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Whether you are a Camping tent cotton or polyester, store them properly and keep them in good condition. It is possible to clean your tent completely, but you can avoid this with regular maintenance. It is a good idea to put plastic sheeting or sheets of plastic under the tent. This way the floor of the tent will stay clean. Place small pieces of plastic sheets in front of the tent entrance and use them as a doormat. When you pack your tent, separate the outside walls from the inside.

Camping tent – basic rule for cleaning

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Keep the small tent parts and separate bags. Before packing them up, wash the accessories and let them dry out completely. Mold can not only do that  Camping tent damage, but it smells unpleasant and can be harmful to health. You will therefore have to dismantle the tent when it is completely dry. This is not always possible – especially in bad weather, but try to pack a wet tent if you can.

Shake off the camping tent from the water before packing

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Shake that Camping tent and wipe off the water with a cloth. However, the cloth should not be washed with a cleaning agent – this can damage the waterproof surface. If it’s raining, you can put the tent in the trunk and wipe it there. Once you’re home, you can hang the tent on the clothesline.

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Very often you will need to repair a tent pole – it is always a good idea to pack several tent poles as spare parts. It also happens very often that that Camping tent tears – bring nails and thread. You can buy tape for tears or glue for the seams from the camping shop. Before repairing the fabric, you need to make sure that the place is dry. Place a flat object / cutting board for example / as a base and glue the fabric. Don’t forget that you can wet the tent too – detergents will damage the waterproof layer. Do not let the children play around the tent with water pistols or with soap bubbles. If the zipper gets stuck, beeswax can come to your aid. With good preparation and these tricks, you will have a great camping holiday.

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