Hammock and whirlpool in one design? New Hydro Hammock project

Hammock and hot tub in one outdoor wellness ideas

Can you really combine a hammock and a hot tub in one design? The new Hydro Hammock project clearly proves – yes, you can. Of course, bathing fun is guaranteed for everyone – because the hammock can be used practically anywhere and offers a wellness experience in nature. Camping has never been so relaxed!

Hammock and whirlpool in one design – pure wellness in the open air

Hammock-whirl pool-balcony-wooden hut-wellness

 Camping is fun – but nature lovers don’t want to forego the conveniences of modern life. And Hydro Hammock gives them the opportunity to relax outdoors. The hammock and whirlpool are equipped with a gas bottle and motor / versions with an electrical connection and solar battery are currently being developed / and can be hung anywhere – on the balcony of the holiday home, in the garden between two tall trees or even next to the waterfall in the jungle. The designers are currently in talks about another possible use – as a bathtub for disabled people.

Hammock and whirlpool – Hydro Hammock is still in the project phase

Hammock-whirl pool-beach-ideas-warm water-outside

The Hydrohammock campaign is currently running on Kickstarter – the designers now want to expand their product range and plan to bring two more products onto the market in a short time. The design itself would cost around $ 200, and the water pump and gas bottle are also offered as equipment.

Hammock and whirlpool ensure bathing fun at the campsite


 The hammock can be used anywhere – and it’s easy to transport


 Pure relaxation in nature

Hammock-whirl pool-modern-new-project-camping-experience

Project by Hydrohammock