Tips for camping equipment – choosing lights for your tent

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For a pleasant camping holiday, you absolutely need good ones Camping equipment. This also includes lights for the tent – do not underestimate the lighting – fire is often prohibited at the campsite due to the risk of fire, and there is little room for improvisation. A suitable lamp in the tent could help you read books, or simply provide a cozy seating area for you and your friends.

Camping equipment – advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps

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The LED lamps for the outdoor area are a popular choice nowadays. This lighting needs 12V batteries, which have to be recharged often. The solar lamps are the cheapest option in terms of power supply. The lights themselves cost more than ordinary lamps, but the investment usually pays off – it all depends on where you like to go camping and whether you’re in the shade.

Camping equipment – traditional lanterns and lamps

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Many prefer the traditional lanterns, which come in a variety of sizes and models. Gas lanterns are very popular – while they may look dangerous, if used carefully they are usually quite safe. Do not use the gas lantern in the tent and never leave the lantern unattended.

Lantern with fuel

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The risk of fire here is quite high – not only will these lanterns be filled with fuel, but you will have to store fuel in the camp. The advantage of these lamps is that they are a fairly inexpensive lighting alternative.

The right Camping equipment can contribute to a relaxing vacation. When choosing lighting, make sure that the lamps are not too strong. That way you will be able to enjoy the night sky and stars. In addition, when you are in a popular campsite, the neighbors can be disturbed by the strong lighting. If you opt for colored lights, beautiful designs can be created – here we show you some outdoor camping lighting ideas for inspiration.

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