Glamping in Bolivia: luxury camping in the middle of the desert

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Have you ever dreamed of an adventure? Or would you like to visit distant countries? Then Kachi Dome – a glamping paradise in Bolivia – is just the thing for you. Located at the foot of the Tinupa volcano, in the middle of the desert, the luxurious campsite offers you the opportunity to experience Bolivian culture and traditions up close. Embark on a virtual journey to South America and join us on a tour of this unique health resort.

Glamping in Bolivia: an adventure for the whole family

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In the middle of the Bolivian desert, 3700 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains and close to a well-known Bolivian volcano, is the new trend destination for glamping enthusiasts from all over the world. Seven tents offer a total of 14 highly sought-after places for tourists. But what is the main attraction of the resort? On the one hand, the organizers offer a unique experience in the open air (at night you can admire the stars in the night sky). On the other hand, the exclusive glamping tents are extremely comfortable and offer all the comforts of a hotel. In a large tent, guests can relax with delicious food and drinks from the region and let the evening fade away. Or you can visit the nearby town of Coquesa, have a look at the famous archaeological site Alcaya and then cycle around the campsite and experience the Bolivian nature up close.

Glamping in Bolivia: The facility promises maximum comfort

Experience glamping in Bolivia South America up close

The furnishing of the large tent allows the guests to immerse themselves in the typical atmosphere of a Bolivian house. Typical of the South American countries are the low tables with elaborate wood carving, the lanterns, as well as the hand-woven high-quality textiles and carpets with geometric patterns.

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The individual tents are also equipped with everything necessary: ​​a stove provides pleasant warmth on cold evenings, a double bed promises maximum sleeping comfort. Two bedside tables, a chest of drawers and a low coffee table complete the furniture range.

Glamping in Bolivia tents double bed wood bed headboard

High-quality textiles, exotic fur rugs and hand-woven blankets with an extremely pleasant feel add the finishing touches to the glamping interior. There is even a bathroom hidden behind the oversized bed headboard.

Glamping in Bolivia Bathroom pure luxury

Running water and electricity should of course not be missing in a glamping site. All in all, the spacious tents offer everything you need for a great vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the famous tourist cities.

Glamping in Bolivia camping in the open air

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