Camping in Portugal – a great holiday experience for nature lovers

Camping by the sea tents-Portugal Atlantic

Camping in Portugal is a great holiday idea, although Italy, Spain or France are probably more likely to be associated with a camping holiday. You are on the road to Portugal for a few days, but you can choose between many campsites of all facilities and price ranges. Camping is an inexpensive alternative to hotels “in the middle of the turmoil”, especially for families with children. Comfortable bungalows are often available at many campsites. You will find beautiful campsites along the Algarve. Not all of them are right by the sea – you have to walk a few meters to the beach.

Camping in Portugal promises peace and comfort

Camp Portugal-Olhao tent

Camping in Portugal is a cheap vacation also for friends or couples. Suitable campsites are available from € 10 a day. Due to the Mediterranean influence on the balanced Atlantic climate, one experiences a very mild winter and a cool, pleasant summer. Ohalo is a popular place to relax, in the middle of a pine forest in close proximity to an old castle. Over 650 parking spaces are available for tourists on a total area of ​​10 hectares.

Untraditional camping in Portugal – tipi vacation

Tipi holiday camping in Portugal

Of course you can also do an extraordinary one Camping in Portugal to plan. Tipi Algarve is an eco retreat where you can enjoy a tipi vacation. The facility is perfect for couples on romantic getaways or honeymoons. The North American tipis are lovely and spacious, suitable for either two or more people, with comfortable beds and furnishings. An alternative to this are the exclusive safari tents, which are surrounded by greenery.

Campsites in Portugal

Turiscampo Camping-Atlantic coast

That Camping in Portugal Turiscampo is located in the Algarve, 5 km from Lagos and is open all year round. On the area of ​​72,000 m2 there are over 200 parking spaces, all with electricity and some with water. The swimming pool and children’s area are surrounded by green areas and gardens. Orbitur’s campsites are offered along the entire Atlantic coast and offer an unforgettable holiday experience for families and groups.

Campsite bungalows Portugal pool

Portugal Camping Turiscampo Bungalow

Exclusive Portuguese campsites

Tarifa camping camper Portugal sea

In Portugal you can relax and enjoy well-kept modern facilities everywhere. Tarifa (Algarve) is a lovely campsite in a quiet area with modern facilities and great views of the Atlantic. The small terraces and trees create a special atmosphere.

Tipi Algarve

Camping Tipi-Eko Retreat-Algarve Portugal

Tipi Tent Camping Place Portugal Atlantic

Close to nature vacation teepee tent design

Campsite Portugal Tipi

Tipi vacation Portugal interior

Olhao tents

Olhao Camp Portugal panoramic view

Camping Portugal campsites in Olhao

Olhao Camping-Portugal Camping

More campsites

Camping places-Portugal panoramic view

Orbitur campsites-in the middle of the forest by the sea

Campsites Portugal-Atlantic coast Algarve-Orbitur

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15 practical camping tents for your car – dream vacation in nature

Camping tent design wagon family vacation

We present you 15 practical Camping tents for AutoDesign ideas to help you, your family and friends organize the perfect vacation. The designs vary from an awning and simple canopy to large tents for several people.

Camping tents – overview of the models

Car Tent Beach Camping Ursa

Whether you are a camping fan or just starting out, this one Camping tents will surely fascinate you. They are easy to transport and build. The tents are an inseparable part of the car and can be easily carried with the SUV vehicle. Whether you go fishing or just relax, these models will protect you from the wind and rain in bad weather. Normally, weight should be considered when choosing a tent, however drivers are more flexible and just need to enjoy the convenience of the designs. The car tents are tied to the car, or are an addition to the trunk, or / as with Kelty Design, for example / they can simply serve as awning and protective roof. Choose the design that suits your personal needs most of the time.

