children

Ladybug eye makeup for adults

ladybug make up woman eyes lips

make up ladybug carnival adult eyes lips nails

Ladybug eyes make up for adults discreetly

Ladybirds apply make-up to adult eyes

ladybug eyes make up silver red black

ladybirds discreetly make up adult eyes

Eye make-up ladybug carnival artificial eyelashes

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Owl make-up – attractive ideas for owl make-up for carnival illustrated in pictures

owl make up face painting templates face eye mask

Owls are the absolute hit right now and you can see them everywhere. You can buy them as decoration, they decorate textiles and can easily be made from different materials. It will certainly be very nice when cute little and big owls can also be seen at Mardi Gras. In a few days the children’s hearts will beat faster and the adolescents will slip into great carnival costumes. If you have chosen the unique owl for your transformation this year, we have put together great ideas in pictures for you on how to make up as an owl. Let yourself be inspired by this multi-faceted character and look like the owls with big eyes into the colorful world.

as an owl make-up colored real painting child

If you want to make up as an owl for carnival or another motto party, you must first consider whether you want to imitate the typical appearance of the owl as faithfully as possible or use the characteristic shape of the owl for the attractive face painting to create a colorful, cute To conjure up an animal figure on the face. The choice of colors when you or your child will make up as an owl depends on this decision in the first place.

forehead eyes owl applying make-up carnival

Face colors in brown, beige, yellow, orange and black must be on hand if you want to represent the unique bird as realistically as possible. If you put on simple make-up for carnival and want to look elegant with your carnival clothing, you can put on your face as a snow owl. In this case you need face paint in white and silver, and possibly some glitter powder.

child owl face make up eyes forehead

Whichever variant you choose, try to recreate the characteristic features of the bird on your face so that you are satisfied with the end result and will attract enthusiastic glances at the upcoming party. The big eyes with the black pupils, the face veil with the many fluffy feathers, the sharp-edged beak and the ears protruding to the side are good clues for a successful owl face at Mardi Gras.

eyes forehead nose owl face make-up carnival

If you prefer to be as discreetly made up as possible, you can only paint a few feathers on the outer corner of the eye, which will give your owl costume the finishing touch. A cute, motley owl on the cheek also looks very simple. Or maybe you would like a more intensive face painting, then draw the animal figure in as much detail as possible and on a large area. Let your imagination run wild and create your own color combination. Use the pictures in our picture gallery as make-up templates for carnival and create your fascinating and unique face painting!

face painting for carnival owl applying make-up girl

make-up templates for carnival child as an owl put make-up on cheek

whole face owl make up gold pink

complete face painting carnival make up

face painting forehead nose eyes owl carnival

face as owl make-up carnival make-up

face painting cheek little owl animal wiggle eyes

little owl children at carnival putting on make-up on cheek

make up owl carnival costume children

face as an owl simply put make-up on the forehead cheek

subtle simple owl make up child

Face painting face painting templates owl

little girl forehead owl colored make up ideas

cute face paint tree branch owl cheek

simple face painting as owl carnival ideas

adult owl to carnival make-up face colorful

owl putting on eyes children carnival

make up carnival templates owl face paint

costume snow owl white ladies eyes lips nose

make up carnival ladies owl simple feather eye mask

step by step instructions for owl make-up women

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Elsa make-up – Great ideas and simple instructions for applying make-up to children like ice queen

elsa make up carnival face painting forehead eyes

What little girl wouldn’t even want to slip into the role of Ice Princess Elsa? If your daughter finds Disney’s film “Frozen” also fascinating and wants to appear at the carnival party dressed in a beautiful Elsa costume in a few days, then all that remains is the right make-up. So that your little queen is guaranteed to stand out at the party, we have put together great ideas in pictures for you in the following article on how to make up the beautiful Elsa. With just a few simple steps you can give your little one magical powers for the carnival.

Child as Elsa the ice queen make up

silver shimmer blue white girl face painting ice queen

For face painting like Frozen Elsa, you have to plan around 20 minutes so that the fine details look perfect and your daughter is overjoyed with the end result. When doing ice princess make-up, you have to choose colors from the blue color palette. A light blue, dark blue, white, silver, purple and glitter powder are sufficient if you want to make up Elsa. A make-up sponge and a round brush, as well as napkins and damp cloths are helpful utensils for the carnival make-up.

 Simple instructions for applying make-up to Elsa

face painting ice queen ideas carnival make up

If you would like to imitate this charming Frozen Elsa Make Up, you are welcome to follow the steps below:

1. First, paint the outline of the princess crown on the forehead with light blue.

2. Use the sponge to apply the same light blue face paint to the top of the crown. Use dark blue for the lower forehead, just above the eyebrows. You can use this technique to create a beautiful gradient.

elsa snowflake make up carnival girl

3. Draw five petals on each of the temples in the lower part of the ice princess crown. You can then decorate each individual petal with small, white dots.

