Heimplanet is developing a special camping tent for the Audi Q3 Quattro


The latest tent design from Home planet is an extremely wind-stable, inflatable tent that is tailored to the needs of adventurous people. Based on the molecular and crystalline structure of diamonds, which are known to be characterized by the highest stability, the German company exclusively developed a multifunctional one Camping tent for Audi Q3 Quattro and recently presented this at the VW GTI meeting at Wörthersee 2014 in Austria.

Inflatable camping tent for Audi Q3 Quattro


The focus of the development was a quick and simple construction, a high stability, as well as a versatile application. The design impresses with its reduced weight and small pack size. The camping tent for Audi Q3 Quattro offers a lot of space and works simply and reliably. This can be attached to the opened tailgate of the Q3. The assembly (roll out, inflate and assemble) does not take more than 7 minutes. In addition, there is the possibility that the tent can be completely free-standing. The frame offers an efficient structure that is stable up to wind speeds of 70km / h.

Outdoor equipment for the new vehicle in the sport utility vehicle category


2-person tent from Heimplanet


Q3 camping tent


The tent can be used as a free-standing structure


The perfect accessory for camping enthusiasts Audi fans


Tent with SUV roof rack


The new Audi Q3 with the newly developed concept


Images by: Audi