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Panda costume and mask for children: How to make cute disguise for Halloween and Mardi Gras!

panda costume kids making instructions

Halloween is approaching and you are looking for ideas for non-scary costumes for the little ones? We offer you an adorable do-it-yourself idea for panda costume for children. The disguise not only looks super cute, but is also very comfortable. You don’t have to spend big on your new craft project, the materials are very cheap, and most craft enthusiasts have them at home anyway. You can even involve the kids – they are sure to have fun and love to color in the panda mask. Read the step-by-step instructions with pictures below, or get an even better idea from the video above.

Make your own panda costume and mask for children – the necessary materials

Make your own panda costume materials overview

You will need the following materials for the craft project:

Black blouse

Black leggings

White cardboard

Elastic band

Black marker

White felt

Black sewing thread

Sewing needle



Panda costume – first make the mask

Make panda costume, paint cardboard, draw white

Start with the mask: first draw a large bean-shaped mask with the black marker. Then come the ears, nose and eyes with the black circles under the eyes. Draw the ears on the top right and left. The nose resembles a triangle with rounded corners. Draw the dark circles oval. At the end, draw the circles for the holes for the elastic band. Color in the spots around the eyes, nose and ears with a black marker.

Panda costume panda mask cut out cardboard

Cut out the finished panda mask with the scissors. You can also entrust the children with this task – they will certainly look forward to the opportunity to take part in the handicrafts. The project is just the perfect activity for kindergarten kids on a rainy weekend.

Panda costume panda mask tinker instructions pierce holes

Drill the eye holes and the holes for the elastic band with the pencil, this will make cutting out easier. Optionally, you can also punch the holes for the rubber band.

Panda costume panda mask make yourself elastic

Then pull a rubber band through the small holes.

Make panda costume yourself – handicraft instructions

Make your own panda costume cut out a felt circle

Draw an oval shape on the sheet of felt with the pencil. Carefully cut out the shape.

Panda costume panda costume sew a circle of black thread together

Then attach the oval shape to the blouse in the center front with the black sewing thread. complete!

make panda costume yourself ready