Camping tents -practical and comfortable addition to the car

Car Tent Camping Mountains Vacation Auto Napier

The manufacturers of Camping tents for cars use the advantages of their own space – you can sleep in the car yourself, or use it as additional storage space. At the same time, these tents can also be used independently – so you don’t have to pack and unpack everything every time. Most models offer accommodation for a maximum of 4-5 people and are offered as dome tents. Vehicle tents usually offer a lot of conveniences – awnings, various openings and a hook-in floor, to name a few. Vehicle tents are usually heavier than tracking tents, for example, making them inconvenient if you plan to carry them on foot. Unfortunately, the most beautiful camping areas are usually only accessible on foot – so think carefully in advance where you want to go with your tent. We wish you a wonderful vacation in the middle of nature!

Avalanche vehicle tent

sporty tent mountains camping tent car

Kodiak car tent

camping mountain car tent design ideas

Tent design idea camping car family

Camping from Sportz

Car camping ideas mountains vacation

Tent storage space ideas camping experience

Awning design idea awning sports car

Quicksilver car tent

Quicksilver Design Tunnel Tent Vehicle Camping Experience

Car-top tent design

Tent on car-practical space-saving design

US truck tent

Vehicle tent camping experience coast driving

Camping tent vacation experiences ideas

Enel design

Enel tent family vacation camping

Awning from KeltyCar awning Kelty design idea

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Camping with a caravan – useful checklist before you leave

checklist for camping caravan flowers pattern

You have them for Camping with a caravan already decided and bought or rented one? However, before you leave, the best thing to do is to go through the following checklist and make sure that you have completed all of the tasks.

Camping With A Caravan – Going Through The Important Checklist

checklist camping caravans caravanning

Check out these important notes before going for Camping with a caravan depart.

– Switch off the gas system

– Empty the water container and clean the cassette compartment in the toilet

– Check that all windows and doors are closed, as well as all drawers and cupboards in the caravan

– Reduce the height of the support wheel

– Measure the drawbar load

– Adjust the trailer hitch so that it stands over the ball head

– Remove the cover from the ball head

– Drive the car backwards and approach the caravan

– Attach the attachment to the ball head

– You can check that everything is well secured by raising the support wheel a bit

– Stow the support wheel

– Turn on the stabilization system and make sure all cables are well connected

– Release the handbrake on the caravan

– Check again that the caravan is securely attached to the car and make sure that there are no obstacles in the way

Camping with a caravan – how to do it after arrival

checklist for camping caravans metal color

It goes on vacation with Camping with a caravan. You have already arrived and it is time to unplug the caravan and unpack it. But how do you go about it exactly??

– Free the support wheel

– Position the caravan on the camping pitch exactly as you want with the aid of a ramp

– Apply the handbrake on the caravan

– Block the caravan wheels when you are on a slope

– Reduce the height of the support wheel and fix the position

– Disconnect all cables from the car

– Pull the lever and use the jockey wheel to indicate the caravan, then remove the ball head from the hitch

– Drive the car away from the caravan

– Make the ball head lid of the car

– Adjust the height and position of the caravan using the support wheel

checklist for camping caravans campsite meadow

checklist for camping with caravans white blue

checklist for camping with caravan vintage design

checklist for camping with caravans sand sea

checklist for camping with caravan red decoration  checklist for camping caravans light decoration

checklist for camping caravans create comfort

checklist for camping caravans in the forest    checklist for camping caravans on the beach

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Maintaining camping tent – tips for cleaning and repairing

Dismantling the tent Instructions, cleaning up, cleaning

Whether you are a Camping tent cotton or polyester, store them properly and keep them in good condition. It is possible to clean your tent completely, but you can avoid this with regular maintenance. It is a good idea to put plastic sheeting or sheets of plastic under the tent. This way the floor of the tent will stay clean. Place small pieces of plastic sheets in front of the tent entrance and use them as a doormat. When you pack your tent, separate the outside walls from the inside.

