From subtle to rampant: We reveal the hottest beard styles of 2019

the hottest beard styles 2019 10 days of trimming your beard properly

“He already has SO a beard!” This phrase originated in the 1950s when full beards went out of fashion. A joke, for example, has “such a beard” when it doesn’t make anyone laugh anymore. The saying stuck, fashion has long since changed. Untamed facial hair is currently very popular, especially among young men. But that’s not the only beard trend hipsters and influencers have revived. In the metropolises in particular, professional barbershops are more in demand than ever. But before a man goes under the knife, he should get good advice. A detailed e-book guide be helpful. Which beard styles are hot in 2019? Who can wear them and what is the best way to cut them? Our countdown of the top five offers a first introduction to the coming season:

Three-day beard, 2 mm long, kept very short

5. Three-day beard

In addition to more eccentric models, this variant is the timeless classic. But be careful, the apparently “casual” look requires careful maintenance! So that it lives up to its name, it should be regularly trimmed to the same length. It’s worth the effort – according to a study the 3-day style is still a favorite among women.

Six-day beard also needs to be trimmed and groomed

4. Six-day beard

If you like things a little wilder and want to save time, you can simply turn three into six. The six-day beard looks even more striking than its predecessor, but still not unkempt. It is particularly suitable for rectangular or elongated face shapes because it softens hard contours. But this variant cannot do without work. Stubble sprout at different speeds, so it is best to let it grow for two days and then cut it to the shortest length.

Mustache mustache back on trend perfect for men with glasses

3. Mustache

Gone are the days when, at most, grandpa wore this look. thanks to Trendsetters like Johnny Depp the Mustache is also back, in all possible variations: long, short, thin, wide … there are no limits to creativity. Even the “porn thing” as we know it from 70s films in combination with aviator glasses is on the rise again. In general, men with narrower contours can wear a mustache best, it makes the face look a little fuller.

Goatee beard shave different styles

2. Goatee

For mustache lovers with round or oval features, the “Goatee” is the better alternative. Men let their hair grow not only above, but also below the lips. That stretches optically, but quickly looks unkempt. That’s why regular trimming is a must here too!

Full beard hipster style combined with a man bun and glasses

1. Full beard

Last but not least, the wild growth remains the front runner among fashion-conscious beards in 2019. Depending on the hair on the head, very individual looks can be created. Combinations with a bald head for the bottom-all-and-top-not-at-all look, or with wild mane, which can optionally be tamed in a casual “man-bun”, are particularly popular. But be careful with full faces – they quickly become fuller with a full beard!

Image source: CC0 license