4. Also paint three blue petals between the eyebrows.

5. Then take a thin brush and white face paint and paint five lines equally spaced on the forehead. Connect the lines together by drawing a small triangle on each one. Make a white point at the top of each triangle. To conjure up a snowflake, add small, white stripes to the white lines on both sides.

face painting ice queen elsa carnival snow flakes

6. At the end of each line, draw a small rhombus and fill it in with dark blue paint. The result is small, beautiful gemstones. For more shine, add some glitter powder.

7. In the upper part of the crown of the Ice Princess Elsa, between the white lines, make small purple circles with your finger.

face complete elsa make up karneva

8. Now prettify your cheeks by drawing a small star with white dots around each.

9. If you want, you can add a sparkling rhinestone between your eyebrows. You are now done with the ice queen make-up!

Elsa face make-up blue tones gradient

forehead nose frozen elsa make-up yourself

instructions elsa make-up child face painting

princess elsa make-up instructions crown forehead

carnival make up ideas make up eiskö

frozen princess elsa make up kinderfa

elsa face make-up blue nuances

make up ice princess elsa costume carnival girl

ice princess make up eyes dark blue light blue white

child as elsa make-up princess face painting blue white

ice queen make up eyes forehead eyes carnival costume

frozen elsa face paint for kids eyelashes white

ice princess make-up elsa children forehead

make up ice princess elsa ideas for face painting

elsa the ice queen make up lips eyes forehead

little girl as elsa put on snowflakes

carnival costume theme party make up elsa make up

discreetly frozen elsa make up cheek snowflakes

snowflakes cheek ice queen elsa make up

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Make up bees – great ideas for carnival for children and adults

A cute bee costume for Mardi Gras, a themed children’s birthday party or perhaps for the next summer party is particularly popular with young children. However, carnival clothing would only be half as beautiful without the right make-up. Would your child like to transform themselves into the clever, pretty Maya the bee or her best friend Willi? Or maybe you would like to act as the queen bee yourself and create an elegant and dramatic look? In our picture gallery we have put together great ideas for you on how to make up for yourself or your child as a bee. Instructions will show you how to apply make-up as a bee step by step.

bee putting make up carnival costumes children ladybug

Make-up your face as a bee – step-by-step instructions

bee maja make-up ideas for face painting woman

Required materials:

Makeup brush

Application sponges

Make-up colors in white, black, yellow, orange and pink

black eyeshadow

pink lipstick

yellow mascara

wet wipes

optional: yellow contact lenses

as a bee apply make-up on your face step by step instructions

1. First, apply a black eyeshadow to the lower lash line and above the crease. Directly below, apply white facial paint to the eyelid and inner corner of the eye. Then apply the black eyeliner and some mascara.

2. Apply white makeup paint to the face, layering the paint well over the eyebrows and on the nose. Now paint yellow circles around the eyes. Then draw a white line above the eyebrows and a yellow line directly above it. Using orange makeup, make some vertical short stripes of yellow and orange between the eyebrows.

3. To add depth to the bees’ eyes, accentuate the outer edge of the yellow circles with orange.

As a ladybug make-up for Mardi Gras – a guide and many ideas

Tiger make-up – simple instructions and lots of suggestions!

Make up for a butterfly – simple instructions, pictures and templates

woman bee putting make up face eyes cheeks yellow orange black

4. Then wear a pink stripe below the yellow-orange rings on the cheekbones, which you pull slightly up to the temple.

5. Paint the area around the mouth, above the lips and chin, with white. This will make your lips appear smaller.

6. Now make alternating horizontal, yellow and black stripes on your cheeks.

7. To mimic the tiny mouth of the bee, wear the pink lipstick only in the center of your mouth, leaving the corners of your mouth white.