Camping tent – basic rule for cleaning

Dismantling the tent drying instructions photo instructions

Keep the small tent parts and separate bags. Before packing them up, wash the accessories and let them dry out completely. Mold can not only do that  Camping tent damage, but it smells unpleasant and can be harmful to health. You will therefore have to dismantle the tent when it is completely dry. This is not always possible – especially in bad weather, but try to pack a wet tent if you can.

Shake off the camping tent from the water before packing

Dismantle tent, shake off tips, dry

Shake that Camping tent and wipe off the water with a cloth. However, the cloth should not be washed with a cleaning agent – this can damage the waterproof surface. If it’s raining, you can put the tent in the trunk and wipe it there. Once you’re home, you can hang the tent on the clothesline.

Camping tent – make simple repairs

Clean the tent, dry it completely, dismantle it

Tent care tips impregnate seams

Very often you will need to repair a tent pole – it is always a good idea to pack several tent poles as spare parts. It also happens very often that that Camping tent tears – bring nails and thread. You can buy tape for tears or glue for the seams from the camping shop. Before repairing the fabric, you need to make sure that the place is dry. Place a flat object / cutting board for example / as a base and glue the fabric. Don’t forget that you can wet the tent too – detergents will damage the waterproof layer. Do not let the children play around the tent with water pistols or with soap bubbles. If the zipper gets stuck, beeswax can come to your aid. With good preparation and these tricks, you will have a great camping holiday.

Materials keep tent clean cleaning

Tent equipment tool box cleaning

Install a camping tent

Tent drying create a romantic beach camping atmosphere

Tent beach surfer care tips

Installing the tent properly Maintaining Cleaning Camping Forest

Camping mountain tips equipment

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Camping tents – choosing the right equipment for your camping holiday

Family tent design camping ideas tips

Many things are needed for a camping vacation, trekking tour, or adventure trip. Of course, you first have to think of suitable accommodation. Just which tent should you choose? Here is some useful information about that Camping tents Find.

About camping tents in general

Camping at the lakeside camping tents modern

In the past, mankind used tents as shelter, shelter, or dwelling. Nowadays tents are mainly used for camping. The selection of tent designs is actually very large. Camping tents are available in a variety of shapes and models – family tents, winter tents, awnings for caravans, car roof tents, tent trailers, wall tents, etc..

Camping tents – materials and types of tents

Expedition tent Outdoor tent Orange-Camping

The most popular tents for camping include throwing tents, tunnel tents, dome tents, and geodesic tents. Thanks to technological progress, a stable camping tent can be packed in a small tent bag and weigh up to 5-6 kg. The material that the outer tents are made of is usually cotton or nylon. A nylon tent has a higher load capacity compared to tents with a cotton cover. Maintaining cotton tents is not very easy either. That is why most of them become contemporary Camping tents made of polyester fabric. These have one disadvantage – the indoor climate warms up on hot days. The traditional cotton tents (or made of modern technical cotton) create a much more pleasant climate when it is hot outside. Tents for more demanding conditions are made from a mixture of cotton and polyester.

Modern outer tents – accessories and care

Modern tents model-katmandu design

Modern Camping tents can also be coated with silicone and thus offer better weather protection. They have flexible tent poles made of fiberglass, large window areas, sleeping cabins with variable sleeping areas, etc. and are easy to set up, easily dismantled and transported. Next comes the question of tent maintenance. Camping tents need to be properly cared for so that they don’t go moldy or break.

Throw tents Tunnel tents Car roof tents Camping

Outdoor camping tent-polyester-PVC

Camping tents Kathmandu camping accessories

Igloo tent dome tent camping holiday accessories

Nylon tent camping on the beach blue design

Geodesic camping vacation tents

Group tent design camping site

Awning Caravan Campsite Coleman

Camping trekking tour camping tent for family

Take a throwing tent camping holiday trekking tour

Nylon camping tent stool camping accessories

Camping tents made of cotton material

Camping tips Camping tents - polyester fabric

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Top glamping sites in Italy – Discover the luxury camping holiday

yurt nomads glampingspot Agriturismo Fattoria la Prugnola

The glamping trend has developed rapidly in recent years. The campers can treat themselves to a luxury camping holiday and the tranquility of a campsite in the forest at the same time. Discover the top with us Glamping sites in Italy, where you can enjoy the luxury of the outdoors.

