Outdoor, camping & co – trend or lifestyle?


Camping is cult for some and horror for others. Camping can now be almost as comfortable as vacationing in a bungalow or holiday home. It just depends on how well the equipment is. How campers equip themselves sensibly and what is one of the basic utensils on a camping holiday that make life outside more beautiful, easier and more comfortable is the subject of this article.

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Unbreakable crockery is essential for a camping holiday

camping-holiday unbreakable-dishes-indispensable-melamine-good-alternative

Broken pieces may bring luck, but they are anything but pleasant on a camping holiday. On the one hand, there will soon be an enormous loss in the already sparsely equipped cupboard and, on the other hand, the risk of accidents should not be underestimated. You are on the safe side with dishes made of melamine. It can also fall down or roll through the camper van with an emergency stop without being damaged. And it’s chic too. The days when camping holidays were associated with military-style field harness are long gone.

Melamine looks like porcelain, is easy to clean and has the advantage over other materials that it does not attract odors like plastic or scratches like metal. It also doesn’t weigh so much that it is perceived as a burden on hikes. Melamine tableware is, so to speak, the globetrotter among household utensils. Also with thermos flasks, drinking bottles and cookware you should pay attention to breaking strength.

In general, unbreakable containers are recommended in which food, liquids and medication can be stored airtight. Because smells spread quickly in a tent or caravan. On the other hand, moisture penetrates faster than in a house. This is particularly problematic for drugs. Therefore: water and airtight containers as well as sturdy dishes are part of the basic equipment when camping.

Tent, RV or home planet


The trade in camping articles is booming and during the holidays the motorhomes line up on the motorways. The Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. Germany (CIV D) presented in this report states that 2015 was a record year for the camping and caravan sector and he assumes that this trend will also be reflected positively in the next statistics in 2016.

Families in particular see camping as the perfect way to spend their free time. The campsites are quite casual, the children can be in the fresh air a lot and if tomato sauce is spilled, that’s not a problem. No wonder that an entire branch of industry has developed that is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of outdoor products. However, parents are not only allowed to think about the nice things about their vacation, they also have to deal with planning the trip – for example, what goes in their suitcase.

When camping, everything is not always so bright and sunny

Outdoor camping tent-beach-sunset-playing the guitar

Weather resistance and break resistance are the most important features that the corresponding articles must bring with them, depending on whether they are household items or functional clothing. The vehicle industry is also expanding its offerings with accessories suitable for camping and cooperating with well-known manufacturers. Audi, for example, is now delivering tents to Heimplaneten that are tailored to the Audi Q3.

The camper with body and soul does not know bad weather or is at least prepared for it. It is well equipped and enjoys the course of nature. Because a closeness to nature paired with a thirst for adventure probably all campers have in common. And a really heavy thunderstorm is frightening and fascinating at the same time.

The right clothing for exercise in the fresh air


When it comes to sporting activities, it depends on the shoe

Sport is not compulsory for campers, but it is very popular. Bicycles can be borrowed quickly or can also be brought on the roof of the car. Many campsites have bathing facilities, so swimming is of course an option and you can go jogging anywhere. The right equipment is important for all activities. If you are out and about with good shoes, you can enjoy the area and do not have to think about blisters, pressure points or wet feet.

Our feet have to carry us not only when jogging, hiking, walking, even when walking. It is therefore extremely important to pay attention not only to the appearance of shoes, but also to functionality, fit and comfort so that these important parts of the body do not perceive spending time outdoors as torture. In shoes from New Balance, the features mentioned are combined in a user-friendly manner. Of the Shoe is in differentiated designs and all models have in common that they are stylish and comfortable. So they go with different outfits like shorts, mini skirts and jeans. Undoubtedly the greatest advantages with regard to camping are its low weight and its ability not to crumple even in a cramped suitcase.

When it comes to textiles, it is important that they can adapt to any weather. Warming, but also ventilating, is just as important as protection from moisture or sun. Ideally, the outdoor clothing is laid out in layers and has the option of adjusting sleeves and trouser legs in length and width to meet current needs. With all the demands on clothing, it must not be too heavy. Because when doing activities in nature, recreational athletes want to enjoy the feeling of free movement and not feel like a pack animal – especially since they always have to carry enough fluid with them, which also weighs a lot.

Technology when camping: safety for life and limb


Technical devices for outdoor stays should always be TÜV tested. This applies to the camping stove, the fire extinguisher and also to the flashlight. In the case of a motorhome, the obligation to bring the vehicle to the main inspection on a regular basis applies anyway. Those who save at the wrong end on the technical equipment can keep their vacation in unpleasant memories when accidents, fires or inconveniences due to total failure cause stress and dangers.

Brother carelessness stays at home

Friends of outdoor activities often demand a lot from themselves. They welcome every sporting challenge. Here it is very important to know your options and to assess them realistically. Going it alone on climbing tours or hastily engaging in new types of sport can harbor risks that even experienced outdoor athletes often fail to assess correctly. Know how serious the consequences of careless actions are Mountain rescue and rescue services to report.

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