Camping in Portugal – a great holiday experience for nature lovers

Camping by the sea tents-Portugal Atlantic

Camping in Portugal is a great holiday idea, although Italy, Spain or France are probably more likely to be associated with a camping holiday. You are on the road to Portugal for a few days, but you can choose between many campsites of all facilities and price ranges. Camping is an inexpensive alternative to hotels “in the middle of the turmoil”, especially for families with children. Comfortable bungalows are often available at many campsites. You will find beautiful campsites along the Algarve. Not all of them are right by the sea – you have to walk a few meters to the beach.

Camping in Portugal promises peace and comfort

Camp Portugal-Olhao tent

Camping in Portugal is a cheap vacation also for friends or couples. Suitable campsites are available from € 10 a day. Due to the Mediterranean influence on the balanced Atlantic climate, one experiences a very mild winter and a cool, pleasant summer. Ohalo is a popular place to relax, in the middle of a pine forest in close proximity to an old castle. Over 650 parking spaces are available for tourists on a total area of ​​10 hectares.

Untraditional camping in Portugal – tipi vacation

Tipi holiday camping in Portugal

Of course you can also do an extraordinary one Camping in Portugal to plan. Tipi Algarve is an eco retreat where you can enjoy a tipi vacation. The facility is perfect for couples on romantic getaways or honeymoons. The North American tipis are lovely and spacious, suitable for either two or more people, with comfortable beds and furnishings. An alternative to this are the exclusive safari tents, which are surrounded by greenery.

Campsites in Portugal

Turiscampo Camping-Atlantic coast

That Camping in Portugal Turiscampo is located in the Algarve, 5 km from Lagos and is open all year round. On the area of ​​72,000 m2 there are over 200 parking spaces, all with electricity and some with water. The swimming pool and children’s area are surrounded by green areas and gardens. Orbitur’s campsites are offered along the entire Atlantic coast and offer an unforgettable holiday experience for families and groups.

Campsite bungalows Portugal pool

Portugal Camping Turiscampo Bungalow

Exclusive Portuguese campsites

Tarifa camping camper Portugal sea

In Portugal you can relax and enjoy well-kept modern facilities everywhere. Tarifa (Algarve) is a lovely campsite in a quiet area with modern facilities and great views of the Atlantic. The small terraces and trees create a special atmosphere.

Tipi Algarve

Camping Tipi-Eko Retreat-Algarve Portugal

Tipi Tent Camping Place Portugal Atlantic

Close to nature vacation teepee tent design

Campsite Portugal Tipi

Tipi vacation Portugal interior

Olhao tents

Olhao Camp Portugal panoramic view

Camping Portugal campsites in Olhao

Olhao Camping-Portugal Camping

More campsites

Camping places-Portugal panoramic view

Orbitur campsites-in the middle of the forest by the sea

Campsites Portugal-Atlantic coast Algarve-Orbitur