Top glamping sites in Italy – Lodge Resort Canonici Di San Marco, Venice

glamping holiday italy tent resort Canonici Di San Marco venice

glamping tent CanoniciDiSan Marco venice king bed luxury

Glamping holiday Italy tent facility Canonici Di San Marco Venice

Glamping sites in Italy luxury tents Canonici Di San Marco Venice

Italy is a popular travel destination for many campers. But these luxury tents in the town of Mirano, outside the city of Venice, would fascinate you. This glamping site is located in a quiet landscape where the noble Venetian families had built their summer homes. Each tent is 40 m2 and offers a wonderful view over the wheat fields. The spacious tents are all equipped with private bathrooms with showers and toilets. You can enjoy the peace in nature, or go on trips by bike. Or take a boat ride along the charming Brenta River that connects Padua with Venice.

Top Glamping Sites in Italy – Bella Pineta, Sardinia

glamping holiday tent lanterns Bella Pineta Sardinia

Glamping sites in Italy honeymoon tent Bella Pineta Sardinia

Bella Pineta is located in the grounds of a 17th century country house in Martis, Sardinia. The glamping site offers luxurious ‘Kaiser’ tents, shaded by large pineta trees that characterize the Sardinian landscape. The six hectares of hilly surroundings are made available to you to escape from everyday life and to really relax. No sleeping bags, hard floors, or campfires. They offer luxury and comfort for your glamping vacation. Each Kaiser tent has a separate private gas-heated shower, washbasin and eco toilet, a private terrace with garden furniture and a small cool pool. The lighting is with solar batteries or romantic lanterns.

Agriturismo Fattoria La Prugnola, Tuscany

yurt glamping tent Fattoria La Prugnola tuscany

yurt tuscany glampen four-poster bed comfort   Glamping sites Italy yurts tuscany forest calm

Glamping sites Italy yurt installation four-poster bed electricity

Glamping sites Italy yurts tuscany nature

The “yurt” is the traditional dwelling of the Mongolian nomads, who consider these round tents to be their home. Different variants of the yurt can be found in many other areas – these from the Republic of Tuva, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and the Turkestan region. These nomadic tents are made from natural materials and are functional, durable and lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and inviting. The yurt is an ecologically sustainable house not only because it protects the environment, but also because it respects its residents. Discover glamping in a yurt and you would find life in the cubic houses unnatural! You would feel as welcome as if you were going back to the womb.

Selectcamp on Lake Garda

Selectcamp Lodge lake garda go glamping

Tenuta delle Ripalte, Tuscany

glamping holiday forest Tenuta delle Ripalte tuscany

Camping Del Sole in Lombardy

Glamping sites in Italy Camping Del Sole Lombardy lodge tent

Glamping sites Italy tent Camping Del Sole Lombardy

Glamping sites in Italy Camping Del Sole Lombardia tents

 Selectcamp Le Pianacce, Tuscany

glamping italy Selectcamp Le Pianacce Tuscany

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Camping guide – overview of the different types of tents

Camping camping tips tent shape

which Tents types are offered on the market, and which one is most suitable for you – we will try to give you an overview of the different options so that you can ultimately choose the best.

Tent types – camping tents for trekking – ridge tent

Wigwam Indian tent design idea for flower pattern

The trekking tents have one thing in common – they usually have a geometric shape that makes them more stable in bad weather. The traditional ridge tent is quite heavy and less wind-resistant than the modern ones Tents types. In any case, their shape leaves a lot of room for improvisations with the building.

