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Treating mosquito bites – what helps preventively and which products relieve itching?

Treat mosquito bites and prevent insect bites from itching

Who does not know it: You sit comfortably on the terrace, enjoy the warm weather and the get-together with loved ones or friends and then at the latest in the late afternoon or evening the annoying mosquitoes start to disturb the peace. If, to make matters worse, you forgot to get the mosquito repellent, one or the other bite is guaranteed. And that is no less annoying than the constant and unsuccessful chasing away the mosquitoes. Because of this, you should always be well prepared not only in terms of prevention, but also in the event that you become the mosquito’s supper. But how can you prevent and avoid mosquito bites? Or how should one treat existing mosquito bites? Are there suitable home remedies that can be used instead of the usually expensive sprays, tablets, ointments or gels? We have an answer to all of these questions. Just read the following article and protect yourself even better during the “mosquito bite season” from now on.

Treating and preventing mosquito bites – a little ABC for pleasant evenings outdoors

Treating mosquito bitesTips and tricks for prevention with home remedies

Of course, most of the remedies that are offered in the pharmacy are very helpful. But before you reach for them, you can try out natural products that you often already have in your home and that have often proven themselves. In addition, such home remedies to drive away the mosquitoes are usually much cheaper than their alternatives from the pharmacy. The same also applies if you want to treat mosquito bites. In some situations, such as when traveling, products from the pharmacy are often more practical, especially if you have forgotten to take precautions and only the pharmacy is your last resort.

Regardless of what you ultimately choose, the main thing is that you can enjoy the evening in peace and not be driven crazy the next day with itching or, if it did not work with the protection, that you find relief quickly and can adequately treat the mosquito bites. Just try out what works best for you and then equip yourself with what you need. And so that you can do the same, we are now introducing you to the most popular home remedies and products that can help you fight the annoying mosquitoes.

Basic measures to prevent mosquito bites

proper personal hygiene showering washing clothes avoiding mosquitoes

The problem with mosquitoes is not just that they and the itchiness after the bite are annoying. In some cases, the stings can not only become infected, but even, albeit relatively rarely, pathogens can be transmitted, which can then have very unpleasant consequences. It is precisely then that mosquito bites have to be treated, whereby conventional products are no longer sufficient, and even a doctor has to be consulted. To avoid all of this, it is important not to underestimate the problem, as common as it is, and to try to prevent stitches.

  • Proper personal hygiene

    No matter what else you have bought or gathered for prevention, personal hygiene comes first. Sweat is commonly known to attract mosquitos. For this reason, taking a shower before leaving the house is a good preventative measure. It goes without saying that you don’t put on the sweaty clothes from before. This also acts like a magnet for these insects.

  • The right clothes

    If you don’t want to have to try the tips listed below on how to treat mosquito bites, you can protect yourself with the right clothing. On the one hand, it is advisable to wear lighter colored clothing. This is supposed to deter the mosquitoes, while dark and especially black items of clothing are attractive to them. It is also interesting that there are special clothing made of puncture-proof materials so that the mosquito cannot penetrate them. Such mosquito repellent clothing can be very useful, especially if you are planning a trip to nature or even want to spend the night outdoors, for example on a camping site.

Protection against mosquito bites with a mosquito net for indoors and outdoors

  • The mosquito net

    The classic mosquito net can protect you not only outdoors, but also in your bedroom and also looks very romantic. Hang it over the bed or the seating area of ​​the terrace and make yourself comfortable as usual. A mosquito net does not interfere with air circulation and hanging it up will not result in stuffy air, even on hot evenings. They come in all sorts of flavors these days, so you can check in a store to find the best model for your needs. By the way, there are also hats with a net, which are supposed to protect the neck and throat from stings. Such headgear is also very useful for trips into nature.

  • No standing water sources

    If you have a beautiful pond in your garden, an increased number of mosquitoes is already inevitable. Therefore you should equip it with natural enemies of the pests. And that’s the fish. They eat the mosquitoes and in this way can reduce their number. But standing water is generally not a good idea, because no matter what small amount it is, this is completely sufficient for the mosquitoes to feel comfortable there. This means that even full flower pot coasters magically attract the little beasts. A full watering can, a bird bath or even the rainwater barrel are magnets for you and should, if possible, be avoided or at least regularly emptied and cleaned in order to get rid of any mosquito larvae and prevent them from multiplying.

Preventing mosquito bites – home remedies to drive away mosquitoes

Essential oils prevent mosquitoes from lemon smoke plants

In addition to the preventive measures mentioned above, you can use home remedies for mosquito bites that will protect you and prevent you from having to treat mosquito bites later. Here are a few tips:

  • Oil against mosquito larvae

    Some water containers such as the rainwater barrel are not so easy to empty and clean. In such cases, oils are your friend and helper. Oil is known to change surface tension and this makes it impossible for larvae to get to the surface to breathe. Mix a tablespoon of any cooking oil with a few drops of cinnamon oil. The latter also has a deterrent effect on the insects. Instead of cooking oil, you can also use a drop of washing-up liquid.

  • Treat and prevent mosquito bites – plants and essential oils to scare away mosquitoes

    There are also many plants that are unpopular with these insects and can therefore be placed or planted as close as possible to the seating area. These include tomatoes, basil and lavender, among others. Other deterrents are: chives, catnip and lemongrass, sage, bay leaf, lemon balm, mint, eucalyptus, rosemary, bergamot and fragrant pelargonium. Alternatively, essential oils from the plants mentioned can be used (e.g. for decoration from potpourri), as well as scented candles, bath salts and the like.

    As an alternative to spray, essential oils are also great as skin protection. To do this, combine a few drops of essential oil with olive oil. Citrus flavors are fine for this, but shouldn’t be used before sunbathing or when you’re already sunburned. When using in perfume, avoid sweet smells.

