Tent and hammock in one – the new Cocoon garden shed

Tent and hammock-outside-hanging-nature-design

Do you like camping and go camping? Or would you prefer to stay in your own garden and enjoy Sunday in a hammock? Or maybe you need a new summer house where you can comfortably sit down with a book? The new Cocoon design combines all three – garden shed, tent and hammock – and promises pure functionality. This is how summer is enjoyed in the open air!

Tent and hammock in one design – we present you Cocoon


Cocoon Tree is a spherical tent and hammock that is attached to nearby trees or buildings with ropes and a safety net. The construction itself weighs over 60 kg and is made of stainless steel and covered with water-repellent fabric. The materials can withstand rain and sun without any problems and so the house can hang all year round in the warm countries. Cocoon Tree can be mounted either in a hanging version, or on a pedestal and then in the lake, or directly on the ground.

Tent and hammock in one design – experience pure comfort

Tent-hammock-three-meter-high-design-white-stainless steel

Comfort is also guaranteed – a round bed with a diameter of 3 meters offers the highest level of comfort for a couple or even parents with up to two small children. Two windows allow plenty of sunlight into the interior and guarantee good ventilation. Mosquito net protects against insects – nothing will disturb your restful sleep.

The windows are equipped with mosquito nets


Safety net is mounted on the tent

Tent hammock safety net window openings

The tent weighs 60kg and is attached with 12 ropes


Camping outdoors is fun when the weather is good


Camping on the beach – with the Cocoon tent



Project by Cocoon tree