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Respiratory protection and glasses: 6 useful tricks that make life easier for people who wear glasses in corona times

In the last 5 months, the mandatory face mask has been introduced across Europe. Even if the measures against Covid-19 are now being relaxed in many federal states, wearing a mask has nevertheless become a new normal for many. Masks still have to be worn in public transport, in shops and sometimes in restaurants. But that can prove to be a major challenge. It is particularly difficult for people who wear glasses to wear respiratory protection and glasses. Because after 2-3 minutes the glasses are fogged up. We’ll tell you what helps against this in the article. We also give 6 more useful tips to make your life easier.

Respiratory protection and glasses: what helps with fogged glasses?

Avoiding fogged glasses with mouthguards Tips

Everyone who wears glasses knows by now that glasses fog up when wearing a respirator. And that can quickly become dangerous and lead to accidents. Fogged glasses indicate that when you exhale, air does not flow through the mask. This means that this air is not filtered, but flows through the gap between the mask and nose or the mask and ears. There is only one thing that can help: you should put your mouthguard on correctly and wear it as tightly as possible.

1. Sew a piece of wire or pipe cleaner into the respirator and bend it so that it adapts to the shape of your face. This allows you to fix the mouthguard to your nose and prevent the mask from slipping when you wear it.

2. Attach the dried-out wet wipes to the upper edge of the mouthguard. You can also filter the air and collect droplets.

3. Turn the upper edge of the mouthguard inward and secure it with a seam.

4. Wear your glasses over the face mask, not underneath.

Respiratory protection and glasses: Disinfect glasses daily!

Mouthguards for people who wear glasses, useful tips and corona hacks

Disinfect your glasses at least once a day. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, you can wash the glasses with soap and then rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water. Place the glasses on kitchen paper and leave them on until they are completely dry. Soap proves to be particularly helpful because it can also successfully prevent the lenses of your glasses from fogging up. However, if the lenses are coated with an anti-reflective coating, then you should only use special anti-fogging agents. Because even mild soap can damage the sensitive protective layer.

Corona hacks with respiratory protection and glasses: fasten the mask with buttons

Respiratory protection and goggles wear buttons fasten rubber bands

After just one hour, it becomes uncomfortable to wear glasses and a mask. A simple trick can help against earache: Use hair ties to attach a button to each temple of your glasses. Then pull the elastic bands of the respirator over the buttons (see photo above). And even if you don’t wear glasses, you can sew buttons on a headband. Ear or head rubbers also help against earache.

Glasses or contact lenses?

Wear respiratory protection and glasses as properly put on the mask

For hygienic reasons, you should wear glasses during the COVID-19 pandemic, at least when you go out. Because with contact lenses, you have to touch your eyes to insert or remove them. In theory, you can transmit viruses and bacteria this way. This is why you should only wear contact lenses at home, especially in corona times.

Wear a mask with a glasses chain or strap

Respiratory protection and glasses hacks in corona times

Do you have to put on and take off your respirator several times a day? In this case, the eyeglass cord or the eyeglass chain is ideal. So you always have your mask to hand and can put it on quickly when necessary. Fashion-conscious trendsetters will certainly appreciate the accessory because it can be personalized. This year, metal glasses chains with rhinestones and pom-poms are totally in. The metal chains have another decisive advantage: They can be disinfected.

Wear a transparent respirator

Face mask and goggles mask with PVC part for the mouth

A respirator makes everyday communication difficult. This is where transparent masks come in handy. A company in Switzerland will manufacture transparent surgical masks made of special polymer for medical workers. And for the others, there are already numerous alternatives on Etsy. Incidentally, transparent respirators can also be treated with anti-fog spray.