Camping tent house offers the comfort of the real home

Camping tent house -comfort-luxury-mobile-house-high quality

A mobile tent construction breaks with the idea that that Camping tent house  However, it is a mobile holiday home and should offer such a high level of comfort. The focus of the new type of tent construction is the longevity and the quality standard, which are achieved through intelligent design solutions. ‘Adria’ gives new meaning to the idea of ​​camping.

Camping tent ‘Adria’ for new outdoor experiences


In several respects, camping means a lack of living comfort and a lack of common facilities. With the exclusive boutique tent ‘Adria’ you don’t have to leave the quality furniture and the comfort of sleeping in the right bed at home for a good two weeks, you can simply take it with you.

Camping tent ‘Adria’ – luxury outdoor equipment

camping-tent house-comfort-luxury-interior-living area-upholstered furniture

The camping tent house ‘Adria’ is unique because of its concept, which puts glamor and an extra special touch first and foremost. This exclusive interior is part of the basic equipment and is included.

Camping tent house offers the highest level of comfort

camping-tent house-comfort-luxury-dining-table-bed-living area

All furniture – from seating to a fully equipped kitchen with all useful kitchen appliances, belongs to the exclusive camping house. Depending on the layout, different designs and divisions of the room are possible.

Exclusive design – boutique camping tent house 

camping-tent house-comfort-luxury-couch-modern-upholstery

Camping tent house with a real master bedroom


The basic equipment includes a normal double bed and on request there is an optional canopy and additional curtains that ensure undisturbed privacy. In the attic level there is a second, second sleeping possibility, which is reached by a ladder. Small bathroom with shower is also available in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping areas.

Double bed with canopy in luxury camping tent house


Each area is carefully furnished with love and sensitivity to detail. Held in soft, neutral beige tones, the high-quality furnishings create a sense of living. The textiles used, as well as floor coverings and tent fabric guarantee longevity and have been specially developed for this exclusive Adria campsite.

Accents and details create the exclusive luxury atmosphere


Second double bed in the upper area of ​​the tent construction


Camping tent house with a cozy veranda like a real holiday home


The outdoor experience that ‘Adria’ guarantees can easily be described as ‘glamping’, of camping and glamor. Every little detail has been thought of and the best has been developed so that the usual living comfort is not missed.

Outdoor area of ​​the camping tent house ‘Adria’ – whirlpool and garden table

camping-tent house-comfort-luxury-veranda-wooden floorboards-whirlpool

The entire area covered by the luxury tent house is 40 square meters in the extended version and 7 square meters for the veranda. When extended, the width is almost three times larger and the total height around 4.6 m. The transportable variant is reduced to L = 5.9m, W = 2.3m and H = 2.57m. Like a trailer, very similar to a Vagon, it can be brought to the desired location and set up quickly.

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Camping tent house – choose from four colors


You can choose from four different colors for the outer tent, which appear natural and in connection with the natural landscape – beige, terracotta red, black and blue. You can get acquainted with the details, as well as the different sizes S, M, L, XL and the possible roof shapes such as gable roof, pyramid and hipped roof on the homepage of the manufacturer ‘Adria’.

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