Tents types – dome tent, still called igloo tent

Dome tent design vintage style floral pattern

Dome tent design ideas vintage style

One of the most common Tents types is the dome tent – very popular because of its lower weight, good stability and light construction. The dome tent is perfect for couples, but a larger family would need several tents. The weight can vary, depending on the material. Two arches are connected diagonally and this creates a safe construction.

Tent types – throw tent and tunnel tent

Second tent throw tent design ideas

Tunnel tent design ideas tent types family vacation

The litter tent is connected by several ring-shaped arches. It can be unpacked and set up quickly and effortlessly even by camping beginners, which is where its second name – seconds tent comes from. Both it and the tunnel tent belong to the so-called light tents. They are suitable for a large family because they offer a lot of space. The difference is that the tunnel tent is less stable compared to the other trekking tents. Another disadvantage of the two Tents types it is that when wrapped, they take up quite a bit of space.

Special types of tents for outdoor experiences

Camping beach shelter tent types design ideas

To the special ones Tents types belong to the traditional Indian tents. They are a reformulation of the ridge tents and are no longer as widespread today. Other types of tents that are not necessarily intended for camping – event tents or party tents, are large open structures that can accommodate over 20 people. The inflatable tent has built-in compartments where air is pumped. Perfect for the beach as long as enough weight is placed on the ground. The beach shelter is a small open tent that offers protection from the sun.

Inflatable tent

Inflatable Tents Beach Camping Designs

Dome tent

Dome tent igloo tent set up by two people

Igloo tent for children

Dome tent igloo hello kitty kids design

Party tent

Party tent design idea family vacation

Pyramid tent

Pyramid tent design japanese pattern families

Camping pyramid tent design ideas

Pyramid tent build tent types camping

beautiful tents dome shape evening

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Tips for camping equipment – choosing lights for your tent

gorgeous photos camping night-purple tents beach

For a pleasant camping holiday, you absolutely need good ones Camping equipment. This also includes lights for the tent – do not underestimate the lighting – fire is often prohibited at the campsite due to the risk of fire, and there is little room for improvisation. A suitable lamp in the tent could help you read books, or simply provide a cozy seating area for you and your friends.

Camping equipment – advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps

Camping equipment lighting fire tent

The LED lamps for the outdoor area are a popular choice nowadays. This lighting needs 12V batteries, which have to be recharged often. The solar lamps are the cheapest option in terms of power supply. The lights themselves cost more than ordinary lamps, but the investment usually pays off – it all depends on where you like to go camping and whether you’re in the shade.

Camping equipment – traditional lanterns and lamps

Lighting LED lights tent mountains snow

Many prefer the traditional lanterns, which come in a variety of sizes and models. Gas lanterns are very popular – while they may look dangerous, if used carefully they are usually quite safe. Do not use the gas lantern in the tent and never leave the lantern unattended.

Lantern with fuel

Camping Lantern Tents Lake Led Lamps

The risk of fire here is quite high – not only will these lanterns be filled with fuel, but you will have to store fuel in the camp. The advantage of these lamps is that they are a fairly inexpensive lighting alternative.

The right Camping equipment can contribute to a relaxing vacation. When choosing lighting, make sure that the lamps are not too strong. That way you will be able to enjoy the night sky and stars. In addition, when you are in a popular campsite, the neighbors can be disturbed by the strong lighting. If you opt for colored lights, beautiful designs can be created – here we show you some outdoor camping lighting ideas for inspiration.

Northern lights glow tent ideas beautiful nature

twinkling stars sky nature forest camping

Camping holiday pictures tent LED outdoor lighting

Lighting LED lamps sunset

extraordinary LED lighting design ideas green lamps

Camping free sky star meadow

Camping beach night lighting ideas

Campsite lake pictures families at night

Tent lighting spotlights LED camping

Glamping dream vacation beach-romantic outdoor lighting

Camping tent snow mountains-beautiful nature

Lantern petrol camping lighting

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