Camping accessories and equipment – 9 top products

Camping accessories -equipment-mobile-functional-design-modern-hiking

A lot of equipment is required for a camping holiday or camping. Designers, engineers and passionate travelers develop multi-functional clever items that make the packing list a lot easier. Camping accessories with small size, that combines several functions and thus saves space, is always useful. Transportable alternatives to ordinary furniture that are an inseparable part of the household are highly valued on long journeys. We offer 9 top products that recently appeared on the store.

Camping accessories and equipment with a modern and functional design

Camping accessories -equipment-box-wood-mobile-kitchen-cooking

Camp Champ is a transportable outdoor kitchen that is elegantly packed in a wooden box and brought along. All useful accessories and kitchen utensils are stored there and each part has its own space.

Camping accessories and equipment – mobile outdoor kitchen ‘Camp Champ’

Camping accessories -equipment-set-box-mobile-kitchen

The box is made of waterproof plywood and is additionally stabilized with steel strips on the four sides. Camp Champ is veneered with sapele wood (a type of precious wood from the Ivory Coast), which provides a noble note.

Camping accessories and equipment – ‘Qubiq’ modules

Camping accessories -equipment-car-trolley-trunk-modules

However, the Qubiq System offers nothing other than the ordinary equipment of a camping vehicle. Only – it can be built into your car. Of course, the car has to be a bit bigger and have a large trunk. The modules are reminiscent of kitchen cabinets and can be designed in any combination of two or three.

Camping accessories and equipment with a functional design

A pull-out mattress can be mounted on the kitchen module, which can be used as a sleeping place as required. The manufacturer offers different versions that can be inserted in any models Citroën, Ford, Fiat and Opel. A major advantage of the campers, which are originally produced from the car workshop, is that the modules can be easily installed and removed and the car regains its ordinary condition.

Camping accessories and equipment – ‘Mollusc Nano’ tent


The extraordinary tent ‘Mollusc Nano’ works on the principle of the accordion. The roof can only be partially closed, completely closed or opened, thus enabling it to be used as an outdoor mat with shading. The flexible roof has openings that let fresh air through, but not water.

Tent with a retractable roof


Transparent areas in the tent fabric serve as little windows through which one can enjoy the surrounding landscape directly. When completely closed, the tent is reminiscent of a cocoon and offers sleeping space for around 3 people.

Camping accessories and equipment – air mattress ‘Comfort Plus’


Air mattresses and sleeping mats will definitely be needed for outdoor experiences. Comfort Plus combines the two and also takes up very little space. It is equipped with a special pump and can be inflated and deflated very quickly.

Inflatable mattress and camping mat in one


The extraordinary thing about this air mattress is that it consists of two layers that ensure comfort, stability and durability. If one layer gives way and is damaged, you have the other, which ensures sufficient strength.

Camping accessories and equipment – waterproof hammock ‘Hydro Hammock’


Hammocks are particularly popular in the outdoor area and not for nothing. They ensure a relaxed atmosphere, consist of a very simple construction and are really comfortable to lie on. The hammock ‘Hydro Hammock’ differs from the ordinary versions in the fabric. It is waterproof and particularly durable.

Use the hammock as a mobile whirlpool when camping


The hammock is made of thermoplastic, waterproof fibers and can be filled with warm water, which ensures a suitable pump. So you can design a flexible whirlpool yourself and even take it with you on camping.

Camping accessories and equipment – full coffee enjoyment with Oomph


Oomph is a camping accessory or a portable mini device for real coffee connoisseurs. However, it is a coffee maker that can properly prepare and even serve 384ml of coffee. A mug is integrated in the Oomph and all you need is hot water and some coffee grounds.

The coffee maker that you can bring anywhere


When all the ingredients are in the mug, all you have to do is press down and the coffee is already served. You can drink from it right away. It works on the principle of the classic coffee maker, but has a more compact design in a functional to-go mug.

Camping accessories and equipment for outdoor cooking – Jetboil


Jetboil offer different variants of gas cooker systems that adapt completely to the unfriendly terrain when camping or hiking and offer everything in one. Stoves, cookware and accessories are designed to be transportable as a whole. The set can be taken apart when in use and can be set up practically anywhere.

Gas stove specially designed for camping


Jetboil varies in size and components for one or more people. All parts are stacked one inside the other and thus reduced to a compact, transportable size. The materials used are ultra-light and designed for camping equipment.

Camping accessories and equipment – Bluetooth lantern ‘Helix Bluetooth Lantern’


Every camping packing list should have a functional, transportable lamp that requires little energy and space. The light weight is also a major advantage. The ‘Helix Bluetooth’ lantern, which emits 250 lumen light and can be controlled from a smartphone, meets all of these requirements.

Mobile, functional outdoor lamp that can be set up on any terrain


The body of the portable lamp can be extended and contracted according to the accordion principle. It becomes a spotlight and can be set up anywhere with the help of the three feet.

Camping accessories and equipment – mobile speaker ‘Boom2’


Good music is one of the great outdoor experiences, but the device should be very durable so as not to be damaged after the party. Boom 2 was designed with precisely this guiding principle in mind. It is a bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and stain resistant.

Waterproof speaker perfect for any outdoor party


The integrated battery guarantees up to 15 hours of loud music and everyone within 30 meters can play the next song themselves. The youthful design in strong colors makes Boom 2 and the high performance makes it one of the top Bluetooth speakers.