8. Put the finishing touches on your bee face with yellow mascara.

Make up adults as bees

attractive make up halloween bee make up for adults

adults as bees apply make-up to the entire face

complete face painting ladies elaborate make-up bee

woman applying makeup to bee wiggling eyes face mask

elegant carnival make up bee honeycomb gold yellow

honeycomb eyes make up bee face paint

make up for carnival as a bee black lips honeycomb

simply face as a bee make up black yellow

carnival bee make up adults lips eyes black yellow

lady bee applying make-up discreetly flowers eyeliner yellow black

little bee themed eye make up woman eyeshadow eyebrows

eyes carnival bee make up face eyeshadow

eyes make-up make-up bee roses

eyeshadow stripes yellow black thematic bee make-up

thematic make up carnival bee make up eyeshadow

adult bee makeup eyebrows eyes lips black yellow

elegant carnival make up eyeshadow eyeliner black yellow

yellow lips bee applying make-up adults discreet lady

simple makeup carnival halloween black lipstick eye makeup yellow

lip make up honeycomb as a bee make up

yellow black bee make up adult eyeshadow

eyes bee putting make-up on face adults

bee inspired make up eyes black yellow woman

make up as a bee woman eyes forehead carnival costume

bee applying make-up face woman adults eyes make-up

Make up for children as bees at Mardi Gras

boy as a bee applying make-up costume face painting stripes

Crafting bees with children – 18 simple and creative ideas with instructions

Maya the Bee Cake: Recipes for honey-sweet bee cakes and motif cakes

Owl make-up – attractive ideas for owl make-up for carnival illustrated in pictures

boy as a bee applying make-up to nose area wings bee face

how do you apply make-up as a bee face girl

bee face bee boy child to carnival make-up

Carnival bee applying make-up child face painting simple

child girl applying makeup as a bee forehead flowers

child putting make-up on bee in flight

little bee putting on make-up eyes mask yellow black curlicues

bee maja carnival put on eyebrows lips girl

cute bee putting make-up on children's face carnival boys

little boy bee putting makeup on carnival cheek bee face

as a bee, children put on make-up

little girl carnival make up simply animal

carnival costume bee make up beehive face

bee applying make-up discreetly flowers girl

simple carnival make up boy bee face paint

face painting flowers bee honey honeycombs

carnival child bee applying makeup carnival costume

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Make up for a butterfly – simple instructions, pictures and templates

carnival face make-up butterfly simple

We’ll show you how you can put a colorful butterfly on yourself or your child! The butterfly is a particularly popular motif for children’s make-up at Mardi Gras. The butterfly wings emphasize the symmetry of the face and make the facial features appear more harmonious. This butterfly make-up is also ideal for theme parties and is a wonderful addition to the costume!

instructions butterfly make-up mask face

Pink and purple are many girls’ favorite colors. So this make-up idea should please most of the people. But feel free to experiment with the colors. A blue butterfly also looks very special. With these instructions you will conjure up a butterfly face in less than 10 minutes!

Required materials:

– Make-up colors in black, pink, purple and white

– Round brush No. 2 and No. 4, flat brush No. 4

– Make-up sponge

– Glitter powder in lilac color

– water in a mug

– Several napkins, paper towels or wet wipes

Mardi Gras make-up instructions butterfly step by step

1. Make up the basic shape of the butterfly. Paint the butterfly wings with a sponge and pink paint. Make sure to keep an approximate symmetry. Carefully avoid the eyes.

Butterfly make-up draw contours step by step

2. Main characteristics of the butterfly. Use the thick round brush and black paint to paint the body on the nasal bone and the head on the forehead, between the eyebrows. Blur the lines at the wing root with stroking movements outwards. Finally, draw the feelers with the thin brush.

butterfly make-up face instructions pink black

3. Contour the butterfly. Use the thick round brush to draw the outlines of the wings in black. Make the lines thicker from the outer edge above and below and make small curves into the inside of the wing. This creates the typical butterfly wing contour.

butterfly on face make-up instructions

4th. Draw the impressive, ornamental pattern on the butterfly wings. Draw fine lines from the outside in with the thin brush.

By the way, you can get inspiration from these templates:

Butterfly drawing pattern butterfly wings

5. Give the finishing touches. Set individual accents in purple on the inside of the wing. Apply the paint again with stroking movements from the outside inwards. Dab white dots on the outer edge of the wing with the brush. A little glitter really makes the wings shine!

Have fun copying!

butterfly mask make-up carnival instructions


butterfly make-up woman simply

carnival butterfly make-up blue easy

blue butterfly make up face ladies

butterfly make up ladies eyes blue black

Face as a butterfly make-up mask Carnival

make up like a butterfly elegant eye woman

butterfly wings make up eyes flower

butterfly make up purple rhinestones eyes

butterfly on cheek make-up white black discreetly

Make-up for carnival butterfly eyes naturally discreet

Butterfly eyes make-up Orange rhinestones women

butterfly make up adult eyes purple

Make-up face painting butterfly colorful

butterfly make up child simply blue pink

simple butterfly make-up children's carnival

children's carnival make-up butterfly green pink

Children's face applying make-up butterfly Orange

butterfly fairy make up toddler

butterfly make-up toddler fairy girl

Face painting templates butterfly eye abstract

Make up template butterfly abstract eyes

Make up template butterfly mast face

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