Camping tents – choosing the right equipment for your camping holiday

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Many things are needed for a camping vacation, trekking tour, or adventure trip. Of course, you first have to think of suitable accommodation. Just which tent should you choose? Here is some useful information about that Camping tents Find.

About camping tents in general

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In the past, mankind used tents as shelter, shelter, or dwelling. Nowadays tents are mainly used for camping. The selection of tent designs is actually very large. Camping tents are available in a variety of shapes and models – family tents, winter tents, awnings for caravans, car roof tents, tent trailers, wall tents, etc..

Camping tents – materials and types of tents

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The most popular tents for camping include throwing tents, tunnel tents, dome tents, and geodesic tents. Thanks to technological progress, a stable camping tent can be packed in a small tent bag and weigh up to 5-6 kg. The material that the outer tents are made of is usually cotton or nylon. A nylon tent has a higher load capacity compared to tents with a cotton cover. Maintaining cotton tents is not very easy either. That is why most of them become contemporary Camping tents made of polyester fabric. These have one disadvantage – the indoor climate warms up on hot days. The traditional cotton tents (or made of modern technical cotton) create a much more pleasant climate when it is hot outside. Tents for more demanding conditions are made from a mixture of cotton and polyester.

Modern outer tents – accessories and care

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Modern Camping tents can also be coated with silicone and thus offer better weather protection. They have flexible tent poles made of fiberglass, large window areas, sleeping cabins with variable sleeping areas, etc. and are easy to set up, easily dismantled and transported. Next comes the question of tent maintenance. Camping tents need to be properly cared for so that they don’t go moldy or break.

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