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These mosquito home remedies provide protection and relief

home remedies mosquito repellent mosquito bites itching symptoms

Especially in the warm season, when you like to spend your free time outdoors or grill in the garden on a long-awaited evening and enjoy the beautiful summer evening on the balcony, the mosquitoes can quickly spoil your joy. In today’s amount we have created a guide for effective and proven home remedies against mosquitoes for you. Find out here how you can drive away the little pests and help yourself with stings.

Home remedies for mosquitoes in the room

lavender plant scent home remedy mosquito repellent

Do you know it when mosquitoes buzz around your ears, rob you of sleep and give you lots of itchy bites? Although mosquito repellants are attached to windows and doors, the annoying mosquitoes unfortunately sometimes come into the room. If you want to drive away the mosquitoes, you should rely on the right smells. Nature has a healthy mosquito repellent for us. The perfect home remedies for mosquitos are in the room plants, that contain fragrances that repel mosquitoes. For example, basil, lavender, catnip, tomato leaves, sage, bay leaves, bergamot, fragrant pelargonium and lemon balm drive away the unwanted guests. These plants, which are wonderful home remedies for mosquito repellants, can be planted in small pots and placed near front doors or on the windowsill. The intense scent that they spray drives away the mosquitoes.

home remedies against mosquitoes essential oils lavender sage basil

Essential oils, that are diluted with a carrier oil such as sesame oil, olive oil, almond oil, marigold oil or coconut oil can also help you against mosquitoes. Even without any additives, coconut oil is an effective natural remedy for mosquitoes. You can let essential oils such as citronella, tea tree, clove, cedar, lavender or eucalyptus evaporate in a fragrance lamp. If you want to use the aroma lamp in the bedroom, you should absolutely switch it off before going to bed. It is completely sufficient if the fragrance lamp is on an hour before going to bed. For vaporizing in an aroma lamp, four drops of essential oil of your choice are sufficient for a 20 square meter room.

Sage leaves smoke natural remedy against mosquitoes

As a natural remedy against mosquitoes in your own four walls, you can just use the smoking method. Get some dried ones Sage leaves and grind a handful of it. Light the sage in an ovenproof bowl. The insects cannot bear the smell given off by the smoldering leaves.

Apple cider vinegar home remedy for mosquito bites in the room

Another well-tried home remedy for mosquitoes is that vinegar. Mix equal amounts of cold water and apple cider vinegar and fill a flat bowl with the liquid. Put them on the windowsill. The mosquitoes do not like this smell at all and will not get in even with the window open.

Lemon slices cloves home remedy against mosquitoes in the room

The combination of these is very effective against mosquitoes Lemons and Cloves. Cut the lemon in halves or slices and garnish them with dried cloves. Distribute them in the apartment where you usually stay or sleep.

Protect the skin against mosquitoes with home remedies

home remedies against mosquitoes homemade natural spray

There are also a whole range of effective, natural remedies to protect yourself from mosquito bites outside. The diluted essential oils are ideally suited for standing on unprotected skin areas such as arms, legs and neck. Before you apply the home remedy for mosquitoes that you have prepared yourself extensively to your body, it is advisable to test a small area of ​​skin for allergic reactions to the oil mixture. If itching or redness occurs, you should opt for another method. Stings in infants and young children should not be treated with essential oils. To protect yourself against mosquito bites, four drops of essential oil are necessary for 50 ml of carrier oil.

home remedies against mosquitoes in the room apply coconut oil to skin

Coconut oil also offers effective protection against mosquitoes. The fatty acid contained in it, called lauric acid, scares off the stinging insects. A high-quality coconut oil will not only protect you from the little pests, but also pamper your skin with its nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties.

The also counts as an effective mosquito repellent garlic. If you like its taste and smell and enjoy using it in dishes, you can benefit from it in terms of mosquito repellent. The typical garlic smell is also emitted through the skin, which significantly reduces the risk of mosquito bites.

light up coffee powder home remedies against mosquitoes

If you sit outside and want to end the evening quietly, the also offers protection against unwanted companions coffee. Take a fireproof bowl and ignite the coffee powder in it. Coffee doesn’t burn, but slowly sizzles. The summer evening is then saved from mosquitoes and other insects within a very short time, because they perceive the scent as extremely unpleasant and are driven away by it.

The mosquitoes find sweet scent notes attractive. It is best to avoid deodorants and perfumes with sweet scents and instead choose cosmetic products that are as odorless as possible.

The right clothing can also protect you from insect bites. It is best to wear light-colored clothing and prefer solid fabrics such as linen. Dark and strong colors attract the mosquitoes.

Home remedies for mosquito bites

lemon scent home remedy against mosquitoes relieves itching

Even if the mosquito has already bitten and the most common symptoms such as itching, swelling and sometimes skin infections are already occurring, there are many natural remedies that can relieve the symptoms and heal the affected area.

The anti-inflammatory and mildly numbing properties of the lemon can relieve swelling and itching after a mosquito bite. Cut the lemon in half and rub the mosquito bite with the pulp. If you have sensitive skin, you should squeeze the lemon juice and apply it diluted with a little water. It is also cooling, relieving itching and dissolving toxins vinegar. Soak a cotton ball or handkerchief with apple cider vinegar and place it on the affected area.

garlic smell home remedy against mosquitoes mosquito bites

Another effective home remedy for mosquitoes that not only drives away the pesky insects but can also provide symptom relief after a bite is chopped garlic or onion. Place the finely chopped mass directly on the bite, let it work for 10 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.

Soda natural remedy against mosquitoes

Can also relieve itching Baking soda To remedy the situation. Its alkalinity brings the skin’s pH back into balance. Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and soak a clean cloth in it. Wring out the cloth and place it on the relevant skin area. Then wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this application two or three times.

aloe vera plant gel against mosquitoes home remedies

The fascinating plant also works wonders against mosquito bites Aloe vera. Cut off an aloe vera leaf and remove the gel from it. Let it cool in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and rub it on the affected area. The miracle plant has an antiseptic effect, alleviates discomfort and accelerates the healing process.

An excellent remedy against mosquito bites is Quark. It has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Spread cold curd cheese on a compress with the width of a finger and place it on the mosquito bite. Wrap the compress with a cloth and let the natural remedy work for at least half an hour.

white cabbage leaves natural remedy against mosquitoes envelope

If the area swells up after a mosquito bite, you can benefit from the beneficial effects of the White cabbage benefit. The juices contained in the leaves are anti-itch and anti-inflammatory. Mash the cabbage leaves and make an envelope with the resulting pulp. Fix it with a bandage and let the natural remedy work for 20-30 minutes.