This ultra-light 1 man tent can be transformed into a semi-open lounge

1 man tent ultralight innovative design

Paul van Laar has designed an ultra-light 1 man tent that is small and easily transportable, yet comfortable and spacious. “Tendo” has another big advantage: the small sleeping box can be transformed into a half-open, sheltered place in no time at all, where the user can cook and admire the sunset. Whether in the forest or on a cliff, this innovative tent can be set up on practically any surface.

The kite as inspiration for the 1 man tent

1 person sleeping tent remodel windbreak

The original tent has a valve and an intelligent pressure mechanism to ensure high comfort while remaining compact. The designer Paul van Laar was inspired by his own experiences with kitesurfing in Brazil. After being fascinated by the extremely robust, light and easy-to-pack kite umbrellas, he decided to design a tent with the same properties.

The 1 man tent Tendo offers camping enthusiasts an unforgettable experience

A sheltered place to cook and enjoy the sunset

When the tent is in sleep mode, the front tubes are under pressure. When you turn the valve, the tent opens to give the camper an open space to cook or watch the sunset, as we explained earlier.

Mood reproduction – the tent is set up on a cliff

The ultra-light tent can be set up anywhere

This 1 man tent not only has an original design, but also impresses with its high stability. So there is no need to use tent poles or other supports. The material is wind-resistant, yet durable enough. You can even put heavy objects over the tent to prevent it from flying away. In addition, the air in the double-walled interior can be easily warmed by your own body temperature.

View from inside the tent to the landscape

1-person tent View from the inside of the landscape

A rendering shows the transparent sky window and the glowing tubes

Rendering 1 man tent from inside with lighting

Dimensions of the 1 person tent

1 man tent design plan dimensions sleeping box

Top view and details about the valve and material

1 man tent Tendo innovative design valve with pressure mechanism

Render view from the back

Tendo sleeping tent Innovative design, rear view

Paper model of the opening mechanism

Prototype opening mechanism made of paper

Inspiration, research, experimentation and the design process

Design process development of the prototype

Ultralight 1 man tent design concept drawings

* A project by Paul van Laar Design