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Sick at home: what can you do about boredom and stress?

In the hectic Corona times, health is the top priority. The number of corona cases is increasing every day, and many people are being quarantined at home. But patients who have a cold are also encouraged to stay at home. It is particularly difficult for anyone who is sick at home now. These tips will help remove the fear of uncertainty. We have put together 28 ideas for you that will lighten your mood and counteract stress.

Sick at home: 28 tips against boredom

Ill read at home tips against boredom

What can you do at home when you are sick? Here are some ideas on what to do about boredom and stress. And hopefully you will feel better soon.

1. Send Whatsapp good morning greeting cards. Send a good morning greeting card to a friend, siblings, grandparents and other family members every morning. In our article “Good morning pictures for Whatsapp” you can find a large selection of funny pictures. Alternatively, you can also contact old friends, former roommates in the dormitory, etc. take up.

2. Read. Set up a cozy sitting area next to the window and sit down with a favorite book in hand. Pamper yourself with a cup of tea or coffee. If you have a day bed, you can take a nap in between.

Sick at home watching TV show tips

3. Movie night. Organize a themed film evening with friends. You can make an appointment to watch a film together at 8 p.m. and then exchange ideas on Skype or Facetime. But the thematic film evening is also a lot of fun on its own. For example, choose travel films, films about painters and paintings or any film with Ryan Gosling.

Sick at home: what can you do?

Ill at home, what to do when you are bored? Painting by numbers

4th. Handcraft. Do handicrafts with felt, make jewelry yourself, beautify old teapots with the napkin technique, fold origami flowers or figures made of paper mache. There are a lot of DIY projects out there, but it’s best to choose one that works with little effort. Projects for macrame ribbons, for example, or you could also crochet or sew. In our article “Make a bracelet”, we presented you with 4 simple craft ideas for bracelets.

5. Paint by Numbers has grown in popularity recently and is great for families with young children as well as adults. The mandala drawings are also popular.

6th. Playlist with your favorite songs create or download other people’s playlists of their favorite songs. Choose specifically songs that put you in a good mood and sing along.

What can you do at home when you are sick? Relaxing footbath

7. Treat yourself to one relaxing foot bath. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water, add 1-2 drops of essential oils and place your feet in it. Gradually add hot water until the bucket is full. If desired, you can also add essential oils or flowers. Don’t forget to keep your feet warm after the foot bath. For example, put on warm socks.

8. Look for healthy and quick recipe ideas, that you can prepare yourself.

Sick at home: Leisure activities with quarantine at home

Sick at home, learn to play the piano with the app

9. If you feel bad and dizzy, or just don’t feel like getting up, then you can Sudoku play online or one Listen to the podcast.

10. If you are in quarantine at home but you are feeling well, you can give your bedroom a make-over. Change pillows, bedspreads, hang new posters on the wall.

11. Look at yourself old photo albums or rearrange them. Read old daily books, greeting cards, etc..

12. Are you bored? Make chocolate caramel popcorn, apply new nail polish, make a face mask yourself.

13. Learn play piano with an app. For example, Flowkey, an app that was developed by a German and is very user-friendly, is well suited.

14. Start a reading adventure and sign up with one Online reading club at. There you can either form a team with friends and family members or solve numerous tasks on your own and find like-minded people.

Sick at home, practice yoga against boredom and instead of sport

15. Keep yours Body fit with stretching exercises or start your day with yoga. Make sure, however, that you only do very light and simple exercises. Hard training is counterproductive and can do more harm than good.

16. Watch a full season of your favorite show. Or listen to an audio book to protect your eyes. If you wish, you can also record your own audio book and send it to friends.

17. A Mood board or a pin board on Pinterest create. A mood board is actually a creative collage of motivating sayings, pictures and drawings. You can either create a mood board digitally with a program for collages or you can make it yourself from cardboard, magazines and your own drawings. You can also create thematic pin boards on Pinterest and collect useful information on a topic (e.g. wedding, birthday party, home renovation).

Sick at home: how to reduce stress!

Sick at home Tips against stress and boredom

18. Do Bath balls with essential oils and bath salt itself to relieve cold symptoms and pamper yourself with a relaxing bath. The mixture of the following oils has proven to be a good combination for colds:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Orange oil

You can also add ginger and black pepper. Alternatively, after consultation with your family doctor, you can also do inhalations with essential oils.

Sick at home: Promote concentration and memory

Sick at home what to do against boredom Explore the museum online for free

19. Play solitaire or chess against a computer. This trains the memory and improves concentration.

20. Solve logical puzzles. You can find a logic quiz online and answer the questions. Do exercises to improve your memory.

21. Watch YouTube videos of walks through a city you’ve never visited. Plan a short trip to a city in your area. Look at photos of different sights, read more about the history of this city. Digital walks are very current, especially in corona times. They will help you set new goals and learn something new. You can also virtually explore museums like the Louvre for free. A digital tour will show you the highlights of each individual exhibition.

22. Your window looks out onto a street? Capture interesting moments, to distract yourself from everyday life.

Sick at home: time to relax

Sick at home, what if you are bored. Plant a herb garden in the kitchen by the window

23. Find one Comedy show, that you like and check them out daily.

24. Garden at home: Grow new herbs for the herb garden in the kitchen, repot indoor plants, plan gardening for the coming months.

25. Relax with Scented candles and relaxing music and let your mind wander. Even if your nose is blocked and you are currently unable to enjoy the aromas, the flickering candlelight is relaxing and calming.

26. Give yourself a break a meditation. It will help you get rid of the stress and take a moment to rest. In our article “Guided Meditation for Beginners” we have already presented you with some meditation techniques for inner calm and stress reduction.

27. Make Christmas presents, with which you can surprise your family and friends. Decorate the house with Christmas wreaths, fir greenery and decorations made from natural materials to get in the mood for the upcoming festival.

28. And if nothing else works, you can always use yours Call mother. Most people relax when they can complain to mom.

Sick at home: activate your self-healing powers

Relaxing sick at home with a cat and activating self-healing powers

Whether it’s a cold or Covid-19, doctors can prescribe medication to help you relieve symptoms and fight the disease. First, seek advice from your family doctor and ask all the important questions. Strictly adhere to the doctor’s prescriptions. There is yet another method you can try to help you get well again quickly. Try to speed up the healing process by activating your self-healing powers.

What is self healing? The term self-healing describes our body’s ability to regenerate. Our immune system is an important tool in the fight against pathogens. Chronic stress can reduce it and is therefore one of the greatest risks to our health, according to a statement by the World Health Organization. So it is all the more important to think positively, especially at this time. Here are some tips that will help you with that.

  • List everything you are grateful for. This could be good times with friends, a nice vacation with your partner, but also people you know and love, a happy childhood or your own children or even a pet or a hobby.
  • Recall beautiful adventures and experiences and try to focus on them for at least a minute.
  • Pamper yourself: your favorite food, a facial massage or a foot bath can work wonders and help you to free yourself from everyday stress. Set up a chill corner where you can relax.
  • Devote more time to your hobbies.
  • Take some digital time out and try not to read negative news and statistics.

Sick and alone at home is a big challenge, especially in times of corona. With our tips you can reduce stress and be positive. Because boredom is the first step to depression. If you are bored, you will get negative thoughts more often. The stress can weaken the immune system. Conversely: Anyone who tries to think positively and to believe in rapid recovery, who is engaged in something creative like handicrafts, who relaxes, has a better chance of a speedy recovery.