Incense sticks against mosquitoes in the garden and house

  • Smoke against mosquitoes

    It is also known that mosquitoes do not like smoke at all. So you can use it too. If you have a barbecue evening, you will at least automatically receive this protection for part of the evening. In other cases, incense sticks do very well. They are pleasant for you and your guests, but scare away the insects. Sage leaves are also a great solution. You need dried leaves, which you first crumble a little in an ovenproof bowl. A bowl or plate for incense sticks works well. Then light them up.

  • garlic

    Garlic is also said to be an unpleasant smell for mosquitoes. If you like it, you have good reason to consume it.

  • The controversial vitamin B.

    It is not uncommon to hear that vitamin B is supposed to change body odor and thus deter mosquitoes. This is what is said about vitamin B1 in particular. However, there is no scientific evidence for this. In addition, there are many different types of mosquitoes, and even if vitamin B should help some of them, it doesn’t mean it will deter everyone else. Whether you want to try this remedy is entirely your decision. However, it should be done after consultation with the doctor in order to avoid an overdose.

Mosquito bites – what helps after the bite?

Scare away mosquitoes and treat bites Enjoy summer

A wide variety of remedies have proven themselves over generations when it comes to getting rid of annoying itching and alleviating mosquito bites. While some of these are considered obsolete, others are a popular method. Just try out for yourself what works best for you. We have put together a few variants that you can use to treat mosquito bites. Here are some products that you can find in the pharmacy. We present tried and tested home remedies for treating mosquito bites in detail in another article.

Treat mosquito bites with products from the pharmacy

For mosquito bites, ointments, creams and gels to relieve itching

You can relieve the itching of the mosquito bites with an ointment, cream or gel and thus treat the mosquito bites with their help. The job of these cosmetic products is to cool the stitches. Whether you use a gel for the mosquito bites or apply a cream against the mosquito bites, it does not matter in principle. It is best to get advice on site and then try out a product. You may well need to try several of them until you find something that you are happy with. On the whole, however, it can be said that the majority of the products offered are very reliable. Avoid products that contain alcohol, perfumes, or additional dyes. In the pharmacy, you can also buy cooling rollers that are stored in the refrigerator and thus have a cooling effect. Another variant are sprays, which are perhaps the longest-lasting variant of all the remedies mentioned. If you use these products to treat mosquito bites, keep in mind that these methods only relieve the symptoms and do not help to cure the bite. If the products are intended for babies or children, you should definitely mention it in the pharmacy, because then chemicals are taboo! Only natural ingredients are used.

Relief and healing from stings by cooling heat and other tips

Heat is very suitable for treating mosquito bites. And for this purpose, special pens were developed. If you want to treat mosquito bites with a pen, you not only have different heat pens to choose from, but also the mechanical pen healer, which sucks the mosquito’s poison from the wound, and the electric bite healer, which uses electricity to banish the itching . Your pharmacist can provide more detailed information and help you make a choice.

You may have already heard that cortisone cream can help when treating mosquito bites. Indeed, the cortisone contained in the creams can help alleviate the itching to a certain extent, as it cools the skin and, above all, heals inflammation. If the cream has a lower proportion of cortisone, you can get it over the counter at the pharmacy. Nevertheless, as always, a visit to the doctor is recommended to be sure.

Mosquito bites and homeopathy

Homeopathy for insect bites and mosquitoes Natural products

You can also use homeopathy if you want to treat mosquito bites. Here, too, there are various ointments, creams and gels that you can inquire about at the pharmacy. It is important which symptoms were triggered by the mosquito bite in order to be able to determine the correct remedy. Accordingly, it is advisable to get the agent only after the sting and not to keep it at home, for example, because not every product helps in all cases. Let us advise you. Incidentally, all home remedies are also homeopathic.

Homeopathic remedies that are commonly used to treat mosquito bites:

  • Globules
  • Ledum
  • Apis
  • Caladium
  • Cantharis

As already mentioned, these drugs are used for different symptoms and in some cases also as a preventive measure. Caladium helps, for example, when a burning pain is felt in addition to the itching. If you want to treat mosquito bites that are very itchy or if the mosquito bites are infected, Ledum is again very suitable. For this reason, you should consult with your doctor in advance, because only he can make the best decision based on the symptoms and prescribe the appropriate medicine.

Treat scratched mosquito bites

Do not scratch if itching. Cool the stitch

No matter how badly the mosquito bite itches, you shouldn’t scratch it. This irritates the skin even more and the inflammation becomes even worse. It can also cause open wounds and once the area is scratched, the risk of infection increases. However, if you can’t stop scratching and if you don’t have the opportunity to do something about the itching, a plaster can be very helpful. Covering mosquito bites with plasters is also a good tip if the bite has already been scratched to prevent further scratching. The well-tried zinc ointment is also a good helper here. It is often applied against the itching, but is more intended for faster healing of wounds, which is why it is great if you want to treat scratched mosquito bites. It can be applied several times a day.

Mosquito bites – when to see a doctor?

Mosquito bites treat adults and children with a doctor for allergies and inflammation

Mosquito bites are usually not a cause for concern and can be treated with the aforementioned remedies or simple home remedies, so that a visit to the doctor is unnecessary. However, complications can occur in rare cases. On the one hand, an allergic reaction is a reason to see a doctor or even the emergency room immediately. But even if the mosquito bites cause swelling, the areas are thick, hot, reddened or even painful, you shouldn’t wait any longer. All of these could be signs of inflammation, so a doctor should treat the mosquito bites. A visit to the doctor can also be beneficial if you are unsure which drugs are best for prevention and treatment.